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A quick scan of the blogs reveals some of the reactions Singaporeans have to the arrival of F1 in their country – most of it positive:

F1 Roox – “After we reach Marina Square, we heard something noisy from outside an there was a big crowd!! yeeeeh, that’s F1!”

F1Racing in Singapore – “I’m now at work AND i can hear ‘vrroooooommmm??'”

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2008 Caricature Gifts – Perhaps someone can explain these to me?

Here’s posts from some people at the race:

Day 1 – Singapore F1 Grand Prix 1st and 2nd Practice

Day 1: Renault Scores in F1 Trail!, Day 2: Cheer up Alonso!

Singapore F1 Grand Prix qualifying

Day 1 – Singapore Grand Prix Practice Run: Afternoon and Evening

Not everyone’s a fan though:

Annoying F1 races – “I tuned in to the TV just now to see the race. We couldn’t even tell when the race had ended.” That’s because it hasn’t started yet…

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8 comments on “Bloggers on the Singapore GP”

  1. Colin Williamson
    29th September 2008, 18:11

    SAFETY ISSUES: Great race, fantastic Singapore well done, but crowd control and directions insufficient and dangerous, no organisation in some areas where bottlenecks occured blocking access to grandstand adjacent to floating platform and also blocking exits, also closure of potential exits through the mall at 9.30 is a negative not a positive to get people out safely.

  2. Race was fantastic, but look on this fernando start at 15th on the grid this means that he had lots of fuel, he came in for an early stop to the pits and after he is out
    his team mate nelson made an accident, so safety car was deploy, and every teams are diving for the pits, please note is this team tactic or conspiracy… ?????

    1. Well done sir!!
      It may have taken a year, but you were spot-on.
      On a very serious note, that result could have cost Lewis the title, and I don’t believe Alonso didn’t know what was going on – do you?

  3. TisoyJrIII – Neither, it was a coincidence.


  4. It’s not a circuit for F1 cars. Neither is Monaco , but having one like that a year was enough. Now two ? Mr di Montezemolo was 100% right in calling it a circus , and even with Mr Ecclestones remark that they (Ferrari) provided the clowns , as funny as it may sound (proving yet again Ecclestone is a “show-man”) , that was a valid point that is made. At least Valencia has some long sweeping corners and a few straights , allowing the cars to “stretch their legs” during a lap.

  5. I see my qualifying day blog is listed! Awesome.

    There are also blogs of free practice and race day along with videos of each day and photos all at

    Feel free to leave comments.

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