Championship standings after Fuji

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Drivers’ championship

Lewis Hamilton 84
Felipe Massa 79
Robert Kubica 72
Kimi Raikkonen 63
Nick Heidfeld 56
Heikki Kovalainen 51
Fernando Alonso 48
Jarno Trulli 30
Sebastian Vettel 30
Timo Glock 20
Mark Webber 21
Nelson Piquet Jnr 18
Nico Rosberg 17
Rubens Barrichello 11
Kazuki Nakajima 9
David Coulthard 8
Sebastien Bourdais 4
Jenson Button 3
Anthony Davidson 0
Giancarlo Fisichella 0
Takuma Sato 0
Adrian Sutil 0

Constructors’ championship

Ferrari 142
McLaren 135
BMW 128
Renault 66
Toyota 50
Toro Rosso 34
Red Bull 29
Williams 26
Honda 14
Super Aguri 0
Force India 0

NB. revised following Sebastien Bourdais’ 25s penalty

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8 comments on “Championship standings after Fuji”

  1. Ferrari to win as they have all the authorities on their side.

  2. If Webber has more points than Glock, shouldn’t he be above him ?

    Good to see Kubica back in the fight, can’t see him winning but he could add a bit of spice to the final 2 races.

  3. I don’t think it’ll happen but looking at today’s standings, it would be hilarious if Kimi won the last two races and lost the championship to Hamilton by a point.

  4. All the time the top drivers behave like rookies and the teams are squabbling, it will allow the likes of Alonso and Kubica to take away their points and we may have a surprise Champion yet!

  5. schumi the greatest
    13th October 2008, 16:57

    Did anyone else hear james allens completley crap commentary?? now correct me if im wrong but going into japan, hamilton had a 7 point lead.

    Allen was flapping his gums all race long that if neither hamilton or massa scored any points, hamilton could, afford to finnish behind both ferrari’s at the last 2 races.

    Now im no mathmatician, but assuming massa won the last 2 races with raikkonen 2nd and hamilton 3rd, if hamilton had left japan with his 7 point lead intact, he would lose the tittle by a single point?? or am i missing something because the net loss would have been 4 points each race, 4 x 2 = 8.

    obviously this doesnt matter now because massa scored 1 point and was gifted another by FIA (F****** idiot association) but it just goes to prove what a complete berk james allen is and i cant wait to hear the last of him come brazil.

  6. @ schumi the greatest:

    Yes, James Allen is indeed the berkiest of all berks. A complete berk. A berk of the highest order.

  7. STG – I pointed that out on the live blog at the time. I can live with people making mistakes – hey I make enough myself! – but it kind of gave the impression he was only interested in how the race would affect Hamilton’s championship chances.

  8. schumi the greatest
    14th October 2008, 11:20

    To be honest keith, that is all allen is intrested in.

    while were talking about championship chances, who do you think will win the tittle now keith??

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