800 F1 races: how many have you seen?

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1989 British Grand Prix: my first glimpse of F1. What was yours?

Singapore was F1’s 800th world championship race: so how many of the 800 have you seen?

I started watching F1 halfway through 1989 when I saw a broadcast of the British Grand Prix. Alain Prost won after Ayrton Senna spun off with a gearbox problem, and Nigel Mansell was a charging second after suffering a puncture in his Ferrari.

From my first glimpse of F1 action to this weekend’s first ever night race there have been 324 Grands Prix.

I know I haven’t seen all of them on television, because when I started watching F1 I was quite young and my parents wouldn’t let me get up at 2am to watch the Japanese and Australian races. Without those I reckon I’ve watched over 310 F1 races.

In comparison I’ve seen only a tiny number in person: just eight. Grand Prix tickets are expensive! Here’s some of my recollections about races I’ve been to:

How many F1 races have you seen? How many have you been to? To help you work it out here’s how many world championship rounds (including the Indianapolis 500) there have been since 1950:

1950: 7, 1951: 8, 1952: 8, 1953: 9, 1954: 9, 1955: 7, 1956: 8, 1957: 8, 1958: 11, 1959: 9, 1960: 10, 1961: 8, 1962: 9, 1963: 10, 1964: 10, 1965: 10, 1966: 9, 1967: 11, 1968: 12, 1969: 11, 1970: 13, 1971: 11, 1972: 12, 1973: 15, 1974: 15, 1975: 14, 1976: 16, 1977: 17, 1978: 16, 1979: 15, 1980: 14, 1981: 15, 1982: 16, 1983: 15, 1984: 16, 1985: 16, 1986: 16, 1987: 16, 1988: 16, 1989: 16, 1990: 16, 1991: 16, 1992: 16, 1993: 16, 1994: 16, 1995: 17, 1996: 16, 1997: 17, 1998: 16, 1999: 16, 2000: 17, 2001: 17, 2002: 17, 2003: 16, 2004: 18, 2005: 19, 2006: 18, 2007: 17, 2008: 15 (to date).

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80 comments on “800 F1 races: how many have you seen?”

  1. Austria 2000! Hakkinen wins!

  2. 214 Races: Started with Monte Carlo ’96! I’ve seen 2 GP’s in person: San Marino 1999 & 2000…and a couple of tests in Vallelunga.

  3. The first Formula 1 race I saw was the 1998 Australian GP. McLaren completely dominated, lapping every other driver to a 1-2 finish. It was an absolutely sublime display of excellence, and is why I got hooked on F1. I also became a McLaren fan from that day forwards. Since then, I might have seen about 40 to 50 races on television, missing many due to lack of cable TV or too early in the morning. Never seen an F1 race in person, so I hope they’ll return to California sometime.

  4. Started in 2000…
    but missed 1/2 season in the middle fully…
    so i guess its around 100

  5. Jonesracing82
    1st October 2008, 8:15

    313 to date!
    1st was imola ’89

  6. 1993ish, used to watch it on a Sunday with my Dad!
    Missed around 3 or 4 seasons around the late 90’s early 00’s. So no idea on the amount :-/

  7. 1990… and then two years later I remember a woman lifting her top for the cameras. I was 12 then. The full pictures fade, but I remember the woman, Ayrton, Alain, Nigel, Gehard…

    Then Ayrton died and I weeped. F1 has been a big part of my life.

    It somehow seemed better then. Nostalgia perhaps, or maybe ‘cos the agression was so great. Lewis would have done well back then – the new rules and difficult passing means that most of his passes are dangerous. I think even Fernando would have had a great career in the 90’s.

    Remember the guy with the checkered flag screaming halfway down the track as the winner passed? Yeesh! Will we get a car as good as Mansell’s 92 Williams Renault… V8 was it?

  8. Suzuka, 1994

    I was an instant Damon Hill fan :)

  9. about 50% of all races….
    Check out my Ferrari Spoof movie on Massa and his pitstop

  10. Pedro Andrade
    1st October 2008, 8:53

    Did some research, And I’m positive of having watched between 120-125 races. This is not counting early 90’s races I may have watched because I’m too young to remember, though I’m sure I’ve watched some. The first race I really remember watching is Spain 1998, and from then on I’ve watched most of them (except for the period between Austria 2002 and middle of 2004).

  11. all you little nippers (-;
    started watching Austria 1972,Fitti vs Stewart
    first GP attended the Dutch GP 1974
    i’m to senile to count them all )-:

  12. My first memory if seeing an F1 race was on TV at my grandparents house, and it must have been in 1992. I remember saying “I want Berger to win” because, well, I was 7, and I guess I thought hamburgers were the best food ever. My nan then said… “noooo, you want Mansell to win!”

    That was just a fleeting viewing though, and I didn’t watch F1 again until 1994.

    Unfortunately, the first full race I ever remember watching was the ’94 San Marino grand prix. It still saddens me to think that I only got to knowingly see Senna racing for all of 3 laps in my entire life.

