Who will be fourth-placed team? (Poll)

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Timo Glock's second place in Hungary added eight points to Toyota's tally

Behind the Ferrari-versus-McLaren-and-maybe-BMW battle for the constructors’ championship is an even closer battle for fourth place in the F1 teams’ title race.

Toyota, Red Bull and Renault have been the closest contenders for the honours this year, with Williams falling back and Toro Rosso making a late surge.

Which of these five will claim ‘best of the rest’ honours behind the big three? Cast your vote below.

Here’s how the battle for fourth place has developed this year:

The battle for fourth place in the F1 constructors' championship (click to enlarge)

Williams’ double points finish at Melbourne put them second in the championship early in the season but they haven’t had both cars in the points in the same race again since.

Red Bull took over fourth place but Toyota were never far behind them and soon passed them, bolstered by podium finishes for Jarno Trulli (France) and Timo Glock (Hungary). Red Bull haven’t scored a point since Magny-Cours.

Renault were making a rapid recovery but stalled at Valencia – possibly for the same engine-related reasons as Renault. A major talking point at Valencia was the form of Toro Rosso, boosted by their Ferrari engines. But they are surely too far behind to join in the battle for fourth barring some kind of freak result.

Which team will finish fourth in the constructors' championship?

  • Toro Rosso (1%)
  • Honda (0%)
  • Williams (2%)
  • Red Bull (5%)
  • Renault (16%)
  • Toyota (76%)

Total Voters: 239

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18 comments on “Who will be fourth-placed team? (Poll)”

  1. Toyota, I think………….

  2. Glock has really raised his game since this major accident, and Trulli has been respectable in the races. Also Toyota has the money and the means to out develop the competition and still have resources left for next year.

    That being said, I have yet to have a prediction come true, so I’m going to say Renault!

  3. Toyota should take 4th spot and they should do it with ease as Renault seem to be all over the place along with Red Bull.

  4. Toyota no doubt!!!

  5. brain says toyota.
    but heart says renault.

    Alonso must pull something out of his hat for that; And I will be very happy when that happens

  6. Renault for sure, they are quick and finally have both drivers scoring.

  7. Toyota – seem to be more consistent with Glock and Trulli than the other packages at getting into Q3, or just qualifying higher, to do better in races than the rest of them.

    Would love to see Torro Rosso do it though.

  8. RIP Phil Hill. America’s Best. Can we a get a post on him?

  9. With Renault treating the engine freeze as an engine freeze, Toyota.

  10. I would like to see Red Bull do it but,I think Toyota is dialed in at the moment.

  11. Toyota.

    For several reasons. They dumped Ralf Schumacher for Timo Glock, yet were smart enough to keep Jarno. They have, all though this is idle speculation, been given the old charge up the backside from Toyota in Japan or else. So the incentive is there, and ofcourse, they have the budget to do it.
    In short, less fat + more incentive+ more money in the right areas = a dramatic upturn in performances.
    And all on Ralf’s yearly salary, now thats quite impressive!

  12. I voted Toyota, because they’ve been very reliable, and have improved their performance over the last few races.

  13. Toyota, for sure- their driver lineup is performing the best out of all the teams mentioned in the group, and they do have the resources needed to keep plugging.

  14. i think toyota, and in terms of the manufacturer they have to be happy they are flogging their main market rival honda in every count.

  15. As a Toyota Motorsport fan, i would like to see them finish 4th (best of the rest) although they are gonna have to work hard for it – they have the capacity so lets see them put it into action.

    Off-topic just a wee bit … does anyone follow NASCAR because Toyota is arguably the dominating force at present and should (fingers crossed) take out the manufactuers title for all 3 tiers of the event – Sprint Cup (1st tier), Nationwide (2nd tier) and Craftsman Trucks.

    Toyota is currently leading all 3.

    I live in Australia so follow the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) and with 2 races remaining for the 2008 season, Toyota has virtually secured manufactuers title for the 3rd consecative year.

    Toyota Motorsport has come along-way in recent years and hope i keep up the good effort.

    GO TOYOTA !!

  16. oops … a mistake !!

    I was suppose to say i hope ‘they’ keep up the good effort.

  17. I think that’s a no brainer – Toyota

  18. Remember that a lot of the pre-season talk tipped Williams to be this year’s “BMW suprise”.
    Good for Toyota-they deserve some success after all of the money spent.

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