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The last two Chinese Grands Prix were wet but expect dry weather this weekend

The weather forecast for the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend is for a largely dry event.

There’s a small chance of rain on race day, and air temperatures will be in the mid to low 20s (Celsius). Details and links below.

Location of the Shanghai International circuit

Shanghai International Circuit is on the east side of China, to the west of Shanghai.

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If you zoom in all the way to the track and switch to the satellite view, you can see Google still hasn’t got an updated satellite picture of the track. The image on Google Maps shows the track during its construction – the circuit perimeter and grandstand sites are clearly visible.

Weather forecasts for the Chinese Grand Prix

Early indications are the weekend is going to be dry. This forecast predicts dry weather on Friday adn Saturday, with a small chance of light rain on Sunday. The usually-reliable Weather Underground forecast agrees with it.

Last year the imminent approach of Typhoon Krosa threatened an extremely wet race. But as the storm changed course the track was hit by a series of showers that were enough to make the track wet at first, but dried out as the race progressed.

There are no signs of any major storms yet. But this weather radar should help us spot any showers moving around the track during the F1 action.

In terms of temperature the weekend promises similar conditions to what the teams found in Fuji, but perhaps 4-5C warmer, putting temperatures in the low to mid-20s. We never really got to see at Fuji whether Ferrari had got to grips with its performance deficit in cool conditions compared to McLaren, but this race could give us some answers.

More information about the Chinese Grand Prix

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  1. schumi the greatest
    14th October 2008, 11:07

    bad news for hamilton then!!

  2. I am Chinese fans and will go to the SIC to watch the race. These days Shanghai is too hot, maybe you come can wear T-shirts, the rain is few.

  3. My money is on Ferrari this weekend.

  4. no no no Adrian,

    Ferrari are about to devise a Hami-Tracking rain cloud, where it will only rain on Lewis. and in case he can overcome the odds, a lightning bolt hits to screw up his ECU.


  5. Rain would be interesting!

    Autosport’s China weather forecast is talking about possible showers on Sunday and they have been very good at the weather this year.

  6. There is now 40% of rain compared to 20% the other day………

  7. Rain would give Alonso and Kubica a chance. Engine power will be less of a factor in rain.

  8. 30-60 % chance of heavy showers on Sunday depending on weather site, the championship could still end up a lottery as a 15 min quick shower in the race could change everything (European GP 07, Spa 08)

  9. It’s the first time I comment here and I should say you give genuine, and quality information for other bloggers! Good job.
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