    Since then, I’ve seen near enough every grand prix, bar one or two from being on holiday (on the rare occasions a TV couldn’t be found) or during moves to and from university.

    So that makes F1’s 800th race my 240th, give or take a handful, over the past 14 years. I’ve only ever attended one though, the 2004 British round.

  13. @ Rob
    I was wondering when the oldies would make themselves heard… ;)

    I saw my first glimpse of F1 in late 1990. It must have been about Senna driving into Prost at Suzuka and it was probably on TV news. I distinctly remember the red Ferrari bearing number 1. Following that, I watched the occasional race in 1991, but have followed the sport closely since 1992. I’ve missed only a handful of races since then, I guess. So that would add up to close to 300 GPs.

    I’ve been to 4 races in person, 3 of which are legendary (or infamous, depending on how you look at them): the 1995 Belgian GP, which Schumacher won from 16th on the grid, beating Hill in a great battle. Then San Marino 1999, which Schumacher won for Ferrari; the first time the team won ‘at home’ since 1983. Then the 2002 USA race, which Schumacher lost to Barrichello due to his ‘dead heat’ nonsense. And lastly this year’s Spanish race, which saw the last win by Räikkönen to date.

  14. I’m guessing it’s 350+ as I started watching in 1985, or that’s the earliest memory of watching a GP on TV. Mansell in his Williams.
    Haven’t seen them all in the 80’s but I watched more and more to eventually all as the years progressed. It was very rare for me to miss one. “Sod’s Law”, I missed the 1993 European GP!
    Been to 2 British GPs in person (2004 and 2008).

    Now I struggle to watch them live as I have 2 young children. I normally have to tape them and watch them at night. But I still get to watch them. The challenge of avoiding all sports news broadcasts in todays world gets ever more challenging. :)

  15. I’ve been watching on and off since the early 80s – my earliest F1 memory is Keke Rosberg winning for Williams at Monaco. I became a huge fan watching Mansell, and have never really stopped since.

  16. wouldnt have a clue been watching it all my life

  17. 260, of which i’ve missed about 15 or 16 which is a lot i know.

    haven’t been to a race yet, but my dream of my first being at monaco will have to stand by, as i might go watch the bahrain or Abu dhabi GP next year. maybe both.. and i’d like Interlagos to be a part of my first 4 races live.

    i started watching halfway through 93, didnt undestand much then, but i have more than made up for that.

    i’m gonna go a little further, my 244 Gp’s have spanned an average of 1 hour 45 minutes, + shows = say 2 hours.
    i’ve invested 20.33 days of nonstop F1 races not counting qualifyings. i say it was worth every second.

    here’s a trick question, how many races have you slept through?

  18. Cameron aka. SkinBintin
    1st October 2008, 9:52

    The first race I watched was way back in 1988 late one night when Dad was feeling super generous. I try to watch as many as I can, but in the younger years, and because every GP is on around midnight in NZ, I would have missed plenty. However I’m making up for it now. My Girlfriend of 8 years has finally been converted into a fan… I love having her get as into it all as I do ;)

  19. Cameron aka. SkinBintin
    1st October 2008, 9:56

    btw: in 1988 I was six years old :)

  20. I saw bits of the 94 and 96 Australian Grand Prix, but 1997 was the first time I became committed to watching the sport after getting a Playstation just for the original F1 game (based on the 1995 season) for Christmas in 1996. Before that I had played my brothers Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) game Super Monaco Grand Prix which is probably what got me first interested in open wheel racers.

    Since 1997 I’ve watched just about every grand prix, I missed a few throughout 2002 but from Hungary of that season to now I’ve seen every one. I’ve also seen Spa and Adelaide 95 on tape so which brings my total to just above 200. It’s weird to think I’ve seen 1/4 of all F1 races.

  21. Cameron aka. SkinBintin
    1st October 2008, 10:05

    Just had a count up. Potentially, I could have watched 348 races. However, realistically, it’s probably more like 250-300 races. It’s hard to tell, as I’ve been a fan for so long, and started so young, memory fails me a little :(

  22. schumi the greatest
    1st October 2008, 10:08

    I make it 161 races counting the seasons that i watched properly. 1st race i saw was 97 spanish grand prix, remember that schumacher started 7th and was 2nd by 1st corner from then on i was a huge fan. only missed a handful of races due to holidays etc, the early morning starts i either stayed up for or taped. Didnt watch the 2005-2006 seasons atall. But ive watched every race in its entireity since the 2007 oz gp except (sadly) the 08 belgian gp.

    Seen 2 races live, the 2002 british gp which schumacher won and the 2008 british gp where hamilton stuffed everyone!!

    got every season review video from the 1988 season to the 2007 season aswell as a subscription with f1 racing which goes back to last may.

  23. My first lasting memory of F1 was Mansell’s blowout in 86 (as a 9 year old) and given how gutted I was about that I must have watched the whole season. So that makes my total up near 380 – I’ve watched the majority live and the rest either replayed, highlights or on the news or something. Which is nearly half of all GPs to date. That seems ridiculous given the amount of history in the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s I missed.

