Championship points after China

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Drivers’ championship

Lewis Hamilton 94
Felipe Massa 87
Robert Kubica 75
Kimi Raikkonen 69
Nick Heidfeld 60
Fernando Alonso 53
Heikki Kovalainen 51
Jarno Trulli 30
Sebastian Vettel 30
Timo Glock 22
Mark Webber 21
Nelson Piquet Jnr 19
Nico Rosberg 17
Rubens Barrichello 11
Kazuki Nakajima 9
David Coulthard 8
Sebastien Bourdais 4
Jenson Button 3
Anthony Davidson
Giancarlo Fisichella
Takuma Sato
Adrian Sutil

Constructors’ championship

Ferrari 156
McLaren 145
BMW 135
Renault 72
Toyota 52
Toro Rosso 34
Red Bull 29
Williams 26
Honda 14
Super Aguri
Force India

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11 comments on “Championship points after China”

  1. Hamilton is world champion!! FIAssistance points don’t count, he has an unassailable 14pt lead.

  2. had the ferrari not ruined massa’s race in hungary and singapore it’s he who would be the champ leader…

    get over the races of the year so far, hamilton still has an impressive lead of 7 points.

  3. ifa coulda shoulda.

  4. fastest driver of the year : kimi raikkonen
    consistend driver of the year : robert kubica
    driver with the most luck : lewis hamilton

  5. I agree with the post about Hungary and Singapore, especially singapore. The real chance for Massa was dragged away with that fuel hose. The blown engine in Hungary can happen to anyone but a huge team mistake so late in the game is something no driver can overcome. Felipe is down a little on his game after Singapore and he seems off his edge in qualifying. He needs to fly to Brazil asap, sit in a corner bar and have a Brahma beer with friends.

  6. michael counsell
    19th October 2008, 23:26

    Alonso is now ahead of Kovaleinen, the driver he swapped seats with. Glock has gone ahead of Webber but everything else is the same.

    Renault will definitely finish fourth but every other position can change in the final race, even Toyota cna be beaten to fifth of Toro Rosso score a one two with no points for Toyota…

  7. All in all it’s about where it should be Massa was robbed of a win in Hungary and hamilton at Spa etc etc. Good to see Alonso back in the game – be great for the sport to see him in a Ferrari next year banging wheels at the front.. I hope a couple of other manufacturers can deliver competitive cars too next season, as BMW threatened to do earlier in the year.. but mostly I want to see Massa and Hamilton wheel to wheel the whole way around Interlagos slugging it out.. oh and Max Moseley retired to Eastbourne or somewhere we can’t hear him pontificate..

  8. Yes.. We can think, what if massa’s engine had not blew in Hungary, and what if the hose problems in the pits had not occurred, and on the other hand the same about the misfortunes Hamilton has had, but we could do that for all the past F1 world champioships couldn’t we, so let’s not hey…. I think if you take away Lewis’s all too often big headed remarks and just watch him race then there is little doubt that he looks to have earned his 7 point lead. That margin would be 11 if F1 stewards had the good old days mindset and let the drivers race properly. If he blows it in Brazil however, he will have a job on his hands redeeming his status as PERHAPS the best driver out there.

  9. UKJJ, actually, Hamilton’s lead would be 13 but for the stewards’ interference at Spa (Massa would have two fewer).

  10. Yes of course Keith your right (13 points). But you see my point about the stewards.. Bloody politically correct do gooders..

  11. One race left this year anything can happen, remember Nigel Mansell when his suspension collapsed.

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