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Lewis Hamilton extends his championship lead by six points but team mate Heikki Kovalainen is out of the championship reckoning.

Realistically the battle is now between Hamilton and Felipe Massa, with Kubica 20 points behind Hamilton.

Meanwhile McLaren have taken the lead in the constructors’ championship, thanks to Kimi Raikkonen crashing out of fifth place in the dying laps, and failing to score for the fourth race in a row.

Drivers’ championship

Lewis Hamilton 84
Felipe Massa 77
Robert Kubica 64
Kimi Raikkonen 57
Nick Heidfeld 56
Out of title contention:
Heikki Kovalainen 51
Fernando Alonso 38
Sebastian Vettel 27
Jarno Trulli 26
Timo Glock 20
Mark Webber 20
Nico Rosberg 17
Nelson Piquet Jnr 13
Rubens Barrichello 11
Kazuki Nakajima 9
David Coulthard 8
Sebastien Bourdais 4
Jenson Button 3
Anthony Davidson
Giancarlo Fisichella
Takuma Sato
Adrian Sutil

Constructors’ championship

McLaren 135
Ferrari 134
BMW 120
Renault 51
Toyota 46
Toro Rosso 31
Red Bull 28
Williams 26
Honda 14
Super Aguri
Force India

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7 comments on “Championship standings after Singapore”

  1. That should be a 7 point lead for Hamilton now, not 6.

  2. The statement is in fact correct, just confusing. He did extend his lead by 6 points to 7 points, there, no longer confusing :-)

  3. Oliver – actually I corrected it after Roostar pointed it out, so you’re both right :-)

  4. michael counsell
    28th September 2008, 23:32

    Vettel now 8th. Who would have predicted that 5 races into the season. In the old car he DNFed 4 times and finished last in Turkey.

    In the new car he has finished 8 out of 10 and only once outside the points. Not to mention his domination in Monza. In the last 10 races he has scored 27 points; Raikkonen in a similarly engined Ferrari has scored 22… Incidentally if the championship had started in Monaco, Raikkonen would be sitting in 8th position with Timo Glock only just behind.

    If Kubica was the star of the first half of the season, Vettel has been the star of the second half.

  5. Kimi’s WDC 2008 is all but gone. If you think , he would have to win the next two and come 2nd in the final race , while Lewis scored NO points , chances of that is remote to say the least. Massa , on the other hand , I think is still in with a very good chance. Sure , it looks like he must win the next three , and judging by his performance in Singapore , that’s highly possible. But he will need support from Kimi to take some points from Lewis – and of course a faultless performance by the Ferrari team and the car reliability – which has been somewhat questionable of late.

  6. Put it this way, Massa is 7 points behind now with 3 races to go, last year Kimi was 7 points behind with 1 race to go and still won it. I have every confidence in Ferrari and Massa to still win the title, it is more than likely that in the last 3 races something bad will happen to hamilton, whether it is mechanical or self inflicted, something is sure to happen.

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