  24. here’s a trick question, how many races have you slept through?

    One: the 2005 San Marino Grand Prix. Started out as a snore-fest, but in the end turned into a really exciting scrap between Alonso and Schumacher. Sadly I didn’t see it. ;)

  25. My first full race was Montreal’ 91 when Mansell blew it in the last lap (or did he really?); though I saw some pieces of other ones before. I became instantly a fan of the guy. Since that I probably watched around 250. I didn’t miss any for a few years, though I can sometimes watch them only a couple of days late (which means no internet or news during that time).

  26. I’ve seen every race since the start of 93, and a handful before, but no idea of the exact number – from the numbers above somewhere between 250 and 300!

    I’m lucky enough to have been to 10 races, 6 as a spectator (all Spa or Silverstone) and 4 for my job.

  27. Starting watching with real interest around the time DC came into the sport – so probably around 250 races on TV since then plus 4 British grand prix. Although the infamous GP held at easter wasn’t seen and only heard due to the fact we were stuck in traffic at the time…

    Watched a load more on Sunday afternoons as a kid with my dad, but haven’t a clue how many or when they were!

    all in all, probably around 300 in total.

  28. Early 70’s, I can remeber Jackie Stewart winning races for Tyrrell and Hunt winning in Japan, although I’ve only been a serious fan since 1979 and 1980, when it was the groud effect Lotus and early Williams cars. In all that time I think the best car I’ve seen was the FW07, which was competitive for at least 3 years. Mostly now it’s new car each year, although evolution not revolution seems to be the order. So I can remember the twin chassis Lotus (rubbish), the death of Villeneuve (thanks to Ferrari failing to fit washers to his harness bolts, he got thrown out of the car), the best of Senna and Mansell and the rise of the despicable Schumacher.

  29. I am 18 and I watch Formula 1 since 1998 without missing a race , I think.I attend 2 Gps Silverstone 2005 and Turkey 2006 but the irony is that the driver Is supported every time he never won.
    1998 Eddie Irvine-M.Hakkinen won
    1999 Eddie Irvine-M.Hakkinen won
    2000 M.Hakkinen-M.Shumacher won
    2001 M.Hakkinen-M.Shumacher won
    2002 J.Montoya-M.Shumacher won
    2003 J.Montoya-M.Shumacher won
    2004 J.Montoya-M.Shumacher won
    2005 K.Raikkonen-F.Alonso won
    2006 K.Raikkonen-F.Alonso won
    2007 L.Hamilton-K.Raikkonen won
    2008 L.HAmilton- […]

  30. South African GP 1978 and Peterson won that race in Kyalami, that by the way was a circuit a liked a lot. The downhill straight was fantastic.
    I missed a few night races also, so the total is something like 479GPs.

  31. I was 12yo and was a fan from Lauda by the time.

  32. Late 70’s for me when I was a very young lad, I didn’t become obsessive until early teens when Mansell was trying his hand. I was fortunate enough to see him win at Brands Hatch in ’86. I’ve pretty much seen all the races since the early ’80’s, however I did miss a handful of races live when Schumacher was at his most dominent.

  33. Pretty young people in this blog. I started with Nikita´s debut for Ferrari in 1974. I havent missed F1 since. Apart all tragedies occured in this time I have two memories above all.

    1. Nikita retiring in the last GP in Japan due to fear in a track flooded, where James Hunt won the championsihp by 1 point. That season was the one with that terrible accident suffered by Niki Lauda at Nurburgring, and therefore the lucky season for the bad james boy.

    2.Rolf Stommelen flies out of the street circuit of Montjuit in Spain and died five people which were watching the race in situ. Was the last race there. Terrible images on TV.

    I dont know how many races that do, but I think quite a bit. I still miss a lot that turbo era.
    I Have been in none in person.

  34. To Eddie Irvine.

    You seem to be a real jinx to your supported pilot. It seems this year your bad luck will end, although there are three races left….:-))

  35. I don’t keep track of how many races I’ve watched, but I know it’s under 30. That’s because I only really got into F1 from the 2007 Australian GP onwards. Australia 2007 was the first Grand Prix that I really watched, and saw finish, with Raikkonen taking the win – which resonated with me due to my Scandinavian heritage. Now my favourite drivers are Raikkonen (for the aforementionned reason) and Mark Webber (because he’s an Aussie – just like me!) :D

  36. My mum told me I started watching F1 since arriving back in the country, which was 1984 – but I don’t have much memories until key moments in the late 80s and early 90s. I didn’t really follow it, I only ever remember have memories of Senna, Prost, Patrese, and Mansell on track – almost no one else. I wasn’t a follower, but I loved watching it, I guess. Still have a little toy Ferrari F1 from back then :)

    I stopped watching in 1994, when Senna died, but followed it more devoutly and intensely in 1995 and thereafter.

    If I took just half of the races between 1984-1994 and 95% of the races since then, I’ve watched roughly 282 GPs, though it’s a somewhat inaccurate guess!

