Japanese GP preview video

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6 comments on “Japanese GP preview video”

  1. these are the two W-O-R-S-T presenters i have ever seen!

  2. True graham228221, the girl’s pretty cute though…

  3. She stole Bernie’s line… scandalous!!

  4. Ouch, they’re certainly not getting any smarter

  5. hahahahaha. a lightning bolt from a rogue tram took out mark webber eh? ridiculous…

  6. Talking about Friday alternatives: “Thinking green, lets see how far each car can go on a tank of fuel”.

    Yeah good one! Lets burn off loads of fuel just to see who can go the longest – that’s not very green is it. What kind of a ‘circus’ would come up with an idea where the cars burnt off fuel for no reason…..

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