2008 Brazilian Grand Prix predictions

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Lewis Hamilton is my pick for victory for the second race in a row - and the title

Heading into the final race of the season the momentum and the expected track conditions seem to favour Lewis Hamilton.

But last year was a case study in how championships that look like foregone conclusions can still be lost.

Will history repeat itself at Interlagos? Make your predictions for the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix below.

On paper, you’d be a fool to bet against Hamilton to win the Brazilian Grand Prix. He dominated the last round in a manner that told you exactly how little the criticism being hurled at him from many of his rivals affected his mental balance.

As mentioned in the Brazilian Grand Prix preview, Bridgestone are bringing harder tyres, which should suit McLaren better. Although Interlagos has been a ‘Ferrari track’ in recent years, so was Shanghai.

Since writing the race preview the weather forecasts have swung towards a wet weekend. This is where McLaren and Hamilton have excelled this year: particularly when a track moves from dry to wet conditions and when it is fully soaked.

Rain or shine, Hamilton’s chances of victory are, on paper, very good. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t suffer a repeat of any of last year’s blunders (the first lap mistakes, the gearbox glitch, the strategy error) or be clobbered by the random hand of the stewards once more.

I think Ferrari will be strong enough to clinch the constructors’ championship, but their positions in this last race will reflect Kimi Raikkonen’s revival in these late races:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Kimi Raikkonen
3. Felipe Massa

That would make Hamilton the drivers’ champion and Ferrari the constructors’ champions.

Chinese Grand Prix predictions results

After a string of flawed predictions I finally nailed one at China. The only thing wrong with my podium prediction for Shanghai was that I didn’t put any money on it…

Congratulations to DMW who also got the top three exactly right.

What’s your podium prediction for the Brazilian Grand Prix?

Plus a bonus question: Who will with the two championships?

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75 comments on “2008 Brazilian Grand Prix predictions”

  1. I believe Massa will win, followed by kimi and then lewis.

  2. im going for

  3. I am going for HAMILTON

    Then I will wake up to


  4. Brazil GP: 1st place Ham
    2nd Alonso
    3rd Kubica

    (If rain affected: massa and kimi spun off many times,
    if not rain affected 2nd mas and 3rd kimi)

    WDC: 1st Ham
    2nd Mas

    Constructors: Ferrari

  5. Why is China a Ferrari track, considering until Hamilton crashed out into the pit lane he was leading quite comfortably, if I recall correctly.

    Regardless I still think it’ll be a Ferrari 1-2. With Alonso in third.

    1. Massa
    2. Kimi
    3. Alonso

  6. 1. Lewis
    2. Felipe
    3. Kimi

  7. Massa

    I could tell you the rest but then you wouldn’t enjoy the race.

  8. I would like:

    1 – Coulthard
    2 – Alonso
    3 – Hamilton

    I think it will be:

    1 – Massa
    2 – Hamilton
    3 – Raikkonen

  9. lol,

    Kimi has to certainly move out the way for Massa no matter what. This will do for me:


  10. 1. Massa
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Hamilton


    WDC = Hamilton
    WCC = Ferrari

    p.s. and I’d be happy enough with that championship result.

  11. To predict is difficult, especially about the future – Chinese proverb. But I’ll stick my neck out and say that Brazil 08 may just be one of the best F1 races ever, whoever wins.

  12. 1. massa
    2. raikkonen
    3. hamilton

    i think mclaren wont take a risk and will reduce the performance of hamilton’s second-race engine which is going to affect his lap times on the hills of the circuit.

    so wdc: hamilton, wcc: ferrari

  13. I bet some people (cough…Kim… cough… Alonso) will try to take out Lewis on the first few corners. That said and with the race being wet, I don’t know how the Ferrari’s will respond. Massa has proved less than useful in the wet. Therefore, Hamilton will win it and the drivers championship.

