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Ferrari fans celebrated the sixth decade of the most famous F1 marque earlier this year.

This DVD commemorates Ferrari’s 60th anniversary with a look at its road and racing cars using a mix of modern and historical footage.

Aside from its enormous recent successes – 13 titles in nine years – what attracts many to Ferrari is its peerless pedigree. "Ferrari at 60" celebrates that heritage and re-tells it by looking at the cars that made the legend, including road, sports and, of course, Grand Prix machines.

The two-hour DVD packs a mix of recent and historic material. The recent footage comes from events like the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, the Monterey Historic Automobile Races at Laguna Seca and Ferrari’s own anniversary celebrations at Mugello.

There also a rich selection of archive F1 material, especially from the 1950s and 1960s. But inevitably once you get north of the 1970s it all disappears – Formula One Management’s iron-fisted grip on F1 rights means there’s no contemporary footage of Ferrari’s turbo-engined F1 cars or the string of machines that carried Michael Schumacher to five of his world championships.

So if you’re Ferrari passion extends no further than the Grand Prix team, you may feel a bit short-changed by this release. But the rest of the disc is amply filled with more footage of recent road cars, including the Enzo, and other competitive Ferraris.

This is a real gem of a disc that Ferrari fans should definitely make room in their collections for.

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“Ferrari at 60”
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