    Ron (post 17), I’ve actually slept through quite a few! Not because of they’ve been boring, though I’d attribute a few snoozes to those, but I think in earlier years the weekends took its toll by Sunday.

    I’ve not been to any races in person :(

  37. You may call me the Ancient One. The first GP I saw was the 1961 Monaco GP, seen in a grainy, black-and-white newsreel in 1962. I followed the sport avidly after that, mainly through the pages of Autosport and Motor Sport, having pressured my mother into buying me subscriptions. That was my only recourse back then, since I lived in Africa and the races were not televised, even in Europe.

    I missed many races during the early 70s, thanks to life presenting me with the necessity to earn my crust, but I started watching again after my return to Britain in 1976. There have been brief periods since when I have not been able to view every race in a season, so I am not even going to attempt to tot them all up. Let’s just say that it’s good to see so many young ‘uns getting fanatical about F1 – surely the best sign of all that the sport will survive the ineptitude (good word :D) of its governing body.

  38. I first some saw races on TV (probably on tape-delay) from 1996-2000: Spain 1996, Monaco 1997, Hungary 1998, Monaco 1999, Japan 2000, Malaysia 2000. I’ve been able to watch every race from 2001 onwards (mostly live, a few on tape-delay).

    That makes a total of 143 races. :)

    I’ve only watched 1 race in person, and it was the 800th race – Singapore! :D

  39. MarathonMan801
    1st October 2008, 14:11

    How many races have I seen?

    Too many.

    I remember several ocassions in the 80’s or 90’s waiting up late on a Sunday night to see BBC’s highlights of one GP or another and then waking up just as the end credits came up on the screen . . .

  40. Like Keith I am going to say the start of 1989, when I was 9 years old. I have very distinguishing memories of a few races I watched before then. My Dad got me up to watch the Australian GP of 1986 – I didn’t go to school the next day as I was too tired. I also remember being on Holiday in Italy in 1988 and watching the Italian GP in the hotel my family was staying and the Italian owner went mad when Senna was taken out.

    Throughout those early years I became a Nigel Mansell fan and when he signed for Ferrari in 1989,I can remember watching the San Marino GP Live and the accident with Berger is very clear in my mind. It was also the year I got a small TV in my bedroom to accompany the Spetrum 128k I got for Xmas that year, which meant I could watch the highlights late at night in my bedroom!!

    I have missed a 2 races. Monaco 1992 but the the most important race – San Marino 1994 – I went to a swimming pool with a girl from School. Never, never again!

    Total Races –
    Races I have been to
    Silverstone 1992
    Donington Park 1993
    Silverstone 1993
    Silverstone 1994
    Silverstone 1998
    Malaysia 2004
    Silverstone 2005
    Silverstone 2007
    Silverstone 2008

  41. I started watching with my dad in the late 80’sbut wasnt really sure how to enjoy it yet ( I guess he wanted some company as I was just a little girl ). Really got into F1 late 90’s as a tribute to my dad who sadly passed away in 1991 and have been hooked ever since. I have no idea how many races I’ve seen but missed only the early part of the 2007 season due to Schumacher withdrawal symptoms. Sadly, I have never seen a live race and probably wont see one soon ( it will cost a fortune to travel from South Africa ) unless they bring back the SA GP. Yeah to that!

  42. Using Keith’s table, I make my count at 148.

    Sadly, I haven’t seen one in person as the closet one to NZ is Melbourne and for a decent weekend including ticket, flights, accomodation e.t.c., it’s AT LEAST NZD$1000.00. Not something one can do too often. But now that I reside in Europe, I’m hoping to change that and see my first next season. Finger crossed!!

  43. 136…so far.the first race i saw(on tv)was malaysia 2001!havent seen one in person yet though!:(

  44. i’m the greenest F1 fan so far!

    my first GP was china 2007, i ended up watching it with my one-year-old when he woke up one morning at 4am. loved it, hamilton going off just before the pits was the most heart-wrenchingly dramatic moment i think i’ve seen in sport!

    missed brazil, but have watched every race this season except spa (because the vhs didn’t work =( )

    so that makes 15.

  45. Can’t really tell. My dad is a fan too and hence I been watching the races for as long as I can remember. So I guess I’m watching since 1979.

    And I hardly ever miss one, If I (for wathever reason) can’t watch one live, I just download it and watch it later.

  46. I first watched an entire Formula 1 race at the Brazilian GP of 2003 when I was only 10, and what a race to start off your love of Formula 1 with.

    Before I started watching Formula 1, the only name I ever heard was Schumacher. 2003 was the season that his reign as champion was under threat from Raikkonen.

    Kimi is basically the reason why I became interested in Formula 1.

    My race tally lies at 101.

  47. actually, does watching them on the internet count? i watched Brazil 2003 on youtube last week.


  48. The first F1 race you see in TV you never forget.(when you are old enough)

    I remember like it was today.
    There was monster car with an older driver with integral helmet, against the finest, nicest. and yet revolucionary never before seem F1 ever with a younger driver wearing an “open” helmet.