    1: Lewis
    2: Kubica
    3: Alonso

    WDC: Hamilton
    WCC: Ferrari

  14. 1. Hamilton
    2. Kovalainen
    3. Alonso

  15. 1. DC
    2. MAS
    3. BAR
    4. ALO
    5. VET
    6. KUB
    7. NELSON PIQUET JR ( LOL… special for you qazuhb )
    8. HAM

    WDC – Felipe / WCC – Ferrari

  16. 1. Ham
    2. Kov
    3. Rai

    WDC: Ham
    WCC: McL

  17. 1. Massa
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Hamilton

    So Championships would go to:

    WDC = Hamilton
    WCC = Ferrari

    This time you’ve said it for me Dorian.

    Great minds and all that…

  18. On the podium….

    1. Hamilton
    2. Massa
    3. Raikkonen

    WDC: Hamilton
    WCC: Ferrari

    – Alonso announces he is staying with Renault, and the team also reveals that they will keep Piquet jr.

  19. 1) massa
    2) kimi
    3) hamilton
    5) alonso

    im not a ferrari fan myself (i hate them) but im sick of hearing that a ferrari will try and take hamilton off. Lets face it their not going to do that so shut up everyone who has said it. But alonso you never no what he will be up to lol (thats why i love him).


  20. I think you’re all wrong. I don’t think Massa will finish the race. Vettel or Alonso to win.

  21. 1 -Massa
    2 -Raikkonen
    3 -Hamilton

  22. What I want:

    What will probably happen:

    Hamilton – Will do a Japanesa! :D and everything will go wrong.

    I even predict that somewhere on that day I’ll be struggling to get to sit down and watch it in peace. It’s amazing what happens in my house when an F1 race is about to start!

  23. My podium prediction:
    which means HAM will win the drivers charmpionship and ferrari will win the constructors.
    I think HAM will just stay out of trouble while MAS goes for the home win.

  24. My prediction(s)

  25. 1: Kovalainen
    2: Räikkönen
    3: Hamilton

    WDC: Lewis
    WCC: Ferrari

  26. Very hard but I predict:
    I think Lewis will play it safe unless he gets pole in which i think he will still not be too aggressive but will try and defend his lead.
    So Ferrari and HAM to win championships.
    I’m not a Lewis fan myself but i don’t hate him and he probaly desevres to win. Hopefully Alonso to win in 2009

  27. 1.RAI


    or something as equally dramatic, hopefully! whatever happens, i get the feeling that kimi and heikki will just as important as lewis and felipe this weekend.

  28. Massa

  29. 1-Massa

  30. Rain
    1. Hamilton
    2. Alonso
    3. Kubica

    1. Massa
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Hamilton

    Pole. Massa

    WDC – Hamilton
    WCC – Ferrari (although when you take the points that mASSa/Ferrari have been gifted by the stewards into account, McLaren should be doing the double. A feat they would no doubt have acheived this year had Alonso still been driving for them).

  31. PP – Gifted, would be could be doesn’t matter, we can beat the dead horse for rest of of our life and the result would still be stinking carcass.

    My prediction is Floods in Sao Paulo coz of Inconsolable Louise Goodman end of the race, It would be her last race, as well as DC. So double the amount of sobs :D

    On serious Note

    LH (after a puncture on race start – LH will drive Brilliant race like Schumi in 2006, and that wouldn’t be enough for him)

    KR will retire due to Hydraulic Problem

    Overtaking moves of the race will be SV picking places in first two laps and LH marching through the field after Puncture

  32. I agree with what Juan Pablo Montoya said in a recent interview. Lewis Hamilton has to play the points game, no question about it. If he can secure pole position, then that will be perfect, but the main focus is a top five finish.
    Hamilton has to give the field plenty of respect, especially when in traffic. If he does find himself on the same piece of road as Massa, then he has to be very clever. Remember what happened at Fuji when Lewis was punted off. This is quite possible, especially in the heat of battle.
    Pole position, with no mechanical problems and clean air, and Lewis has it made. I am still not unconvinced that something may happen untoward. I will be surprised if it a straight lights to finish victory like China was.
    Massa, I believe, will get the pole position with Kimi swiping second and Lewis third. This would be great, as then the Ferraris can be left to their own devices up front. A car infront is always going to be less of a threat to Lewis than a car behind, wanting to pass.

    Massa, Raikkonen, Alonso, Hamilton, Kubica, is my top five prediction for the race. Ferrari will be constructors champions, and Hamilton, by the skin of his teeth, will claim the drivers championship.

