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The “Life behind Lewis” DVD competition was easily the most popular competition I’ve run on the site so congratulations to the five of you who’ve won.

Are you one of the winners? Find out below…

Congratulations to:

Paul Davies (Ammanford, UK)
Peter Joseph (Newport, UK)
Simon Collinge (Blackpool, UK)
Gill Abrahams (Kings Lynn, UK)
Christopher Wait (London, UK)

The five winners have already been notified by email and their prizes are being sent out. (Paul I had a ‘user’s quota is full’ error when I tried to email you).

Commiserations to those of you who didn’t win, better luck next time!

You can buy “Life behind Lewis” on DVD from Amazon via the link to the right – from which F1 Fanatic earns a commission at no cost to you. Many thanks to USP for supplying the competition prizes.

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4 comments on “Life behind Lewis competition winners”

  1. MacademiaNut
    31st July 2008, 0:07

    I accept your commiserations, I probably was the first one to reply. :(

  2. I think I was :). But ‘grats to the winners.

  3. Christopher Wait
    31st July 2008, 9:19

    Keith, thank you so much, i looking forward to watching it. I haven’t had the email though, a tech error maybe? could you resent please

  4. What was the answer!

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