    Jack Brabham versus Jochen Rindt Lotus 72.

  49. Senna in the JPS Lotus I think 1986.

    I feel old watching Piquet and Rosberg jnr even though I am only 30.
    Only ever been to Silverstone never abroad..one day when i grow up.

  50. Germany 1996. Berger leads with from Hill close behind, when BANG! his engine goes with only 2 laps to go. Hill then cruises to victory.

  51. I started to watch F1 in the earlier 90’s, just because in Spain was not possible to watch it before (only when F1 came to Spain once a year). So I bought every Tuesday AUTOPISTA magazine and read the reports.

    Tele 5 started to put the full races and at least we can enjoy F1. At the beginning, one had to switch off the sound because the comments were just ridiculous.

    One year they decided to stop it (probably because poor share) and Canal Plus started to offer F1 through Pay TV. I started to pay Canal Plus, 9 Euros each weekend to see the races. After two years, they stopped probably because there were just 10 or 20 people paying…

    So I had to watch it through RAI SAT TV but the image was little bit distorted, one could hardly saw what was happening, but at least the comments were good.

    In the new century, Tele 5 started again to put F1 races and F Alonso came to scene. So we were happy being able to watch every race again (despite the comments were terrible again)

    I have been attending only Monaco 2006, invited by a big Spanish Bank (you probably could imagine the name…) and was really a pleasure to feel the ambience and see Fernando on the podium winning with Renault. “Braaavo Fernandoooo, alla grande!”

    At that time, I was really astonished watching how a “Little Spaniard” was beating “The Kaiser”, Michael Schumacher, for second time in a row! Many years waiting to see a Spaniard doing something important in this sport and now, our dream came true… twice!

    So at the end, I cannot tell you exactly how many races I have shown, but I suffered time enough to have my personal certificate as “truly F1 aficionado”

    Now, every F1 fan can follow everything thanks not only TV but Internet also. Websites like this is the best thing has happened in F1 since many years, despite the lack of vision of FOM working hard trying to fence the planet!

    So, BIG THANKS to you, Keith (and some others), for taking a lot of your personal time to make our life much more easy.

  52. First race I saw was Monaco 69 on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Graham Hill won and I was hooked. It was a tape delay, so Jackie Stewart, commenting on the Indy 500 that year, and was able to comment on his F1’s efforts.

    How many have I seen? Only three in person, while I lived in Europe. Hard to say on TV. Lived for a while in Asia pre-sat days, so no racing was available. Returning to America, I used to drag myself up to see them at 4 and 5 AM, then that was removed for several years. Speed TV broadcasts them live and sometimes I get up for them but it’s tougher to stay awake for them.

    YouTube is marvelous for going back and watching races or segments of such. Got to go back and watch Fangio’s epic drive in at the Ring in Germany. Fantastic! Thanks to whomever finds and posts those treasures.

  53. My first glimpse of F1 was Australian GP 1997. So my record for watching the races so far…
    1997: 10 1998: 16 1999: 10 2000: 3 2001: 5 2002: 3 2003: 16 2004: 2 2005: 12 2006: 17 2007: 17 2008: 15 (so far…)

    So that’s 122 GPs so far. The massive lapse of watching races from 2000-2002 was due to personal issues, and 2004 was just because I saw Ferrari domination and didn’t watch after the first two races! :P Started watching it again at the Canadian GP 2005, a good race to get reacquinated with the sport! :)

    That’s live TV races – recorded races, it has got to be over 300 GPs – spanning every decade.

  54. Started when I was 4, the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix…
    Incidentally that was probably the best race of all time, in my view anyway.
    That works out at… 164 to date.
    Been to Silverstone GP in 03, 05, and 08.

  55. Moments when I’ve slept through races… not many, but I remember doozing off at some Malaysian GPs!

    Memorable moments:

    – Spa 1998: After a great start to the race with my early hero Damon Hill leading (and the previous crash), Schumacher starts dominating, so I kind of give up on the race. Some time after, I go check on it and I see Hill leading!
    – Suzuka 1998: The race I have the best memories of. My father woke me up at 3 or 4am to watch the pre-race show. I was nervous as I’ve never been on a race (I rooted for Hakkinen). Even after Schumacher retired (which I didn’t see because of the commercials), I still couldn’t stop shaking.
    – Hockenheim 2000: At first I got angry at the protester for ruining Hakkinen’s race, but on the last laps, and on the podium, I couldn’t help but feel a lot of joy for Barrichello.
    – Imola 2005: Not during the race, but at qualifying, awe at Raikkonen’s pole lap.
    – China 2007: I was in the bathroom, and my brother shouts from the living room for me to go there. 15 seconds later Hamilton is in the gravel! Thank goodness I didn’t flush immediately!

  56. Portugal 1985. Which, I think, makes it a total of 394 races for me – or nearly half the Grands Prix there have ever been.

    Seen 11 of them at the track.

  57. Like many others I can’t remember the first as it was when I was very young, probably a baby or toddler.

    My mum says Ferrari was one of my first words & my earliest ever memory of anything is the day we got our first colour TV and I got to see those shiny red cars in all of their glory during qualifying in 1985 when I was 6.

