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In all the excitement of the F1 title finale I almost forgot that the GP2 Asia series begins its second season this weekend.

British fans can catch the action on British Eurosport at 9am on Saturday (feature race live) and 10-11am on Sunday (presumably a re-run of the sprint race, possibly with highlights of the feature).

Here’s a run-down of the confirmed teams and drivers so far:

The GP2 Asia website lists some contradictory information about the exact driver line-up:

Trust Team Arden – Mika Maki, Luiz Razia
My Team Qi-Meritus.Mahara – Alex Yoong*, Giacomo Ricci
GFH Team iSport** – Giedo van der Garde, Hamad Al Fardan, Nelson Philippe
ART Grand Prix*** – Sakon Yamamoto
Barwa International Campos Team – Vitaly Petrov, Sergio Perez
Dams – Jerome D’Ambrosio, Kamui Kobayashi
Super Nova Racing – Javier Villa, James Jakes
Fisichella Motor Sport International – Andreas Zuber, Michael Herck
Durango – Kevin Nai Chia Chen, Davide Valsecchi, Carlos Iaconelli
Trident – Earl Bamber, Alex Yoong*, Chris Van der Drift
Piquet GP – Roldan Rodriguez, Diego Nunes
DPR*** – Yuhi Sekiguchi
BCN – Hiroki Yoshimoto, Luca Filippi

*Listed for two teams. Seems likely to be driving for Qi-Meritus.Mahara.
**Listed as having three drivers.
***Listed as having one driver

2008-09 GP2 Asia calendar

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