  33. This could be a 1-2 for the Silver arrows. I have been so far saying that Lewis will take pole being a bit light, then cruise to 3rd place at the finish … but I then realized that Mclaren know they have the best car, they are bringing a special package to Interlagos, the tires are a step harder than last year, the temperature will be about 7-8 C cooler than last year (and it may rain too). I think they will go for the constructors’ title as well. And something tells me that one of the two Ferraris won’t finish the race.

  34. Rai

  35. 1 massa
    2 kimi
    3 alonso

    with the rain coming for the weekend, i wonder if mclaren will run that new rear wing still or not – i assume with the rain they’ll run a higher down force setup than what they would have planned for that wing.

  36. Top four:
    ALO, HAM, RAI, MAS (not in that order)

    WDC: HAM (as much as I hope Massa takes the WDC)

    WCC: Ferrari

    Hopefully KOV is third time lucky after retiring at Fuji and Shanghai, and escapes Brazil without a DNF.

  37. “random hand of the stewards”? Keith are you under the influence? There is nothing random about the stewards.

    A rain soaked track of the 2003 proportions would be deadly for anybody including the rain master unless the drainage has been improved around Interlagos. However dry or wet, the pole sitter and winner of the race will be Hamilton because this is the lowest risk strategy for him as regards surviving both the first corner and the stewards.

    Mclaren will aim for the constructors as well, so if it is dry and they run the new wing, expect Kova to come second with the first McLaren 1-2 of the season, though Kova’s performance has been uninspiring.

    In a wet race i would predict Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Kubica

    In a dry race i would predict Hamilton, Massa, Kova, Kimi


  39. 1. Alonso
    2. Piquet
    3. Kimmi
    4. Massa
    5. Lewis
    6. Kovalinen
    7. Vettel
    8. DC

  40. Given the weather predictions, this could be a tricky race for all concerned.
    However, I think a bouyed up Hammy will mess up Q3 and not start on the first two rows, whereas a happy Massa will get Pole, with probably a BMW beside him.
    However, a happy Massa is not a concentrating Massa and if it gets wet he’ll be thrown off the track at least once.
    Which leaves:
    1. Kimi
    2. Kubica
    3. Vettel

    And Ferrari get the Constructors.

    Oh, and DC won’t finish the race, though Webber might!

  41. Ndinyo – After the baffling decisions at Valencia, Spa and Fuji I think ‘random’ is a fair choice of word.

  42. HAM



  43. I would love:


    I belive: (dry)


    I believe: (wet)


  44. Heart wants:
    Head says:

    WDC: Ham (and I hate writing this part!! :()
    WCC: Ferrari

  45. 1. Massa
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Hamilton

  46. I’d like to see Hamilton get punted off into retirement at the first corner, the protagonist will be “punished” with a drive-through (followed by a post-race 5 course slap up meal courtesy of a mystery benefactor with the initals MM). On the pit wall we see Ron Dennis pull out his one remaining hair in frustration whilst the fat, ginger goatee-bearded Ferrari mechanic slaps Papa Masssa on the back in celebration.
    Massa romps off into the distance, building up a 25 second lead only for his engine to expire 3 laps from the end; we then see the fat, ginger goatee-bearded Ferrari mechanic sobbing on Papa Massa’s shoulder as – on the pitwall – Ron Dennis allows himself to cry one solitary teardrop of joy.
    Meanwhile, on the track, a sudden monsoon hits the circuit and the remaining cars tiptoe around, sliding off all over the place; but – thanks to a brilliant bit of opportunistic pit strategy – DC switches to “extreme ultimate wets” on the final lap and overtakes 7 cars at the final corner for a truly stunning win, with Sutil 2nd and Piquet Jr 3rd.

