How teams handle flyaway races

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As the teams complete the ‘flayaway’ leg of the calendar, this video from Williams shows how the pack their equipment to travel between destinations as far apart as Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

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  • 6 comments on “How teams handle flyaway races”

    1. Interesting insight. I wish we could see more such videos.

    2. All this fuss about cost cutting is window dressing. The real costs (financial and environmental) are incurred by all the travel.

      And each track is pretty much the same, thanks to Herr Tilke. Why do they bother?

    3. nice one
      i hope we can see for mclaren team such vedio
      Hamilton is the best

    4. Keith, one thing not mentioned in the video was the fuel.
      Where does that come from, and who takes it to the races?

      Also, I imagine the fuel used by all the teams comes from the same source, Or am I wrong?

      I like to think I know as much about F1 as the next man, except for the fuel thing.

      Great site btw

    5. Haytham – McLaren videos here

      Matacna – thanks very much! Most teams have different fuel suppliers – Ferrari has Shell, McLaren Mobil 1, Williams Petronas and so on. But they do have to transport those huge refuelling rigs – two per team I think – to each destination which must incur enormous costs.

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