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Chinese Grand Prix preview video from Red Bulletin – including a look at the Shanghai International Circuit, F1 news, and some rather harsh words for Felipe Massa…

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6 comments on “Chinese Grand Prix preview video”

  1. Sorry Keith but this preview is just rubbish. I believe I’m not the only devoted F1 fan who visits your site to gather usefull info. This material is short of such, except Murray Walker’s part and the track preview.
    Don’t worry though, I’ll keep dropping by.

  2. Anyone else think we should drop them? Might put this to a poll over the winter.

  3. I would like to agree with the above comment. Although it might be good for making some lewis fans happy.. but not everyone out there is one! :) so i think it’d help if its not mostly lewis… ther are a lot of other ppl whom we’d all love to hear abt too.. need not always be drivers too for tat matter.. :)

  4. Hmmm… I wasn’t happy at the sped-up engine sounds on the track preview last time, and thats been fixed (hooray!)

    I understand that they’re trying to emulate the irreverent red bulletin style, but it doesn’t quite come off in the same way the print-version does.

    Having said that, anything with Murray Walker in it is automatically cool

  5. Even Murrary Walker’s role is somewhat diminished by the values of this production :(

    I do watch all these previews, but I can’t stand the presenters and commentating style. I do agree with Liquid in that there is just too much of Lewis Hamilton, and when you’re not a fan and having to deal with it on TV AND online productions it is somewhat suffocating…I can’t afford to replace a TV and monitor every time there’s a GP on.

    That said, I’m an advocate of if you don’t like what you see, then don’t read/watch it – and in the end, I’m still going to watch it when it’s posted. It’s still better than nothing and who knows, maybe it’ll get better. :)

  6. Keith,

    I agree w/ the others. Nothing useful in these previews, other than the 30-sec simulated circuit ride.

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