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Pat Symonds, executive director of engineering at Renault, was at the British Motor Show yesterday and I managed to get a brief five minute one-to-one chat with him.

He shared his thoughts on Fernando Alonso’s return to the team, Nelson Piquet Jnr’s drive to a surprise second at Hockenheim last weekend, and the team’s technical developments for the rest of the season and next year incuding, of course, KERS.

Pat was at the British Motor Show to be interviewed on the launch of Renault’s new Megane R26 R, a performance version of their family car. This first audio clip is him being interviewed on stage about Renault’s performance in Germany last weekend and the unveiling of the car:

Pat Symonds from Renault at the 2008 British Motor Show – public interview
Apologies for the poor sound quality

After that I was able to approach Pat for a quick one-to-one interview. I had zero time for preparation, so I apologise if I didn’t put to him a burning question you wanted an answer to!

Pat Symonds from Renault at the 2008 British Motor Show – F1 Fanatic interview

And before anyone else says, yes, I sound terrible – I have a stinking cold at the moment!

Here’s a picture of the Renault Megane R26 R, taken with the same phone I recorded the interview on (Nokia N95):

Renault Megane R26 R
Renault Megane R26 R

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12 comments on “Pat Symonds: exclusive interview”

  1. a stinking vold?, LOL.

    I hope you shake off the vold before the next F1 exhibition mate.

    once im at work i’ll check it out.

  2. Anyone fancy doing a transcript? :)

    *shakes fist at mobile browsing*

  3. Sush – LOL, stupid typo.

    Noel – I’ll put a transcript up later, no prob.

  4. Keith, what do you think, can Renault take the 4th place?

  5. so Alonso is basically a happy chap :-)

  6. The R26 R broke the FWD Production Car lap record for the Nurburgring (8m 17s) – I like it :D

  7. Thomas Hancock
    23rd July 2008, 13:54

    Nice one Keith. Can I grab your e-mail or can you drop me an e-mail on the e-mail listed?

  8. That’s a helluva spoiler at the back end :-D

  9. I thought the interview was great, zero-preparation or otherwise.

  10. Is the R26 R a faster car than the Ford Focus RS ?

  11. Terry Fabulous
    23rd July 2008, 22:57

    Nice Craig!
    Good interview Keith. Nicely done, Start hassling the bish for a job.

  12. Renault seems to be in no rush to start naming their hot hatches after the R27 and R28…

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