  58. The first race i watched was estoril 95 and there was massive crash at the back involving a tyrell. Coulthard won in the williams. Despite the fact that mclaren were not in the points and in a decline period the red and white car took my eye. I fell in love with hakkinen and really gave me joy when he and mclaren won th wdc.

    so i would say i have watched about 125-130 races.

  59. 180 races. Since Melbourne ’99. I have memories of a few others before such as Suzuka ’96 and spa ’98. Not missed one since Irvine won his first.

  60. The first race I remember seen on TV was the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix, won by an heroic Ayrton Senna, with only the 6th gear left on the last couple of laps!

    That makes 290 races or so…

    I’ve been to the 2007 Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying, and watched Felipe Massa score the pole in front of his home crowd, and do an uncommon slowing lap waving for us…

  61. I started watching F1 when being just 7 years old, Though I remember it clearly : that was Montreal 1991, Piquet’s last victory. The first thing I still hear coming from F1 is Prost’s Ferrari having an engine failure, wth the commentator saying ” PROST SLOWING DOWN!!!”. I tried from then not to miss any GP, but reckon i “only” watched 3 out 4 from then, which makes roughly 200 GP. And I’ve been following it long enough to be able to say : I’ve witnessed Michael Schumacher’s entire F1 career.

    By the way, long life to this blog, as it provides the most clever analysises and replies I’ve ever seen on the web. Keep going Keith.

  62. My first taste of Formula One was back in 1984 and the Monaco Grands Prix, which was a complete washout. It was this race inwhich I became an Aryton Senna fan and got heavily into Formula One. Seeing a young Senna, yellow helmet, in the Toleman, hounding down the leaders in the wet, is something that has lasted with me for twenty four years.
    No matter where I am in the world, I always make sure that I get to see the grands prix. I even plan holidays, day trips, everything, around races. Sadly, I only ever got to see one race in person, the British Grands Prix in 2001, in which Mika Hakkinen took the victory. Since moving to the United States from England back in 2005, I have been to three IRL races, all at St Petersburg in Florida, which is as close as I can get to Formula One.
    My next big ambition is to go to the Daytona 500 next year, and then I can say I’ve seen all three series in the flesh. However, nothing can match the majesty of Formula One, especially in the 1980s.
    It was worth watching on the BBC just to hear the opening credits and Fleetwood Mac’s song, The Chain.

  63. I’ve only missed about 1 race per season on TV since the 1985 Australian GP. That first race made me a Senna fan.

    I’ve attended 7 GPs:
    1992 British
    1992 Australian
    1993 British
    1993 Australian (Sennas last win)
    1996 Australian (first in Melbourne)
    2000 Australian (qualifying only)

  64. Graham, sorry to break the news, but my first GP was Austrailia 2008, so I guess that makes me the youngest. Still, great to see another young gun onboard:)

    Having been born in and having lived all of my 22 years to date here in the United States, I have not grown up with Formula 1 as a part of mainstream sports culture, as many of you have. I’ve had many good Sundays of watching sports with my dad, but many of those are for NFL games. While I’m sure I caught bits and pieces of GPs on TV in my younger years, I only took an interest in F1 after Hamilton’s win at Indy in 2007- that created a firestorm of F1 coverage in the mainstream Americna sports media, helping draw in new fans such as myself. Once I saw how good the product was, I was hooked!

    In terms of number of GPs watched, I’ve seen many of them this season, but since most GPs are shown in the early morning here in the U.S., I’ve slept through all or part of Bahrain, Spain and Hungary. I taped Monaco and watched as soon as I got home because I was on a trip to Yankee Stadium. Also I did not see Valencia, as I was in Baltimore on a weekend trip to see the Yankees play at Camden Yards. The hotel was great, but a crummy cable package meant no SPEED network :(

    With regard to personally attending GPs, I’ve yet to see my first in person. Part of that is due to me being interested in the sport for less than a year, and considering that I’m a recent college graduate just starting my career, while also pursuing a masters degree, it’s a bit out of my budget right this second to book a flyaway to Europe or Asia. Still, as I develop more resources in the years ahead, I hope to attend several GPs in person. If the USGP comes back in 2010 I will make an all-out effort to get there, especially if it’s on the east coast or the midwest. Also, I’d love to see some races in Europe or Asis, but that will need to wait for future years.

    Finally, I must say to Matt (#20) that I have the same game and have been playing it since the early 90’s- it’s still a load of fun and did a great deal to establish F1 in my mind long before I got into it last season. It’s a great deal of fun to drive the old circuits and compare the teams and drivers with the real-life versions.

