Meet the Williams test team (Video)

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This video from Williams introduces some of the people on their test team, including reserve driver Nico H???lkenberg. It shows the team working on the FW30 on a test day at Kemble airstrip.

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4 comments on “Meet the Williams test team (Video)”

  1. I can’t help but feel sorry for this team…

    …i don’t think they have the funding of say toyota, bmw, or mclaren…

    …i know it has to be hard to compete in F1 without the proper funding to really build the car that needs to be built, but this team has such a history of success, I would hate to see them fizzle out of F1. However, can a little bit of the blame be put on the drivers? I know Rosberg is good, but he looks like he enjoys being seen over actually driving. What would happen if say an Alonso, Vettel, or even Heidfeld occupied the seat instead? Oh and Nakajima? well, he just looks lost I guess. What if it was Williams Rolls-Royce? hmmm….

  2. Great vid.

    Williams seem to be the only team who recognise that all their people should get some coverage on their website. They are also the only team who discuss their history.

    I hope they can find a way to be competitive again soon. If Toyota had any sense they would never have put all that money into Cologne. Had they given it to Frank they would have had a championship by now. Or at the very least had Max take one from them and given it to Ferrari.

  3. The only thing that I don’t understand about Williams is why did they let two World Champions, Hill and Mansell, leave the team after they have won the Title back in the 1990s.

  4. Mansell left because he didn’t want to be Prost’s team mate after experiencing that at Ferrari.

    Hill was dropped because he was very poor at the time they signed Frentzen but picked up his form when it was too late to save his job.

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