2008 Belgian Grand Prix in pictures

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Mark Webber powers out of Eau Rouge and through Radillion at Spa

Spa-Francorchamps in all its glory. Here’s a selection of high-resolution pictures from the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix.

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7 comments on “2008 Belgian Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Those are really beautiful!

  2. Keith – I might be a bit slow on picking up on this, but Have BMW lost their horrible nose accessories? I couldn’t spot them during the Belgium weekend.

  3. That Webber photo has offically become my screen background.

    Thanks Keith. I never get tired of cars going around this track.

  4. How come there’s no pic of McLarens?

  5. Does anyone have any idea what it is that Raikkonen has around his ankle in this picture where he’s walking back to pits ?

  6. Its a kneepad arround raikkonen’s ankle i’ve no idea why he is wearing only one of them.

  7. I was there :D was a great race pitty hamilton was striped of his victory

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