Max Mosley wins News of the World case

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Max Mosley has won ??60,000 compensation in his case against the News of the World for invasion of privacy.

However the FIA President failed in his bid to extract exemplary punitive damages from the newspaper.

Mr Justice Eady said:

I found that there was no evidence that the gathering on March 28 2008 was intended to be an enactment of Nazi behaviour or adoption of any of its attitudes. Nor was it in fact. I see no genuine basis at all for the suggestion that the participants mocked the victims of the Holocaust.

The News of the World’s informant ‘Woman E’ failed to testify during the proceedings. The QC for the newspaper said she did not appear because of her “emotional and mental state”.

Download the Max Mosley vs News of the World verdict (PDF)

More of the coverage from the proceedings of the case can be found on the forum: Max Mosley vs News of the World trial

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41 comments on “Max Mosley wins News of the World case”

  1. And with that hopefully we can draw a line under this year’s F1 politics.

  2. £60k is nothing compared to the consequences of the NOTW publishings.

    But yeah, hopefully this brings it one step closer to closure.

  3. I suspect the NotW made more than £60,000 on the case in extra sales (not only because of the initial bit, but because this has been going on long enough to be habit-forming for some), so actually this verdict would probably have vindicated such tactics in the eyes of its finance department.

  4. The case was about privacy rights violation. The verdict opens the door for Max to sue the NOTW, for much more.

  5. Looked at another way, F1 is the victor……he can’t show his face at most GP’s.

    The only real thing that has come out of this is that the FIA has demonstrated itself to be dysfunctional to the core.Hopefully when he goes a new President will take a broom to the organisation.

  6. Erm there is also the small matter of £900 000 in legal bills that the NOTW has to pick up! Well done Max.

  7. Regardless of the outcome, Mosely is still an embarrassment to the world of motor racing.

  8. But when is Max put in the dock about forcing McLaren to lose the driver championship also.

  9. Hilton, costs have yet to be agreed. This may end up being a “pay for your own lawyers” deal. And let’s remember how much money News Corp. makes in a day, let alone a year.

    Max won the battle on paper, but in reality, the tabloids got away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

  10. The problem now is he will think he is untouchable and anyone who said anything negative about him has a target between their eyes. Unfortunately despite the fact that he can plainly not do the job I expect him to stand and be elected again on the back of this judgement.

  11. if your right Journeyer regarding “pay as you go” services, then luckily the FIA increased the price of the superlicence this year.


  12. the case cost £450,000 + 60,000 – but he is still being given free coverage on the bbc etc – nice to know that even with winning?? the case his little secret is now public – Q – would you like to spend a nice dinner/meeting knowing what he likes and not think on his off duty fun – introduce him to your daughter?? – take him seriously again

  13. Good point, alan. I remember Christine saying that she can never ever look at Max the same way again. And let’s face it, she’s not the only one who feels that way.

  14. But I just remember something, alan – Does Max really care? It seems all he cares about is keeping his power and being surrounded by yes-men at the FIA.

  15. Agree with you there, Journeyer.

    And this then ties in with yesterday’s post over the British Grand Prix. What sort of government is going to put money into a sport that is regulated by the office of Max Mosely?

  16. @peterg

    “Looked at another way, F1 is the victor……he can’t show his face at most GP’s.”

    I think its just the opposite, F1 is the biggest loser in this… I have somewhat lost interest because the sport it becoming a sped’ed soap opera and not the technological peak of racing it once was.

    Will Max now be donating $100 million to the FIA? Surly this damaged the sport.

  17. Just goes to show, its no one elses business other than those invovled…..GO MAX YOU ROCK LOL

  18. might cover some of the legal fees if his wife decides to give him the heave-ho.

  19. I wonder if “Woman E” is resting her mind at some exotic island paradise right now. If the Nazi thing was true then I’m sure she was paid off.

  20. A win for the press!

    Yes, Max Mosley has damaged Formula One with this debacle, but this court case has probably reined in the press a little bit in what they are willing to do.

  21. The liars lost. Well done & congratulations, Max.

  22. I’m not really that surprised, but I don’t think this is over. I don’t find the Perverts private life at all interesting, but I am a political junkie, so on that level, we still have to ask, qui bono? Someone paid to have Max spied on. Who and why?,18954,3213_3859895,00.html

  23. Max Mosley, FIA president for life. They deserve what
    they’ve elected to keep.

    I find it interesting that Jackie Stewart has come out with a fresh call for his resignation. We’ll see how Max plays this one out.

  24. Everyone is reading about this case today because it involves a public figure who sued, but I’d like to make the point that ordinary sex workers, who are not in the public eye, are being exposed by the media all the time in the name of sensational sex stories. Tabloid newspapers especially frequently run articles exposing ordinary “working girls”, despite the fact it is not against the law to work as an escort and thus these ladies have committed no crime. The lives of many sex workers in the UK and Ireland have been ruined by this type of journalism. Last month, in Ireland, a TV show exposed two separate independent escorts on national TV for apparently no reason other than salacious TV. I don’t know if today’s verdict will discourage this type of journalism but I hope it will.

