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I’ve fallen out of the habit of doing these regular link round-ups but I’m going to try to get it sorted. Here’s a selection of some of the interesting material I’ve found on the web recently…

Ecclestone baffled by Raikkonens form – Ecclestone on Raikkonen: “Kimi is a strange guy and I like him the way he is. But when you win the title you must make an effort and open yourself more, because you become the symbol of your sport. Instead, he hasn’t done that.”

Ecclestone on Massa: “He’s very strong but he’s been unlucky. I say that it’d be bad if Hamilton doesn’t win the title this year after last year’s bad luck. No, I’ll correct myself, after his team’s bad management. But at the same time it wouldn’t be fair if Massa loses it either.”

Ecclestone on Hamilton: “He’s an extraordinary talent, in the same ballpark as the Sennas and the Schumachers. Last year, as a rookie, he nearly won the title. Can you remember others like that?”

US & Canada snub angers F1 teams – Nick Fry: “We are hugely disappointed. It will be a major topic at the next meeting of teams.”

John Howlett: “Hopefully in the next four years we can establish a real race in the US.”

A Hack Looks Back & On Japan and China – Mike Doodson sees improvement in Felipe Massa: “I suspect that there are real wet-road abilities buried somewhere inside Felipe. After all, he’s overturned most of the stereotypical shortcomings that were associated with him before the start of the current season, most notably that he was only any good on faster tracks and completely at sea on street circuits. Next item on the agenda will be to overcome those wet-road blues.”

Historic East London Circuit Faces Demolition – “Buffalo City Development Agency want to redevelop the area and build a modern university to serve the needs of the population. But in doing so, part of South Africa’s motorsport heritage will be destroyed. Handfield-Jones has called upon South Africans to lend their support and sign an online petition urging the Buffalo City Development Agency to reconsider its plans.”

Au Revoir, Montreal – “What are the FIA running here, a joke of an organisation? They didn’t even privately inform the organisers a couple of hours in advance of the statement. No fax, telephone call, not even an email. That is insane. And the FIA want to do business with these people, make money and provide racing, yet they are not even capable of delivering basic respect to the companies that provide the FIA and FOM with the facilities to run the sport. It would be like turning up to work one Friday and your boss telling you that this is your last day because he/she neglected to tell you four weeks ago that the notice period had begun. It’s just plain wrong.”

Hamilton fights for McLaren on and off the track – “If you were planning a renewed commercial assault on UK High Street business over the next couple of years, would you want it based around Felipe Massa? Kimi Raikkonen? Or Lewis Hamilton?”

Formula 1 Goes Green: Bans Itself – Unsuitablog picks up the ‘green F1 tyres’ story: “The people who read the F1Fanatic website have few allusions [sic] that Formula 1 racing can ever be green.”

Do football and cars mix? – Superleague Formula struggling already: “Fans were charged to watch the first three race meetings this season, but tickets have since been made free for the three remaining rounds. It may be the only way to ensure a decent turnout in an already saturated motorsport calendar.”

Mosley wants cuts and insists F1 has to be whipped into shape to survive another year – And the award for best headline goes to…

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  • 7 comments on “Links: Ecclestone on Massa & co.”

    1. I hate the Daily Mail but the following has to be one of the best F1 headlines of the year.

      “Mosley wants cuts and insists F1 has to be whipped into shape to survive another year”

      Well spotted Keith :~)

    2. haha very good

    3. “Kimi is a strange guy and I like him the way he is. But when you win the title you must make an effort and open yourself more, because you become the symbol of your sport. Instead, he hasn’t done that.”

      This talk is really getting tiresome!

    4. N.B. Keith, “allusions” is the correct spelling, it is a collective term to imply alluding to.


    5. Has Kimi hit that thrill-seekers nightmare, been there,done it, got the Tshirt

    6. No Gusto. It has been hamilton who has hit him in canada,Ferraris bad choices of tyres and and Crying face Massa. LOL

    7. Its nice to see that other people are reading this blog – well done Keith! Champagne all round then?
      Has anybody actually watched a Superleague Formula race yet? I won’t touch with a used Bridgestone, its only purpose is to make money for the ‘poor’ football clubs (and I was told that by some football supporters). If you look on the website, it turns out that the clubs aren’t actually paying for the cars, the drivers, the teams that run it, or even the sponsorship. But they do get all the profits from the races. I think they have been learning from Bernie and Max!
      Oh, and as a side issue, remember the football club that Bernie, Flavio and VJ invested in earlier in the year? Apparently other clubs have asked the English FA to investigate as suddenly all their ticket prices have gone up!

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