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The dread fallow months of the off-season are looming. F1 Fanatic won’t be going into hibernation but I could use some fresh ideas to write about in the dreary months of December, January and Feburary.

The Skribit box (part-way down the second column of the site) already has some ideas which I’m going to be using, but I could do with a few more.

So if you’ve got an idea for an article – however big or small – why not drop it into the Skribit box? And if you see any suggestions you like from other people, vote for them! That way I know which ones to prioritise.

Some of last year’s off-season articles included:

If you’d rather submit an idea in private, you can always use the contact form.

Looking forward to reading your ideas and questions!

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51 comments on “Wanted: Your off-season ideas”

  1. I know it’s not exactly blog-related, but it’s still obvious, and I’m wondering why you haven’t already done it:
    run an online F1(fanatic) simracing Championship with rFactor! as you may remember Keith I’m already running one, so I can definitely give you a hand on many levels

  2. Jonesracing82
    25th October 2008, 8:18

    anyone here play Batracer?
    y not have a F1Fanatic cup/championship on that?

  3. Jonesracing82

    I play batracer. I’m currently racing for Super Aguri at the moment, where my fortunes have been unlucky I’d say.

  4. How bout an “most possible 2009 livery” competition

  5. Kinda topical given the changes in place for next year:

    Past major rule changes and whether they achieved the intended result..??

  6. Well I’d quite like to know what Anthony Davidson plans to do from here. If you could get an interview with him that would be really interesting. I guess the same may also be true of any other drivers that don’t have a drive for next year.

  7. schumi the greatest
    25th October 2008, 11:35

    Articles on drivers who were tipped for greatness but never fulfilled thier promise eg alesi, herbert etc

  8. Terry Fabulous
    25th October 2008, 11:47

    I like Adrian’s idea. Winner

    What about what F1 can learn, and not learn from V8 supercars in Aus? It is pretty damn popular down here.

  9. 1) What do drivers do in the off season to keep up their race craft, but not necessarily including occasional testing sessions, which is fairly limited these days?

    2) FIA started an anti-racism initiative called “everyrace”. What is happening with this initiative and is the FIA truly representative of every race in the highest Echelons of its make up?

    3) F1 champions of yesteryear, what became of them and where are they now?

    4) F1 one teams of the past that don’t exist any more and or have morphed into new teams.

    Also, some fans have posted ideas on your skribit which might be useful.

  10. I am a Freelance Photographer,I have taken pictures at loads of F1 meetings over the years.I have also been to several touring car meets and rallies.I don’t want to get bogged down about technology, but I do want to say something about F1 rules.Watching the last years end of seasons fiasco and now all the rulings that have happened this year not just including Hamilton.All I have to say is for gods sake let the drivers race.It’s tough out there behind the wheel.If a driver makes a mistake and cuts a corner and gains a position then yes he should relinquish the gain and that is the end of it.to have points removed is ridiculous.F1 is becoming so bogged down with rules and regulations the drivers can’t race for fear of being penalised for something that may or may not have been their fault.A question,which gives the most exciting photo opportunities F1,Touring Cars,or Rallying.In My humble opinion, Touring cars.Why,more overtaking, more barging, and yes more shunts.Touring cars are not as fast as F1 cars but is the racing any the less for that,no speed is not everything.Get rid of the rules that stop drivers from racing, take away technological advances that take away from driver skills.Let them change tyres and refuel as often as there cars require.Above all let them race,and maybe just maybe F1 might become as exhilarating to photograph as Touring cars.I have my doubts.Brian

  11. how about a ‘greatest driver ever’ to drive for each of the current f1 teams (past incarnations included)?

    much like a ‘greatest players to have played for so-and-so football clubs’

  12. The FIA, it seems, are seeking for an almost complete rewrite of the regulations in a couple of years time & there’s also the possibility of FOTA rebelling and starting up their own series (even if it’s only a slim chance).

    If either happens then F1 will change completely, if you were to have a blank page on which to write a new set of F1 regulations, what would you go with ?

  13. Keith it looks like you’ve got some real answers (and I’m reminded that I need to get Rfactor!)

    My votes (I doubt they count, but here goes) are for
    Nikos rfactor race league

    Anirudh’s livery contest
    a follow on to that, I’m a total nut for cool helmet designs and steering wheel designs, looking into the driver’s interfaces are always favorites of mine (things like gloves/suits etc.

    Chaz hits the nail on the head rather well also #1 is a special favorite of mine.

  14. How about a list of the top grand prixs you’ve ever seen? Like a top 20 or something?

  15. Keep voting for my articles

    1) 10 sensible ways to cut costs in f1 without
    ruining the sport.

    2) Why is overtaking a problem and how we could of avoided it?

    I know its the turbulence from winglets but the main aim of the article is how we could of avoided the problem.

  16. what about a topic ”Pitbabes behind the track” LOL :p

    I play Batracer , anyone is interested we can make a private Game for F1fanatic :)

  17. an onsite betting service for the 2009 season, well more of a game to earn points than money, and the winner gets a fun prize :D

  18. Perhaps a article on what you would view as the worlds ton 10 circuits which should be on the formula 1 calander?

    Or what I always like to see after the season is a team mate comparison, how they have faired against each other in qualifying and the race and how you think they will do next year.

