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Special livery for Coulthard?

Are Red Bull planning to run a special paint scheme for David Coulthard’s last F1 race? (Thanks Becken)

Standardization gone amok: LEGO Ferrari F2008 F1 car

Lifesize Lego Ferrari F1 car. They’ve cheated with the wheels though…

Brazil – the final frontier

“Coming in from the airport, the grim reality of Sao Paulo hits you just as it does every year. Miles and miles of unremarkable urban sprawl and a city far too concerned with making ends meet to display much fervour for the biggest race of the year. But then, when we get to Interlagos on Friday, we will know what this means to the locals who will be there in their thousands, beating their drums and urging Felipe on to the country’s first championship since Senna’s last one in 1991.”

Montoya tells Lewis: Steer clear of Massa

Juan Pablo Montoya on the title-decider: “I think Felipe will probably win the race. And if I was Lewis, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to him. If Felipe comes anywhere near him, I would let him by.”

Former world champion slams F1

Ex-champion Jody Scheckter on Max Mosley’s management of F1: “I don’t like the way Formula One has gone.

“It’s now a whole big dictatorship. If you don’t support it, you find yourself on the outside. It now needs a radical overhaul of its structure. I don’t like what is happening within the Formula One spectacle, it is disgraceful.”

Jonathan Legard and David Coulthard tipped to join BBC TVs Formula One team

“The one point of continuity is likely to be co-commentator Martin Brundle, whose no-nonsense interviewing style on his pre-race “grid walks” has won ITV’s coverage many plaudits.”

Lewis Hamilton is handed harsh lesson

How John Surtees snatched the 1964 title from Graham Hill.

Hamilton could help the hardest year of Dennis’s life end with a smile

“Proof that old obsessions die hard lies in the fact that Dennis still employs a man, known as Phil the Light, to patrol the factory non-stop to ensure that not a single light bulb is out.”

Di Resta is history

“‘Paul on the front of the grid, on pole,’ says Di Resta senior. ‘He was only 13, at least a year younger than all the drivers around him. Robert Kubica was in second place on the grid, Nico Rosberg was fourth and Lewis [Hamilton] was sixth. They were all driving for factory teams with money no object while I put Paul’s car together myself and drove it down from Bathgate in a lorry to save money. We didn’t have a back-up team: I was Paul’s mechanic, his manager, his everything.

‘Paul’s not like these guys, he’s done it the hard way.'”

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5 comments on “Links: Special car for Coulthard?”

  1. God Bless Jody Scheckter !!

  2. Well said Schekter! it’s champions like you we need back in the sport.

  3. I believe the livery on DC’s car this weekend is all to do with the ‘Wings for Life’ charity that Red Bull is closely linked with.

  4. Coulthard has confirmed the details of his livery in the press conference today:

    Yeah, it is great that at the last Grand Prix we had permission from all the teams to run my car in an independent livery which I think is a first in this modern era of Formula One. I am sure it might have happened decades ago. The teams have agreed for me to run with the ‘Wings for Life’ foundation colours which is a foundation that was started in 2004 to promote research into spinal cord injuries. I think in a lot of cases people imagine that it is extreme sports where most people are suffering from those sorts of injuries but the statistics show it is actually only about three per cent of the injuries that come from extreme sports.

    All of the other injuries, which is about 130,000 people a year find themselves confined to a wheelchair through household injuries, car crashes, everyday life. Currently there is very little government funding for this type of research and the pharmaceutical companies are not interested, of course, as you can’t buy a pill to cure spinal cord injury. It was founded by Dietrich Mateschitz who obviously is the founder of Red Bull and Heinz Kinigadner whose son suffered a spinal cord injury in a motorbike accident. All of the money that is raised through public donations goes to fund various institutions throughout the world and works with other foundations, like the Christopher Reeve Foundation, to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

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