Alonso vs Kubica in karts (Video)

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After finishing first and second in Japan last week Fernando Alonso and Robert Kubica took each other on once again: in karts!

The pair took each other on at SIC Kart World at Shanghai, Alonso setting a new lap record of 55.46s during their race.

Both drivers have extensive experience in karting from their junior days. Here’s a video of their private one-on-one race:

Great stuff! Next time they should invite the other 18…


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18 comments on “Alonso vs Kubica in karts (Video)”

  1. Haha, love the ending; I’m really starting to like Alonso.

  2. Great stuff! Next time they should invite the other 18…

    Careful, if Mad Max saw that he might have a new costcutting idea..!!

    Though the thought of all 20 drivers in a cart race is pretty appealing to me!!

    That did remind me of why I liked Alonso before last year. I used to love that he always started the answers to questions with “Yes…well…” or something similar, always positive answers…I really hope I can get over last year because he’s a fantastic driver and I’d be happy to see him win the WDC again, especially if it means Ferrari don’t (shame Massa drives for Ferrari as I like him too….)

  3. Wow… I didn’t know you could do donuts in a kart… :D

  4. Those two do seem to get along very well with each other.
    Nice to see them having some simple fun
    It would be great to see them head-to-head for the drivers title next year

  5. michael counsell
    17th October 2008, 17:12

    Probably the two best drivers in F1 at the moment.

  6. I heard Alonso and Kubica play poker every week. I knew that Alonso is a good card player and magician(origin of his ‘magic’ nickname), but didnt know he was this close to Kubica.

    Video looked great, pity it was in Chinese :P

  7. That will be good, bring all the guys lets have a proper race AWAY FROM THE STEWARDS.

  8. Kubica has become more vocal about Hamilton.

    Last year I saw him as someone who kept to himself and didn’t care to criticize. Since his Alonso kick he has been especially harsh toward Hamilton.

  9. That was more interesting than most of this years Formula 1 races.

    …and I agree with you michael counsell!

  10. who won the race ?

  11. To quote Monty Burns: “Far too much dancing, not nearly enough prancing!”

    Good video, but I’d like to have seen more of the actual racing. It’s great seeing the F1 guys drive other things. That video of Senna/Prost karting is brilliant!

  12. I was at work earlier and was unable to watch this… I love it!

    Its great to see drivers horsing around with one another and have a good time. That burnout at the end was one of the funniest looking things i have ever seen. Alonso should use that celebration when he wins tomorrow.

  13. @Dan
    “Last year I saw him as someone who kept to himself and didn’t care to criticize. Since his Alonso kick he has been especially harsh toward Hamilton.”
    First as i know they are good mates for couple of years.
    Kub harsh to Lewis? Hmm me think that the one comment about safety from man who know what crash means is not harsh.
    People start to dislike Bob cause his friendship with Fonso. Strange thing.
    And video- heh like it, wish to know what they arguing about.

  14. I guess these guys are probably the best mates in the paddock right now ;D
    Have you seen them after Alonso’s win in Japan, and on the podium? That’s the spirit! We should have more of that in F1.
    I can’t wait to see both of them driving really competitive cars next season! These 2 + mclarens and ferraris would be one of the best seasons in years!

  15. yeah i was starting to like Alonso until he started to say he will help Massa win the title which could mean him taking out Hamilton

  16. Would love to see the current F1 grid compete against each other in some kind of spec series car without pit stops or stewards (e.g. karts or Formula 3). That would definitely show which drivers are good and which ones just have a fast car.

  17. Kubica & Alonso are friends :)

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