  19. Jonesracing82
    25th October 2008, 23:42

    2 idea’s i have just considered, ranging from a post by Yeang above:
    a, Greatest ever grid, compile a list of the greatest drivers to drive for each team as Yeang suggested and make it as a driver list for a season of racing!
    and b, Prifile past drivers that were ‘good’, but not ‘Great’, for example, Depailler, Bellof (tho sadly, we never saw how good he was) ooh another idea, profile agressive drivers who were known for sliding the cars as an artform, eg Villeneuve, Depailler, Peterson etc oddly and perhaps not suprisingly, all of these type of driver are sadly deceased……

  20. I would like to see more features on the cars themselves – the top dominant cars, the top innovative (though not necessarily successful) cars, the plain failure cars (without mentioning the past 2 season Hondas!), the bizarre cars, the cars that symbolise F1 through the ages, etc.

  21. 1. A series on the history of different parts of the cars – e.g. the when/why of slicks vs grooved tyres, why they face slightly inwards, history of front/rear wings, different designs both subtle and outlandish (e.g. Williams’ ‘walrus’ design), purposes, etc. Also aero parts – e.g. winglets at the front, ‘dumbo ears’, showing different teams’ responses and designs, and why…

    2. We all know about and have opinions about the FIA, but what is their management heirarchy, and how far does their power stretch? Exactly how much control (and how/why) do they have?

    3. Tracking each team’s car throughout the 2008 season. What parts/developments were made as the season progressed. With pics of course!

    4. Thinking back to the recent ‘Santander’ logo trophy fiasco, what have been the most outlandish or beautiful trophies presented to F1 winners?

    5. What is a general itinerary of an F1 team when they arrive at a circuit? When do the teams arrive? When do they leave? Do they ever stay/sleep at certain circuits? Do they ever have to leave i.e. does a circuit ever close for the night when F1 arrives?

  22. How about an article finding out how much of the original layout the historic tracks use?

  23. Thanks for all your suggestions guys – do keep them coming in and remember you can use the Skribit box as well where people can vote on them.

    Encouragingly, a couple of your ideas are ones I’d already had!

    Stealthman on historic circuit configurations you’ll find loads of information on that in the circuit history feature I did last year: A guide to every circuit that held an F1 race

  24. How about some kind of a non-F1 chit chat post; so that the regulars to this blog get to know each other better?

  25. Sumedh – well, there is an off-topic area on the forum: Off-topic discussion.

    Perhaps I need to promote it better?

  26. Why not revisit everyone’s predictions for 2008. Maybe award a prize to anyone who correctly guessed the winner of each championship…

  27. 1) How about something on the F1 fans and supporters. Perhaps look at each country and circuit, and how they manifest their enthusiasm for the teams and drivers. Included can be the crowd numbers at each track on each day over a race weekend. Additionally this can include which country has the most F1 followers by number, and proportionately by population percentage.

    2) Hospitality suites of the different teams and what they each offer their guests. How can ordinary fans contact teams to buy tickets etc. (I guess something broadly on the lines of the piece you did on F1 Paddock Club)

  28. What are the strangest, craziest, tasteless promotional events held by F1 marketing people during F1 races?

  29. 1) Money money money… F1 prize money… has there ever been a cheque for the winning driver and team (equally or separately) and if so how much was it? When was this idea discontinued?

    2) Sponsorship through the decades in F1. Who are the biggest sponsors (past and present), how much do they pay, and how do they feel they realise this investment?

    3) Tallest, shortest, lightest, and heaviest F1 drivers of all time.

  30. I know you’ve already done a couple of articles like this already but how about: What F1 can learn from other sports.

    This could be about everything from on track cameras to regulations to the way the sport interacts with its fans.

    As I said, I know you’ve done this with NASCAR and a couple of other race series but when you look at some of the things other, non motor sports are bringing out for their fans then I think there’s plenty of material out there for a decent article/discussion.

  31. Constructor’s points are just as valuable to them but when the stewards dock points we never hear from them. They pour money into the sport but do they have any influence? (Apart from Ferrari who I wouldn’t call a constructor in quite the same way as the others. And also because of the current bias that seems to be in place.)
    Is it accepted that they put money in and take the knocks silently? Is it right that a stewarding decision that is widely disputed could cost points which hit outside of the circuit?

    Any insights there would be very welcome.

  32. Not really an article, but what about who drives what car away from the circuit?
    Obviously Hamilton drives a Mercedes, probably Kovalainen too, but what about the rest of the drivers? And do test drivers also get cars?

    Just a thought

  33. analysis and pts standings using 10-6-4-3-2-1 system, gold/silver/bronze, as well as Nascar, IRL/Champ Car and other points standings.

    Goal is to find the best and most accurate system for scoring a Championship.

    My favorite is 10-6-4-3-2-1.

  34. Its Hammer Time
    27th October 2008, 11:25

    I have an idea keith. What about a ‘if-Hermann-Tilke-was-sacked-and-you-got-the-job’ design your own F1 circuit.

