Valsecchi converts pole to win in Shanghai

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Davide Valsecchi won the sprint race at Shanghai quite comfortably from Earl Bamber.

Javier Villa was third ahead of Chris van der Drift, Jerome D’Amrosio and Roldan Rodriguez. Rodriguez holds the lead in the championship having won yesterday’s race, with Kamui Kobayashi failing to score after retiring with damage.

James Jakes impressed with a strong drive from the back of the grid to claim 11th.

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2 comments on “Valsecchi converts pole to win in Shanghai”

  1. I’m pretty impressed with Bamber – that’s his second new series in a couple of weeks, after debuting for New Zealand in A1GP, and he’s scored three podiums and a sixth place. And a good early outside bet for the main GP2 title this year?

  2. I have to agree with Andy — Earl Bamber might very well be in with a shot of a GP2 title if he ends up in the right team. With an Asia season behind him he should probably be all set for something great. :)

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