  47. Its Hammer time
    31st October 2008, 10:09

    Ade, its like listening to mystic MEG…i ditto what he said! LOL

  48. i think : 1.Massa
    2. Kimi
    3. Hamilton

    would like: 1.Massa
    2. Kimi
    3. Coulthard Hamilton: retires Massa world champion

  49. Alex-Ctba

    1. DC
    2. MAS
    3. BAR
    4. ALO
    5. VET
    6. KUB
    7. NELSON PIQUET JR ( LOL… special for you qazuhb )
    8. HAM

    WDC – Felipe / WCC – Ferrari

    LOL Alex
    If I am correctly infering it from your nick, you are from Curitiba. And if your prediction comes true, I will travel all the way there and burn my magazine collection with Ayrton and Nelson(Sr.) pics just in front of your house!

  50. In Dry,
    In wet,

  51. I think McLaren have the potential for a win, but I hope they go into engine preservation mode, no problem with Felipe finishing ahead. (I will NEVER understand why they didn’t use the Lewis joker engine in Japan). If it rains, however, anything can happen, and I say that even when I believe Lewis is infinitely stronger on the wet tarmac.

  52. Steward-wise (does that word exist?), Ferrari did an (albeit involuntary) favour to McLaren at Shanghai: from the way that Kimi let Felipe pass, McLaren can be quite relaxed that Heikki could let Lewis do the same if neccessary without the threat of a penalization.
    Of course, the FIA has the time until Sunday morning to organize a driver’s meeting to make it clear that, lately, this important rule has been overlooked a little but will be fully enforced this time due to the all-important championship-ending!

  53. @ qazuhb
    Good point. Part of me is expecting some post-race backroom shenanigans with the stewards that affects both the race and championship result…
    I’m still not sure whether all these punishments and penalties have been designed to make the championship go down to the final race, or to steer the championship in the FIA’s favoured direction…

  54. qazuhb – how miserable is it that we cannot just discuss who will be the best driver on the day without giving consideration to the possible role of the stewards.

    i think that is a sign of how badly Mad Max is managing the sport.

  55. This one’s easy.



    WDC: Hammy. WCC: The folks from Maranello

  56. qazuhb…Yes you’re right. I’m from Curitiba, a nice city located at South of Brazil

    # 37 – NINYO

    Interlagos problems with puddles that used to form after heavy rain were finally solved this week (the good old brazilian way of sorting things out at the 11th hour!) They inserted slits on the track, hoping to avoid that bizarre situation of years ago, when several cars spinned at a particular stretch of the track, causing chaos. On that same occasion, we nearly witnessed a tragedy, when Schumacher stopped a few meters away from a tractor that was removing the parked vehicles. They also sorted the problems with the “waving” on the track, which was a nuissance to the pilots for many years. The waving occurred during the Formula Truck races, when those giants vehicles weighing tons would damage the ground. With the renewal of the Formula One contract in mind, Interlagos’ bosses reduced the number of Formula Truck races and build the new seats by the mechanical boxes. Slowly the circuit is starting to gain a “1st class” status.

  57. Would like:

    1. DC
    2. Mas
    3. Rai
    4. Vet
    5. Alo
    6. Kub
    7. Hei
    8. Kov

    More likely:

    1. Mas
    2. Rai
    3. Alo

    And DCs car ending up where it has mostly this season :(

    Hamilton WDC, Ferrari WCC. And I’ll be out of pocket from a pre-season bet!

  58. If Hamilton is in P1 and DC is in P2 do you think Hamilton would let DC win?

  59. What I want :

    1. Rubens Barrichello
    2. David Coulthard
    3. Adrian Sutil

    What will happen :

    1. Felipe Massa
    2. Kimi Raikkkonen
    3. Lewis Hamilton
    4. Fernando Alonso

    Although; I have a hunch that Fernando may try taking out Hamilton in the dying stages of the race..

  60. A part of me wants to think that Kimi would be asked to move aside for Felipe and refuse due to Lewis being in 3rd or 4th, cue scenes of headsets being slammed down on the pitwall etc.

    Realistically I think Lewis should have the pace to win this, but I’m hoping for a wet race and the underdogs to shine so:

    1: DC
    2: LH
    3: HK

    (In my scenario Lewis was leading but let DC through for the win as it’s his last race and Lewis has the championship in the bag at that point. Also both Ferrari’s are out of the points so McLaren still win the WCC…)

  61. 1.Massa

  62. didnt finish ,but hey

  63. Even if Hamilton is running in the top five, surely Ferrari won’t allow Kimi to finish exactly one place in front of Felipe? Surely they would swap them in such a situation, because there is always the possibility of Hamilton getting a post-race penalty or DQ… How stupid would it be from their point of view if KR finished 2nd and FM 3rd with LH demoted out of the points – but champion nonetheless because Ferrari didn’t make the switch?

