Championship tables after the Belgian GP

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The drivers’ and constructors’ championship tables are below and have been updated following Timo Glock and Lewis Hamilton’s penalties

Drivers’ championship

Lewis Hamilton 76
Felipe Massa 74
Robert Kubica 58
Kimi Raikkonen 57
Nick Heidfeld 49
Heikki Kovalainen 43
Jarno Trulli 26
Fernando Alonso 23
Mark Webber 19
Timo Glock 15
Nelson Piquet Jnr 13
Sebastian Vettel 13
Rubens Barrichello 11
Nico Rosberg 9
Kazuki Nakajima 8
David Coulthard 6
Sebastien Bourdais 4
Jenson Button 3

Constructors’ championship

Ferrari 131
McLaren 119
BMW 107
Toyota 41
Renault 36
Red Bull 25
Williams 17
Toro Rosso 17
Honda 14

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6 comments on “Championship tables after the Belgian GP”

  1. Keith – I am not sure if you have picked this up but Glock has been given a 25 seconds penalty so loses his point. Weber is now 8th.

  2. And Hamilton has been given a 25 sec penalty. Typical

  3. What was a great race has turned into a farce, Bernie E should be ashamed that thiese contimual charades exist. What is about ferrari that everyone loves. Massa and Rakk clearly bottled it in the rain they deserve nothing. Bernies you and your organisation are an absolute disgrace now do the right thing and reverse this complete travisty of justice or you will lose even more credibility

  4. i’m far from being hamilton’s fan but this decision is ridiculous. he was absolutely not at fault and the constant support of ferrari by the fia is disgusting.
    what do they want to accomplish?

  5. Keith… In fact, it’s 76 for Hamilton, since he had 70 points before and grabbed a further six, after the unfair penalty…

  6. Having followed F1 for over 30 years I feel obliged to comment publically for the first time. How can Lewis Hamiton have gained an advantage after letting Kimi Raikkonen back into the lead? Surely his only alternative seems likely to have been a colision with the Ferrari. Reikkonen did not drive unfairly but was reasonably defensive as he should have been. We may as well ban F1 drivers from attempting to overtake at all. This ridiculous decision needs to be overturned, and QUICKLY!!!
    This is one F1 fan who will be a former F1 fan if things stay as they are!
    Paul Pagdin

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