  65. The most vivid memory from the early days was being gutted at Bandini’s death at Monaco in 1967. I know I’d been reading Motoring News before that so I’m probably well over 500 grand prix (out of the 650 since the start of the 1967 season). I’ve been to Grand Prix at Silverstone (Mansell overtaking Piquet, Keke Rosberg qualifying), Brands Hatch (Jones & Piquet’s ground effect cars), Imola, Zandvoort, Spa, Phoenix, Paul Ricard. However I’ve never yet been to a race where the guy I’m rooting for wins :(

  66. wow- I think it must be getting on for more than 350. I vaguely recall glimpses of Laffite, Tambay, Rosberg and Lauda right at the beginning of the 80’s, and then Dallas with Mansell pushing the Lotus over the line and collapsing was the first real action on telly.

    1985 was the first full season I managed to watch but it didn’t really come together and make sense til ’86. I remember vividly waking excitedly to watch the highlights of Adelaide, when my grandfather, who had seen the morning news said matter of factly: “Oh, Mansell doesn’t win, his tyre exploded…” just as the cars were settling on the grid!

    Been hooked ever since. The theme to the BBC’s programme, “The Chain” still gives me a shiver. Qualifying for the 1987 British GP was my first real trackside experience and it was so, so overwhelming. Went to the toilets there, and stood in the gents next to Teo Fabi and 2 Ferrari pit crew guys. (As a kid – it was quite surreal!) Mansell was just brilliant in the car, a bit ragged but just pedal to the metal. In the days before the Internet, I remember sending hassling letters to Williams, ICI, Canon and DENIM to ask for merchandise/patches/posters, believe it or not there was very little marketing back then!

    Did the GP proper in 1990, and there was a real mystique, about F1 then, yet a cameraderie across teams and fans.

    Switched to Mika Hakkinen in 1994, saw his first world championship win in 1998, while living in Finland, but defected to the stunning young Raikkonen in 2001. (He has clearly lost his mojo now…)

    Been to Monaco GP in 2006, 2007 and this year, it is a magical place. Wish I had been to more GP’s though out of the 350 or so. You just have to go. somewhere. book the tickets and flight or bus or train. For any F1 fan, the “violence” of those fragile cars is something else.

    20 odd years on, the marketing and money making has taken the edge and character off the sport for me a bit.

  67. I didn’t want to remember how many gp’s I’ve watched, because this is like hurting myself… Oh My God… I’m getting old. An oldies-goldies collection? Maybe…. hey, but I’m only 36, he he :-))

    My oldies pictures: Alan Jones, Senna on that Lotus JPS, Senna and his Toleman behind Prost when Balestre said it was enough and finished the 1984 Monaco GP and then Lauda won the WDC by half a point, remember pictures of the Renault F1 turbo engined, and those huge goodyear tyres….

  68. I am glad Clive turned up because I was starting to feel really old compare to all the youngsters here. The first full season covered on UK TV was 1978. Before that coverage was very patchy. Generally news clips and not much more. The British GP was always show but that was on a Saturday so I was never in to see it. I have probably missed around 10 to 20 races since the begining of 78 due to working in parts of the world where they didn’t have the good sense to show the races. I have no idea how many races I saw before 78 but it was not very many.

    So assuming I am not too old and feeble to put numbers correctly into a spreadsheet I have seen about 500.

  69. HI, i´m from Argentina.
    I´ve seen the 1996 Argentina Grand Prix.
    Damon Hill wins, with williams 1-2. Jaques Villeneuve was second, and jean Alesi third, with Benneton.

    Excelent blog!
    Keep on going man.

  70. The first race I saw live (there was no tv in prehistoric times) was the U.S. G P at Watkins Glen in 1961. I was there again in’62,’63,64,’65,and ’66. Then Mosport in’67,’69,71,’72, ’73,’76, and ’77. Most recently, Montreal in ’82 and ’83. Since the early 80’s when the races were first regularly on tv in Canada, I’ve seen practically all of them on tv. I agree, It’s great to see so many young people taking an interest.

  71. Garyc – I’m jealous of your early visits to the ‘Glen for the USGP. That was always my dream.

    Architron – My oldie pictures:

    – A line of F1 cars coming down a hill with high wings on the front and rear at Jarama (I think it’s Jarama)

    – Jackie Stewart in his Matra with an open face helmet with goggles

    – Emerson Fittipaldi winning his first GP, coming through on the misty circuit as golden sunshine drizzles on his Gold Leaf liveried Lotus 72 at the USGP in 1970

    – Young Ronnie Peterson contemplating the old ‘tea tray’ STP March 711 at the start of the 1971 season

    The early 70s were interesting years for car designs, with ‘coke bottles’ like the McLarens, wedges like the Lotus 72, the 711 and the Brabham BT34 lobster claw as designers searched for understanding emerging aerodynamics.

    I remember too sharply, too, announcements about Piers Courage, Francois Cevert, Peter Revson, Bruce McLaren, and Ronnie Peterson. Those are just the ones I heard announced on the radio that froze the moments for me. Later came Roland and Aryton as moments on TV.

