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Karun to test drive for Force India

“Karun Chandhok’s Formula One ambitions are all set to get a succour in the coming days in the form of a test driver’s role with the Force India F1 team for the 2009 season.”

Despite having said he wanted a race seat for 2009, Chandhok may get a testing role at Force India. But with testing set to be reduced next year and Vitantonio Liuzzi already a test driver for the team, would Chandhok get much mileage at all? More the 2009 F1 drivers: 2009 F1 drivers and teams

Renault rolls out F1 edition Dacias in Brazil

“Oh, this is just precious. We have no problem with Renaultsport rolling out F1-themed versions of its hot hatches because, well, they’re pretty hot. Some of the hottest hatches around, actually, it’s worth re-iterating. But we can’t help but feel this is pushing things a little too far.”

Horner: One-car reliance has cost RBR

Christian Horner on David Coulthard: “David has unfortunately had a disappointing year. Nothing has gone his way.

“Before this year he’d had only a couple of accidents with Red Bull Racing. I think this year he has had 10 and that has cost us and David very dearly in points. Too often we have been relying on one car and that’s been very hard for us.”

Mark Hughes on FIA/FOTA deal

“For now the teams have the upper hand because with no formal contract tying them either to the owners of the sport, CVC (an entity represented by Ecclestone), or the FIA, they are theoretically free to simply set up their own championship – one in which 50% of the money would not be leaving the sport as it currently does, and one in which regulations could be framed just as they’d like them to be.”

Has the power shifted?

“So we have two small victories, Mosley forced to take a more reasonable attitude and Bernie hoist by his own petard. But these might be indicative of a changing climate in the sport with Mosley’s favorite bogeyman of the moment, the credit crunch, looming over everything. The manufacturer teams have at last realized that the only way to get the FIA to act sensibly is to present a united front, insisting on practical solutions rather than the wild excesses so beloved of Mosley.” More on the FIA/FOTA agreement: FIA-FOTA agreement: Teams? proposals accepted as Mosley backs down on KERS

The Cavern Club, the Bund, Toy Town and reality TV

“F1 is now a corporate business and it needs to be properly organised. It needs to avoid looking sleazy or unfair. It needs to avoid serpentine machinations, propaganda wars and all the other rubbish that we see every day. Some say the controversy adds to the soap opera style of the show, but this is self-justifying piffle. People care about drivers and to a lesser extent about the teams. They do not care about governing bodies unless these are intruding in the show. In China a large banner appeared in the main grandstand with the words “Ferrari International Assistance” written on it. The people holding the banner were Chinese, which seemed to suggest that the concept that all is not well has travelled not only to China, but has also managed to get over the language barriers which make F1’s annual visit to Shanghai such a strain for those that bother to make the trip.”

Jordan is ready to take the mike

“Eddie Jordan looks to be the surprise new name on a podium of former racing drivers the BBC have put together for their F1 coverage next season.”

Jordan has vast experience but I wasn’t keen on his F1 Racing columns and I’m not sure he’d be a better pick as commentator than Martin Brundle (a former driver of Jordan’s). Perhaps a studio role would suit him though.

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4 comments on “Links: Chandhok to Force India?”

  1. Interesting piece on Coulthard..10 accidents, and how many of those resulted in a penalty. Coulthard seriously misjudged his braking zone or over taking ability last season, and almost decapitated a driver, then he turned it into a driver safety issue. If sato had done that he would have lost his driving license. Ide lost his drive for doing something similar to what Massa did to Lewis in Fuji.
    David has been a liability in that team for too long, no longer has he been the steady hand that gives assures the team of steady points.

  2. Not much “content” in Chandok Story, with Reduction in Testing, test driver role hardly means anything. Mallya’s lame attempt to make Indian followers happy.

    Internal politics of the Mallya lead “racing federation” and rival factions has meant that best Indian Driver Narain has been overlooked by Mallya for genuine claim to race seat. Narain would have delivered same results as ForceF1’s current drivers not to mention getting more sponsors and Fan involvement.

    Mallya faction also gave Spanking support to Mosley in vote of confidence

    Mallya’s ego has come at some Real “Sponsor” cost

  3. FOTA – I don’t think so….If this is the ‘opposition’ that everyone believes it to be, why isn’t it headed by McLaren or BMW, the teams who are most likely to argue with Max and Bernie?
    Also, how come both Max and Bernie were present at the first meeting of this ‘opposition’, in Marinello. Yes, Italy, Red Car country. Why not Bavaria or Woking? Or India? Or Canada?
    How can Luca come from the shadows and take over as head spokesperson for all the teams when he has only ever shown concern for Ferrari? Who decided this?
    I think we as fans should be wary of any organisations connected to F1, since we never hear the whole story until its far too late. If Bernie and Max are happy about the teams reforming and having as much power as Mark Hughes believes, then why haven’t they helped the drivers re-organise too?
    This is just another diversionary tactic to keep the teams on-side until Max and Bernie have sorted out the FIA/FOM differences. I don’t expect any team which shows disagreement with the FOTA official line to last long in F1.
    Sorry for so much doubt, but its all happened far too easily for me to believe it.

  4. DG – I have already raised my doubts about, why did the FOTA members elect Ferrari Boss as their chief on this blog in different post. Given the history of Ferrari-Vs-Rest of the teams has been very stormy.

    Anyways, while we fans naively think F1 is about racing and F1 is about Sports, for the team bosses its just about protecting their business interests, that results in Marriage of conveniences like these.

    Nothing much for us to do but wait and watch

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