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A few additions to the site should make it easier to make comments and edit them when you make a mistake.

Comment boxes on both F1 Fanatic and the F1 Fanatic Forum now have basic formatting options so you can make your comments bold, italics, add links and so on. On the forum you can also post images.

Posts on the blog can now be edited up to five minutes after they’ve been posted. I know this is a feature many of you have been keen to see for a while.

Please leave any feedback on these changes below. If you experience any technical problems please do let me know in the dedicated forum topic:

Technical problems

And if you’ve got new ideas for the forum or site please post them here:

New ideas for F1 Fanatic (technical changes)
New ideas for the forum

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15 comments on “Improved commenting at F1 Fanatic”

  1. Nice update Keith, I always find I need to edit something after re-reading my posts!

    edit: pretty neat editing function, although maybe 5 mins is a bit short for deciding to edit and to complete the edit?

  2. Great update, I always make one or two stupid errors and wish I could correct them.

  3. Diseased rat – Me too :-)

    Loki – I’ll see how it works at five minutes for a bit, but of course once a comment is posted other people can see it and respond to it, so we don’t want to run the risk of making things unduly confusing.

  4. Test
    Nice, Works :)

    Thanks Keith

  5. Alianora La Canta
    21st September 2008, 15:24

    Thank you for the upgrades, Keith.

  6. I sometimes make silly speiilng mistkaes spelling mistakes, so this is a lovely improvement.

    Thanks for the upgrades.

  7. Thanks Keith
    Another improvement to a great site.

    When i usually make a silly mistake on my comment i get worried people will think i’m an idiot, or it depends on the context of my comment or if you know me personally. Haha!

  8. As a non-native english I’ll love, use and abuse this new feature. Thanks a lot…..

  9. Nice addition Keith.

  10. Thanks Keith.

  11. Good job dude

  12. Wow, thanks!

  13. Shame. When I saw the title I thought you may have banned some of the peanuts that regularly comment here. Oh well. Nice, works well.

  14. I’ve had to disable this change, hopefully temporarily, due to a technical glitch. Working on it at the moment.

  15. keith are there supposed to be icons to facilitate the editing – my browser shows the usual featureless textbox

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