Williams fans at 500th GP show (Video)

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The Williams F1 team holds live Grand Prix screenings in its conference centre for fans. For a fee, fans can watch the race, hear live updates from the team at the track, and see the team’s museum of race cars, which isn’t usually open to the public.

Here’s a short video about the Italian Grand Prix screening, which was Williams’ 500th Grand Prix. Have you been to one of these shows? Leave a comment below.

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6 comments on “Williams fans at 500th GP show (Video)”

  1. I’m still confused as to why the Italian GP was Williams’ 500th race. Forix and Wikipedia have that race as Williams’ 513th outing. It could be, however, that Williams don’t count the races they entered as ‘Frank Williams Racing Cars’. And since the team started as ‘Williams Grand Prix Engineering’ in 1978, there have been 502 GPs up to the Italian race. So it could be that there were 2 races that Williams didn’t run, during that period, to make the 500 number work.

  2. how much to tickets to this even cost?

  3. I went to the watch the 2007 British GP at Williams F1 HQ and I highly recommend everyone to do it. It was worth every penny.

    You get a champagne breakfast, museum tour, drive the car in the simulator, watch the GP in a huge theatre on a movie type screen, real time live updates from Team members on the Williams pit wall, etc. Absolutely brilliant!

    see http://www.rbswilliamsf1conferences.com (www.williamsf1.com)

  4. Lustigson – I posted a comment about that here. It is very confusing.

    Chaz – But can you still join in the Live Blogs?

  5. For someone whom Williams is F1 and F1 is Williams, I had scheduled a trip to the conference center last season European GP. But Flight issues from my assignment meant I couldn’t make the trip.

    For a life long Williams Fan, it was a big let down. but this one is definitely on top of my list when I am in UK next.

  6. Keith – the theatre has 3 screens in it, one main large and 2 smaller on either side. I was a tad frustrated that they didn’t project the live timing on one of the smaller ones but have since seen pictures where they do that now. There was a top Williams guy (on my visit it was Richard West) who is a wealth of knowledge, sharing inside thinking and information and taking questions before during and after the race which is great.

    As for wireless or any other internet access being available especially to the public and all the extra firewall security issues that will likely bring to them, well you may have to ask them directly. So no I don’t know whether live blogging is available.

    Incidentally photos are allowed so take a camera or camcorder. I forgot mine and used a mobile phone with surprisingly good effect. Did I mention the great lunch, and that the tour includes the trophy room. They also run a competiton on the day where you guess who will win etc. There is also a gift store to buy the usual branded wares. As expected there are parts of the complex which are off bounds so don’t expect to be able to run off to see the workshops and wind tunnels.

    Can I say again that they really are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, honest. And no I don’t work for them although I would be very very very happy too :)

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