  72. First race I remember well was San Marino 89,counting to 30 then shouting at the TV `weres the fire marshals`as Berger eventually climbed out his burning Ferrari,had seen races before,were and when I cant be sure,I could`nt face F1 till 96 after Senna,Ratzenberger and very nearly Barrichello,but Ive only missed 3 races since then.So I guesstimate it must be around 300

  73. The first Grand Prix I saw on TV was Silverstone 1973 with the mass crash in the 2nd lap.
    In those days it was hard to see a GP on television.
    The first GP I saw live was Netherlands in 1973 with the fatal accident of Williamson.
    I do not know how many GP I saw live after that. A lot. I think around 25 Grand Prix’s
    Only the recent years I do not visit them. It is just to commercial. Give me back the old days. It was just much more fun and the drivers were real heros.
    Now they are spoiled.

  74. Alianora La Canta
    3rd October 2008, 11:24

    My first race that I deliberately watched was France 1993. My dad and granddad are/were F1 fans, so presumably the race had been on in the background before then, but before then I hadn’t been interested in it myself (apart from playing an extremely unrealistic F1-themed game on my computer which I didn’t even realise was linked to anything else until several years later…) Anyway, on the afternoon of France 1993, there was a thunderstorm at my house, so I had to stop playing outside and come in. It was about two-thirds of the way through the race and I thought “Those pointy blobs look interesting, I’ll watch them for a bit”. Eventually deciding that I liked the blue-and-white blobs best, I decided to start cheering for the driver with the easiest-to-remember surname – one Damon Hill…

    Due to my abysmal ability to keep track of something that was only one once a fortnight, my next taste of F1 (apart from discovering a very old encyclopaedia of F1 and devouring it) was San Marino 1994. Surprisingly this timing didn’t put me off (possibly because the encyclopaedia was so old that it didn’t even mention Senna – it was published the year before he raced in F3!), and I made a proper effort to watch every race after that. Though I still missed Monaco of that year…

    I watched every race of 1995, but then missed 3 races across the next seven years due to swimming galas (Britain 1996, Britain 1997 and Germany 2001). It would have been more but for the trusty VCR. I still remember Austria 2002, when I missed the race, decided to watch it after school the next day and nearly had the main event of the race revealed by a member of staff (who was in the middle of a tirade about declining standards of sportsmanship)…

    So I’ve seen 247 Grands Prix in full so far. Hopefully I will see a lot more in future :)

    I’ve seen no races live so far (hopefully I will get to see Singapore next year, but I feel like I really should see Silverstone’s swansong as well), but I have seen the 2002 British GP qualifying. I will not forget the sound of Takuma Sato’s nose section scraping on the tarmac in a hurry!

    I’ve never slept through a whole race, but I did have an “alarm clock malfunction” for the 2008 Australian Grand Prix. When you turn on the TV and the first thing you see is Timo Glock crashing, you know you need a better system of waking up for late-night races…

  75. and bringing up the rear….
    goodness knows the number, picked it up on “World of Sport” on ITV Saturday pm’s in the 70’s, then the Beeb started live broadcasts in the 80’s with Senna & Nige etc, used to watch with me old mum or the highlight show late Sunday eve. Ahhh. Started attending Brit GP in 2003 (or ’04 maybe)with a Friday practice in damp conditions – never forget the hairs on my neck standing on end as I neared Silverstone on that morning, hearing the first guys bombing around the track. You know when your going to love something ’til you die at those moments (FIA permitting!)
    Then to top the lot, the first car I saw at Abbey as I reached the trackside was Schumacher who promptly spins in front of me, gets out & hangs with the marshalls until the session finished. Nice guy eh? Perhaps, but what he was really up to was to supervise the recovery of his Ferrari – now there’s professionalism for you.

  76. Alianora:

    my next taste of F1 was San Marino 1994. Surprisingly this timing didn’t put me off

    I feel your pain too, that was my first race. I’m glad it didn’t put me off either.

    And Gman, it’s great to see someone get into F1 so recently, espicially someone from the States in the year that you lost your Grand Prix. I’m certain it’ll be back one day. (c’mon Laguna Seca!)

  77. I feel what I would call Jealousy… knowing that some of you, Brar, Top Gear, Steven Roy, have been around before I was born. You have treasures between your memories…. Graham Hill, 1969. That sounds great!!!!!

  78. hello,
    does anybody know where i can download of f1 races

  79. hello,
    does anybody know where i can download of f1 races

    You can find a fair few full races in parts on youtube, ones I have found include

    Suzuka 94
    Nurburgring 99
    Suzuka 98
    Silverstone 98
    Spa 98
    Spa 97
    Monaco 96
    San Marino 94 (Not watched it, not my cup of tea)
    Melbourne 99
    Adelaide 89
    Monaco 97
    Brazil 01
    Usa 05

    There are more I just can’t remember, also as an added bonus most of these have Murray & Martin commentating!

  80. a million…no, 7. 2 races in 1985 to present without missing a single one.

    When I went on holiday in ’98 – missing live coverage of the Austrian and European GPs which were on back-to-back weekends – I taped both (including qualifying) AND WATCHED THEM BEFORE I WENT TO WORK HAVING COME BACK FROM CHILE ON A 14 HOUR RED EYE FLIGHT.

    My wife has left me.

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