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A group conducting market research among F1 fans is looking for five people who have listened to Formula 1 coverage on the radio to participate in a discussion in London.

If you fit the bill and are interested in participating in the discussion, please leave a comment below using an email address you can be reached on, or send me an email directly via the contact form.

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  • 5 comments on “UK F1 fans wanted”

    1. F1 coverage on the radio in London… Maybe you mean FiveLive?

      Hee. This should be interesting though. Perhaps they’re looking to take the FiveLive coverage to the next level when F1 returns to the Beed full-time next year?

    2. Journeyer – I couldn’t possibly say ;-)

    3. I wonder if we’ll still listen to the radio commentary with the tv sound down?

    4. FiveLive here I come!!

    5. Keith – do you know the dates?

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