  25. I can’t believe I’m saying this but “WELL DONE MAX”. The verdict was correct and sets a great precedent adding towards the tabloids having to ease off their persistent and blatant invasion of privacy as we see everyday (and especially Sundays) when one opens the reprehensible and flagrant articles in the red tops.

    And regarding his sexual appetite and preference, well just look at the top shelves of any news stand and clearly many other people also enjoy this and many other varied types of sexual practices and activities. The market is huge for this.

    It’s interesting how hypocritical many have become and yet I’m sure in many cases there is surely the usual ‘pot’ and ‘kettle’ scenario (i.e. most people would not like to discuss their own sexual fantasies and habits and I’m sure there are many skeletons too especially for those of a weak disposition or constitution).

    Lastly, what particularly amuses me is the adverts for all types of sexual gratification (including what Max did) are in the classifieds of these very papers, lol?!

  26. A lot of very good points have been made in this thread – both by protagonists as well as antagonists of Mad Max. Personally I (and I’m a self-confessed conspiracy theorist) think a most iterresting point was raised by Polak (#20)…

    Regardsless, I (and probably a lot of others) will struggle have lost a lot respect for him. Come to think of it; I duidn’t actually have any to start off with…

    An old trick in negotiations and other types of dealings with people of authority is to imaginary undressing them – as in visualising them in the buff. How much easier hasn’t that now been made for us in the case of Mad Max? Personally I’d just bring to mind that priceless statement “I zink she needs more off ze punishment!” :-)

  27. michael counsell
    25th July 2008, 4:41

    Godwin’s Law has been upheld. All is good.

  28. Max has suffered undue distress due to exposure of his private life. Surely an enthusiast for S&M activities would pay good money for this kind of treatment. Should News International be billing him?

  29. I am now more worried about the possibilies this opens up for the media and the public in general.
    The ruling basically is saying that if you are a celebrity then you have no right to have your private life made public. So surely the converse side is that everyone who isn’t a celebrity can have their private life made public!
    This could mean the end of decent insights into the characters of our fravourite racing drivers (I can see Hamilton Senior using this to his advantage for one).
    And although it has hopefully drawn a line under the whole affair, there is still the remaining question of why, since Max was fighting for privacy, did he make an FIA public vote depend on who supported his views on this?

  30. DG

    Isn’t the case about correct reporting rather then privacy. I think he won based on the fact that the media could not verify that what they reported about the Nazi theme was legit. They tarnished his reputation without proper proof. I don’t think the verdict would have gone his way if the media would clearly show that Max was involved in Nazi S&M

  31. Polak, the case Max won yesterday was about privacy. The accurate reporting case was opened today, presumably using yesterday’s victory as part of the evidence.

  32. Beyond the legal and reporting splitting of hairs, the plain fact is that it was a Nazi themed orgy, it just didn’t have any Swastikas in place. Anything German involving guards and prisoners having their heads examined for lice, I mean come on, is he fantasizing about being thrown into a present day prison for being caught speeding?

    Mosley is more like his Father than he would ever admit to, despite his protestations to the contrary. He’s clever enough to know that he can live out his fantasy in his head without going all SS decor. That is why the judge ruled against the paper, because the party was ust vague enough to get away with.

  33. max mosley should be ashamed of his actions(pervasive) despite his legal triumph as he is on a pedestal and everyone is looking up to him. whether his acts were in a nazi theme or not is irrelevant.

  34. news of the world need an award for exposing so many dirty men with high profile and polished image out side but in fact they are a punch of sleazy freaks and very low
    evil dark side in the core of their souls iam psychic and i know notw sensed his action and possibility unvield his primitive mentality . good work notw wish you more freedom.













  36. There’s something else I’ve just thought about. If Mr Mosley prizes his privacy so highly, why is he exposing his private life for a pair of libel charges? Exposing it for a privacy charge is one thing, but exposing it again afterwards?!?

  37. The Archbishop of Canterbury has waded into the debate. Would you believe that the deputy head of the Anglican church (below the Queen) is siding with the News of the World?

    I understand the theological reasoning behind it, but still, it remains surreal.

  38. And that will teach me to read news stories a bit more carefully. It was the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, who decided to wade into the debate, complaining about free speech and public morality being damaged by the Max Mosley ruling.

  39. Alianora – its basically the same whether its the current Archbishop or his predecessor. Lord Carey has realised as we have that its a rich man’s get out clause. This will allow anyone within the media spotlight to deny doing anything illegal or immoral – and think of the number of footballers, actors and MPs that will help!
    As I said before, the fact that Mad Max used his ‘privacy’ to sway a public vote is wrong, and now the fact that he is suing the paper for ‘Defamation of Character’ when in the ‘privacy’ case he never denied what he was seen to do on the video is just bizarre…
    Shouldn’t he be getting behind his desk in Paris and sorting out the problems in the motorsport world? Bernie and the CVC seem a step nearer to running F1 and where is the FIA fightback – especially since he was voted in as the only man to save the FIA?
    Its all a load of rubbish! By 2010 Max will ‘retire’ and be running the newly powerful FOM with Bernie!

  40. Further to my last comments I see that Max has in fact been meeting with Bernie, CVC and the Teams to sort out the future of F1, so I am put in my place!
    I just hope its not leading the sport into more trouble!

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