Jarno Trulli on his F1 career (Video)

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Jarno Trulli looks back on his motor racing career in this video from Toyota. The Italian one-time Grand Prix winner talks about getting started in karts and memorable moment from F1.

It also shows the roads around his home town of Pescara, which held the 1957 Italian Grand Prix. And, of course, Trulli’s passion for wine making.

This series of videos is also available on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group as well:

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One comment on “Jarno Trulli on his F1 career (Video)”

  1. trulli is a truly great person, nothing but respect for the man who’s not only a great driver, and went from p11 to p4 off the start of the race in spa (until he was hit from behind).

    hopefully toyota can gather more power next year and start challenging for wins.

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