F1 titles can be won this weekend

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Drivers’ championship

The only driver who can win the F1 title this weekend is Lewis Hamilton. So to understand how the title can be decided in Shanghai it’s easiest to look at it from his point of view.

Here are the top three in the drivers’ championship:

1. Lewis Hamilton 84
2. Felipe Massa 79
3. Robert Kubica 72

And here’s how the championship could be decided:

  • If Hamilton wins he needs Massa to finish fifth or lower to win the title.
  • If Hamilton finishes second he needs Massa to finish seventh or lower to win the title.
  • If Hamilton finishes third he needs Massa to finish ninth or lower and Kubica not to win to become champion.
  • If Hamilton finishes fourth or lower he will not win the title in Shanghai.

In the event of a tie on points at the end of the year the title will go to the driver with the most wins. At present, Massa has five and Hamilton fourth.

If both drivers have the same number of points and wins at the end of the season the title goes to the driver with the most second places, followed by third places and so on. (The same goes for constructors in their championship).

If Hamilton were to win he would become champion exactly 50 years to the day since Mike Hawthorn became the first British driver to win the world championship.

Constructors’ championship

Ferrari are currently seven points ahead of McLaren and 14 ahead of BMW. They can win the constructors’ championship this weekend if they leave with at least an 18 point lead over both.

The various combinations by which they might achieve that are a little complicated to explain, but we’ll keep an eye on it during the live blogs!

Complete F1 championship standings after Fuji

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7 comments on “F1 titles can be won this weekend”

  1. Imagine if Kovi was to accidentally bump Massa off the road…;-)

    But then that would never happen would it..!!

    Given the significance of the date in relation to Mike Hawthorn winning, I would love Lewis to wrap things up this Sunday, but I’ll be suprised if it happens. I do think that (given the FP times) he’ll go to Brazil only needing a handful of points to win though.

  2. Either the driver’s championship is decided at Shanghai; or the constructors is decided.

    Both won’t be decided.

    Its incredible; both 2006 and 2007 have gone down to the last race with one or both championship up for grabs. 2008 should be no different

  3. Everything will be decided afterwards by stewards anyway… :)

  4. If Kovi bumbs Massa of the track, Hami will get the drive-through.

  5. The proper analysis for Hamilton is that he needs to win. None of the first 3 clinching scenarios is realistic. Barring another pitlane eff-up or a Massa qualifying debacle, Hamilton will not leave China with more than a seven or nine point lead. Brazil=10 points for Massa. He is always awesome in Brazil and it may be another tire-shredder for McLaren. So Hamilton will not be able to count on winning the title with a DNF or transmission glitch or rookie brain-fade, all of which are now always on the cards. He has got to win in China.

  6. @Adrian

    Given Kovi’s performances this year he’ll only get the chance when Felipe laps him :~)

    I’m with Sumedh though, I think this year will be another one that goes down to the last race at Brazil.

    Both Felipe & Lewis will be looking for an uneventful race this weekend after the last few races, or at least they should be.

  7. Remember what Massa said last year after Brazil? Maybe he will get his turn, without saying, he had to slow down to let Kimi get in front of him through the pit stops :-) Mean while there could be no team orders for McLaren. The Kimster won by 1 point. Hope it does not come down to that :-)

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