    La source-radillion-eau rouge-becketts-turn 8-Indy banking-ascari chicane-parabolica-karousel/ elevated pitlane with ‘steepish’ ramps etc. you get the idea…

  35. Its Hammer Time
    27th October 2008, 11:31

    To follow from what Manatcna said…

    Anything you can similar to a candid diary of a week as a race driver…warts and all…rather than the manufactured image F1 management/ITV/Mclaren put together for you

  36. Following on from some of the ideas above, why not a ‘design the perfect circuit’ competition – imagine you can build an island and then add all the best/worst corners and straights and tunnels from all the circuits you love/hate, then add the paddock, hospitality and the heliport…
    Another idea – are the teams still competing against each other away from the track? There used to be football matches, kayak racing, dragonboat racing and other goings-on between the pit-crews at different races, is this still happening and who is winning?
    Or how about the perfect mix of Team Principle and Racing Director etc for a team to succeed – using current and past names?

  37. Romain from Grenoble
    27th October 2008, 15:50

    I vote for Nikos rfactor race league. Very interesting. I’m also interested in anything technical about the cars.

  38. Looking at the Skribit box, I particularly like the idea of Carlos Di Bello’s “top ten races where superior driving overcame inferior mechanical means” suggestion. I think that it would make for an interesting read.

  39. What about the potential impact a single engine supplier (currently out to tender by the FIA) may have on F1? There are already different facets of motorsport that have this imposed that may be able to give an indication of what may come to pass. Surely if politics doesn’t kill off F1 in it’s current form – this will?

  40. A couple suggestions already made which I like are the teammate comparison one and how different championships (including previous years) would have turned out with different scoring systems, would we ever of had a different drivers or constructers as champion?

    Also I remember a while ago you did an article of photos of Ferrari cars over the last few years and you said you might do the same for other teams. I don’t know if I have missed that because that would be a few articles I wouldn’t mind reading.

    Something I was thinking about after Fuji was an article on the history of Grand Prix starts. In the 1990s we seemed to have at least one restart a season after a first corner crash, with teams rushing to get the spare car ready etc. Now we don’t have any, I know this is mainly due to increased use of the safety car, but it would be nice to know how many restarts each season had, when drivers missed the race because their teammate had the spare car etc.

  41. How about a contest on what race Bernie will give the axe to next? I’m sure by next season there should be a few more.

  42. Chris Johnson
    27th October 2008, 21:47

    I’d like an article discussing what happened in previous years of major rule changes, like:

    1961, the 1.5 litre formula
    1965, the first year of 3 litre engine formula
    1983, no ground effects, skirts, etc.
    1989, no turbos, etc.

    Who might profit the most, and why. Will the established order be mixed up? Things like that.

  43. Chris Johnson
    27th October 2008, 21:59

    1966 was the first year of 3 litre.

  44. Following on from some of the ideas above, why not a ‘design the perfect circuit’ competition – imagine you can build an island and then add all the best/worst corners and straights and tunnels from all the circuits you love/hate, then add the paddock, hospitality and the heliport…

    I was going to suggest this too. There have been so many complaints about the new circuits, so why don’t we see if we can’t come up with anything better?

    With Google maps people could even design street circuits in downtown London or New York.

    There could be all sorts of interesting ideas.

  45. congrats on 1500+ feedreaders, hopefully it sustains during the off season :)

  46. Thanks Todd – It’s been picking up quite a lot recently :-)

    If anyone else wants to subscribe, all the info you need is here: Subscribe to F1 Fanatic

  47. How about discussing F1 technology, ingenuity, and innovation through the years and all the periphery that goes with it.

    Perhaps discuss various key components and aspects of a F1 car that have transformed or revolutionised F1 racing e.g. under tray, composites, front and back wing, aerodynamics, tyres, engine and power train development, side pods, dumb bell ears, sharp fins, chimneys, other winglets, wind tunnels, computer aided design, tooling, suspension, carbon fibre and other brakes and brake ducts and drums, diffusers, nose cones and holes, barge boards, rims, dampers, steering wheels, etc.

    Perhaps highlight how F1 has ‘borrowed’ many developments from aviation and aerospace technologies and how this has enhance performance etc.

    I think this might be useful to new and old fans as many hear about these varying aspects of an F1 car but perhaps don’t really know how they fit into the wider advancement and performance picture. It may even start a debate for standardising some of these components.

  48. AmericanTifosi
    29th October 2008, 0:50

    What would be your dream specification for F1? V12s? Turbos? Perhaps the FIA should take one J. Clarkson’s suggestion and put guns on the front of the cars.

  49. How about comparing Villenueve (J) and Hamilton? Both went straight into top teams, both had a stunning rookie season, both will probably have won it in their second come the end of sunday. You could even say the field was pretty weak the year both won it (weak preformances anyway). What went wrong for the other super rookie, Jacques, and was he seen as a potential dominant force at the time?

  50. 1) Profile all the team bosses, career progressions and how they got to their positions, etc.

    2) Profile key figures and positions within a team but not limited to the drivers.

    P.S – referring to my other suggestions here, yes pictures would be nice to include with the relevant article.

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