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Sparks! From an F1 car! Is it 1991?

I can’t get enough of these awesome photographs from F1’s first night race. Here’s a selection of high-resolution photographs from the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

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7 comments on “2008 Singapore Grand Prix pictures”

  1. love the sparks!
    reminicsing about the good ‘ol days!
    replace the wooden planks with titanium scratch plates!
    better still, get rid of the planks altogether

  2. the pictures are awesome and so was the atmosphere on the track. hard to describe, it was simply great feeling just to be there

  3. @Milos

    You lucky *@#%$* !!

    Wish I could have been there with you for this one !

    These pictures are great and the race looked just as good, agree with Jonesracing82, I too loved seeing the sparks flying and while I would like to see more of them I doubt the FIA would ever get rid of the plank.

    The thought of losing another driver is just too big a risk for them to consider it.

    The lights reflecting off the cars was great.

    Being able to see the fuel burning in the exhausts was brilliant, some of them looked like cauldrons bubbling with the magical blue glow floating above them :~)

    F1 as it should be, making you feel like a giddy kid all over again.

  4. I say lose the wooden plank and go back to titanium skid blocks. Sparks all the time!

  5. The photos are fantastic, and the link from Macademianut too, thank you! That picture of Fisichella in the Force India…I’m sure I seen,somewhere, an exact same picture of Fisechella going over a kerb somewhere in a B&H Jordan, lol – totally reminded me of it before I reminded myself who it was.

    I’m actually interested in how the photographers dealt with this because the lighting levels are not exactly daylight (to a camera meter). Some photos are noticeably noisier to even get such a shot, so it was a good job by them on the night too!

  6. Let the sparks fly, Max! Next thing we hear will be the FIA’s plans to raise ride height to 2.11 metres to improve safety, or am I being too cynical :P

    Great race! Great photos! Thank you.

    It was Monza 1997, here’s a link to a lo-res image of the Italian air force in action: http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/images/38111000/jpg/_38111175_fisichella300.jpg

  7. The FIA knows very well sparks and bottoming out never killed anyone. That whole idea about Senna’s FW-16 bottoming out and causing the crash is ridiculous and full of lies and speculation. Sparks were completely normal for a very long time, and noone crashed because of them. I think the wooden plank is there to enforce the minimum ride height rule – the wooden plank is inspected after races, and if it is worn out too much, the car is disqualified. I think the minimum ride height rule is just a way of limiting and standardizing performance.

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