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Here’s an exclusive competition for F1 Fanatic readers to win one of five “Life behind Lewis” DVDs in an exclusive competition.

Simply email your answer to the question below to be in with a chance of winning. You can read a review of “Life behind Lewis” here.

To win one of five “Life behind Lewis” DVDs send your answer to this ultra-tough question along with your name to before 6pm British time on Tuesday 29th July 2008.

This competition is closed and the winners will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Terms and conditions: One entry per person. Prizes will be awarded to the first five names drawn at random. In the event of a dispute the editor’s decision is final. Please note the competition prizes are region 2 DVDs. No alternative will be offered and no correspondence will be entered into.

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6 comments on “Win “Life behind Lewis” DVDs”

  1. Keith, are you going to make a post about the YouTube video showing Kimi knocking down a helpless young kid and ignoring his cries for help?

  2. Sam – No, Sush has linked to it here and there are a few comments about it there.

  3. Is this a trick question?? I bet Alonso’s mother is from Dudley of something bizzare thus qualifying him to be slightly English.

  4. Nico Savidge
    23rd July 2008, 20:10

    Sam – in defense of Kimi, he bumped into an autograph seeker, who in turn knocked over the kid (the woman then kept following Kimi, ignoring who I assume was her son while he was crying on the ground).

  5. He deserves a seat over many of the names in the list of possible F1 drivers .

  6. I was commenting on the six seats thread and ended up on here I was talking about Davidson.
    Kimi clearly gave the kid a backhander ,only joking the mum should have got one the callous cow.

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