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It will be much cooler and possibly even wet during this year\'s season finale
It will be much cooler and possibly even wet during this year's season finale

Rain or shine for the season finale? Early weather forecasts for the Brazilian Grand Prix suggest either could happen.

All year long we’ve seen the weather have a strong influence on how well the teams fare. Here are the links I’ll be using to keep an eye on the conditions at Interlagos – posts your links and forecasts below.

Geographical location of Sao Paulo

Unlike many F1 tracks the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace is actually within the city we associate it with, which makes finding weather forecasts for it a little easier.

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If you zoom in and switch to the satellite view you can still see portions of the original track. See this article for the configuration of the original Interlagos circuit.

Weather forecasts for Sao Paulo

Wet or dry?

At the moment, weather forecasts for this weekend are a little unclear. Accuweather are predicting rain on all three days, but local weather forecasters ClimaTempo are only calling for rain on Friday.

One forecast that should be worth keeping an eye on closer to the weekend is the Brazilian Meterological Office. I’ve only been able to find a three-day forecast for Sao Paulo but perhaps someone who speaks Portuguese can do a better job!


Last year the combination of very hot weather and a re-surfaced track gave teams and drivers a lot of problems:

Tyre worries for drivers ahead of final

And after the race the hot temperatures caused controversy as two teams were accused of over-cooling their fuel:

Investigation could jeopardise Raikkonen?s title

This weather forecast found by local boy Becken shows the recent trend in temperatures. They’ve been in the 18-23C zone until recently, when they dipped below the 20C level.

This predicts a cooler race this year, which is two weeks later on the calendar than the 2007 race.

Ferrari ran away with the 2007 Brazilian Grand Prix, but with cooler temperatures and Bridgestone bringing a harder selection of tyres, expect McLaren to be much closer if not ahead of their red rivals.

More information about the final F1 race weekend of the season here

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19 comments on “Brazilian Grand Prix weather forecast”

  1. it’s a week away still and i can already feel tension/excitement about it!

  2. This source is much better with expected weather conditions for AM and PM. The race might be clear of heavy rain, but they have to put up with the light showers.

    A plus is that it will be a clear day, so no silly accidents due to poor visibility.

    Sau Paulo weather

  3. Remember the weather conditions in Shanghai which was expecting showers, only to fall into the hands of Lewis.

    I sense another clean race for LH.

  4. me too.

    cooler conditions + harder tyres + mclaren’s brazil-spec car = win.


    (im a ferrari fan.)

  5. Hey folks I am a native portuguese speaker.
    If you would like any kind of help in translating anything just let me know.
    T-7 days to go…

  6. It won’t rain at the finale, fate isn’t that kind. :P But I’m still really looking forward to the race!

  7. Keith, it ‘s a bit futile to try and forecast the weather 6 days in advance. I don’t see the point.

  8. F1fan – The forecasts for the last two races at this stage weren’t far off:

    Japanese Grand Prix weather forecasts
    Chinese Grand Prix weather forecast

    But I also wrote this to share useful links with people for keeping an eye on the forecast as the weekend gets closer – and to see if any Brazilian F1 fans could give me a more accurate steer on the weather forecast for their area.

  9. Keith, you shouldn’t have to apologise for the weather forecasts. Most F1 fans have been speculating on the Brazil weather as soon as the Chinese GP ended. It’s only natural as the anticipation for the season’s finale gains momentum.

  10. Well I’m certainly not going to say we’re going to get 5mm of rain on the westernmost part of the track from 2.24-3.18pm on race day, but we can say with some certainty it’ll be quite a bit cooler than last year. And that’s surely better news for McLaren than Ferrari?

  11. Actually, as a daily user of (via yahoo widgets) here in Rio, the forecasts for Brazil are usually fairly accurate. If it’s giving thunder storms over the weekend, they’ll probably be some. Obviously predicting whether they’ll hit during qualifying or the race is near impossible except for a few hours beforehand. But it should mean lower temps. If so, it’s kind of intriguing: on one hand, it should favour McLaren (and perhaps Hamilton especially) with wet weather, but it could also introduce the element of chance (spins, safety cars etc.) that Felipe needs to see Lewis drop down the field or out.

  12. Let’s hope so Keith; I shall err on the side of pessimism re. Lewis to prepare myself in case it all goes wrong. So far, it looks like rain all weekend, but that could hinder Lewis as well as help him. Oh, I wish it was 5pm on Sunday!!!

  13. a MUCH better photo is from the system

    none of that low level cloud.

    the kart track looks great, along with it’s VERY worn in racing line!

  14. I actually have a friend in Sau Paulo, last friday she was complaining that it was so hot there, i did wonder at the time then realised its summertime there being in the southern hemisphere….. she has said everyone is so excited there about the F1 and she said she will keep me updated with the weather, the wonders of msn messenger! Keith if you want her msn please email me.
    I stumbled across a post on the top gear website, some crazy brazillian has said ‘We always have “surprises” in interlagos (dogs crossing the track, commercial signs falling into the cars, bad maintenance, etc..)
    Anyway, I’ll be personally there to see this.’
    Seems insane to post your ‘intentions’, check it out post number 83

    He should be locked up, i just hope track security is up to scratch for the whole weekend. Im probably worrying about nothing but who is responsible for track security?

  15. Anyone remember the other year when it rained at Sau Paulo, and I mean RAINED and cars were just falling off the track left, right, centre and any other place you can think of. I think it was turn 1 or 2 where the was basically a car park including a certain rain-master’s red ferrari….!!

  16. If you ask Lewis, I’m sure he will very much like the weather to be dry. Rain doesn’t favour any driver.

  17. Steve – re: the Top Gear thing, I think he’s just saying he’s going to be at the race, not that he’s doing to do anything. But insane threats have been made – I remember Eddie Irvine saying in the ’99 title decider one fan offered to shoot Mika Hakkinen for him.

  18. Terry Fabulous
    28th October 2008, 23:08

    BBC World Weather:
    Friday’s predominant weather is forecast to be LIGHT RAIN 14-19’celsius
    Saturday’s predominant weather is forecast to be HEAVY SHOWERS 15-18’celsius
    Sunday’s predominant weather is forecast to be HEAVY SHOWERS 20-27’celsius


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