Video: KERS gives BMW mechanic shock

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Here’s a video showing how a BMW mechanic suffered an electric shock and was thrown to the ground when he touched a car fitted with a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS):

The incident occured during testing at Jerez last week. Links below.

More on KERS in F1

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13 comments on “Video: KERS gives BMW mechanic shock”

  1. I still don’t really get KERS, what it does and why F1 needs it next year.

    But anyway it sounds kind of nasty and that video looks painful

  2. I like the idea of using KERS. The car has the energy so it might as well be reused for an advantage. Pity the rules are so restrictive.

  3. If I were a volunteer marshall I might be rethinking my position about now though.

  4. The use of KERS is apparently optional next year, but will the Teams be penailsed if they don’t use it? And will they be allowed spare petrol engines or whole cars if the thing doesn’t work properly in Practice and Qualifying?
    Its a pity VW Group haven’t decided to join the fun with their new TDI engines (as used successfully in LMP and Touring Cars) as that would give the FIA something to think about, and also the Toyota/PSA Diesel Hybride package would be an interesting option too….

  5. KERS is optional for next year as far as I know.

    I agree with DG on the engines, here’s to the engine format being opened up and changed for 2011. That together with the more advanced KERS and the slipperier aero and the slicks will certainly change the F1 cars.

  6. I’m officially against KERS after hearing about all the big problems they’ve been having with it and seeing this video. Mechanics working on KERS have been getting injured at an alarming rate (someone at Red Bull was shocked, right?). What’s it going to take for F1 to realize KERS is way too dangerous for drivers, teams, medical staff, marshalls – everyone involved? What happens if there is a serious injury to a mechanic working on the car, or what if there’s a crash and medical staff are afraid to touch the car because they might be seriously injured. Sure, F1 needs to be more “green,” but surely there’s a way to do that without putting mechanics and drivers at risk.

  7. @Nico Savidge:
    Have in mind that a few years ago ones like you were against planes or cell phones for the same reasons: they didn’t believe in overcoming massive problems holding the idea back.
    KERS is something new, something so new that we shouln’t expect miracles in the first season of it’s official and practical usage in F1. This indeed is a grand experiment but it’s one that can really make a difference if carried out properly.
    I say give it a chance, you can’t loose on doing at least that.

  8. Could this be static build up; The high speed internal mechanisms building up a substantial charge

  9. Sanjonaraman: cell phones weren’t throwing people to the ground with electric shocks. Nobody told the Wright brothers, “I demand an airplane by 1901.” Those technologies had unlimited time to develop and be made as safe (and effective) as they are now. F1 teams are rushing into KERS because they have to have it in a year, and they’re not making the system as safe as they could because of the time constraints, which is simply unacceptable.

  10. Oh, that was just static. Where did this crazy idea come from that it had anything to do with KERS? Does someone believe that KERS includes high-voltage electrical wiring on the sidepod or steering wheel? Come on.

  11. is the introduction of kers connected with the banning of abs this season?is it a co-incidence that hamilton is having a nightmare season,when his driving style would appear to rely heavily on or subdifuge by f1.

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