    My top 3 prediction is MAS-RAI-ALO, with HAM putting in a mature, utterly uneventful cruise to 4th place and the WDC ;)

  64. MAS

    KOV, once again, vanishes. KOV’s very affable and a fiece competitor so people defend him, but since Q3 in silverstone, he’s been MIA. McLaren have needed to put DLR in that seat since Monza and its cost them the WCC. Pedro doesn’t wow, but he gets it all out of the car.

  65. Andrew – based on Hungary/Monaco 07, Will LH let DC through? no fat chance!!!

    Every driver on that grid, is pretty much on their own, focussed on personal goals. And of course, they are right to do so ,
    Gracious gestures, helping meet team objectives look good in management books, but those who write these books show selfish instincts, negating their own preaching.
    I would have been mighty ****** off if BMW had dropped NH, given that he did play team man when he let Kubica past him.
    Thankfully they didn’t, but not until, all their hobbnobbing with FA were met with negative responses from the Spaniard

  66. 1.hamilton

    and i shall win BET with my friend.yuppy:)

    rain and no rain,hamilton is the winner

  67. No good at predictions but..

    HAM has to go out to win, otherwise the stewards are going to do everything in their power to promote MAS/penalise HAM to the point that the racing has no bearing on the WDC.

  68. i think i’ll wait on the quali line up before i predict. massa’s going to have to be aggressive and hamilton’s going to need to be conservative but depending on where they start…..i wouldn’t like to even try right now. if pigs could fly tho- and out of sheer sentimentality…


  69. It is gonna be:

    Piquet Jr



  70. :-)
    My try;
    1º- Alonso
    2º- Massa
    3º- Kimi
    4º- Vettel

    All of this with rain coming and going and Lewis out in the 10th lap.

    Cheers :-)

  71. Alex-Ctba
    Interlagos problems with puddles that used to form after heavy rain were finally solved this week (the good old brazilian way of sorting things out at the 11th hour!) They inserted slits on the track, hoping to avoid that bizarre situation of years ago, when several cars spinned at a particular stretch of the track, causing chaos. On that same occasion, we nearly witnessed a tragedy, when Schumacher stopped a few meters away from a tractor that was removing the parked vehicles. They also sorted the problems with the “waving” on the track, which was a nuissance to the pilots for many years. The waving occurred during the Formula Truck races, when those giants vehicles weighing tons would damage the ground. With the renewal of the Formula One contract in mind, Interlagos’ bosses reduced the number of Formula Truck races and build the new seats by the mechanical boxes. Slowly the circuit is starting to gain a “1st class” status.


    I have to correct you.
    The Formula Truck races have had no effect whatsoever on the surface of the Interlagos Circuit. After last year’s resurfacing, the City Hall of São Paulo, as well as the governing body of Formula Truck hired independent companies to do tests on the surface before a truck race and after a truck race. The results proved that the trucks have no effect on the surface other than normal wear and tear, much the same effect the F1 cars have.

    The actual reason for the bumps and ondulations on the surface is because the circuit is built on top of moist, shifting soil and that’s what causes the bumps.

    But I do agree with you that they are slowly making the place become a world-class facility.

  72. I have to go for:

    1 – Massa
    2 – Alonso
    3- hamilton
    4 – Kimi
    5- Kovalienen
    6 – DC

    I hope Hamilton has an engine failure and Massa takes the WDC. He deserves it and would be quite a few points ahead if Ferrari had their 2004 style reliability (but then again, Lewis should probably have a few more points too if it wasn’t for the dodgy FIA decisions!)

    Go Felipe……!!!!!! Take it home

  73. 1) Hamilton
    2) Raikkonen
    3) Alonso

  74. 1) Massa

    WDC: Lewis Hamilton WCC: Ferrari

  75. kimi, massa, trulli, alonso, vettel, lewis.

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