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Giancarlo Fisichella and Adrian Sutil will remain with Silverstone-based Force India F1 team in 2009.

Team boss Vijay Mallya confirmed the decision, which he had hinted at in August.

Force India is the fifth team to announce an unchanged driver line-up for 2009, joining Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and BMW, with Toyota widely expected to do likewise.

Rumours DTM racer Paul di Resta might join the team, bringing a supply of Mercedes customer engines with him, were quashed by Norbert Haug who indicated di Resta will remain in DTM or switch to GP2 in 2009.

It will be Sutil’s third season and Fisichella’s 14th year in Formula 1. If Fisichella sees out the 17-race 2009 F1 calendar he will have racked up 231 Grand Prix starts.

The news confirms one of the slots on our anticipated 2009 F1 drivers line-up.

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  1. Well they are at the unexciting end of the grid, I do wish them a lot of luck next year, and hope they can be a lot more competitive than they are right now.

  2. I wish the team all the very best. With the possibility of a mercedes supply engine, the team will be definitely competitive next season.

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