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Lewis Hamilton was the target of racial abuse earlier this year

Several of the major British newspapers are reporting today about a Spanish-registered website set up to direct taunts at Lewis Hamilton. Here’s a typical example of the coverage from The Sun:

F1 ace Lewis Hamilton is facing another vile race hate campaign from Spanish yobs as he prepares to win the drivers’ title.

Racist abuse of Hamilton (and many other sporting personalities) on the Internet is, sadly, nothing new. So why has this website been singled out?

As anyone who’s searched for a Lewis Hamilton video on YouTube or put his name into a search engine will know, there is a huge amount of hate aimed at him from some quarters. Much of it comes from Fernando Alonso’s fans, responding to the rivalry between the two last year, and the conspiracy theory that McLaren impaired Alonso’s ability to contest Hamilton for the championship.

Over the winter racist taunting of Hamilton during a test at the Circuit de Catalunya and the suggestion that Hamilton had been the subject of racist abuse in Shanghai prompted the FIA to set up the ‘Everyrace’ campaign to condemn racism in motor sport. Since its inception, very little has been heard of it until now.

The cause celebre of the moment is a site called Pincha la Rueda de Hamilton (which, for obvious reasons, dignifying with a link) which means ‘Burst Hamilton’s tyre’. I think it’s pretty clear from the appearance of the site it’s intended as a joke – users are invited to place items on the track to give Hamilton a puncture and one of them is a porcupine. But the appalling and racist remarks directed against Hamilton, apparently with the approval of the site’s owners, have to be taken seriously.

The FIA has condemned the site:

The FIA’s position is very clear. Discrimination and prejudice can have no place in sport or society. Everyone in our sport will join us in condemning these abusive and hateful comments.

I support their position but I’m confused by their approach. Why single out this particular website and why now?

Presumably the FIA wants to use the high profile of the season finale to draw attention to its anti-racism campaign. It’s going to look rather cynical if they don’t issue similar denunciations in future to every other website where racist remarks are posted about Hamilton (or, for that matter, any other racing driver).

I also wondered if there might be something in the FIA’s choice of words: “Everyone in our sport will join us.” Alonso refused to criticise the racist abuse of Hamilton in February. Is the FIA trying to force him to do so this time? Or is this reading too much into it?

The press, of course, is delighted with the opportunity to play up Hamilton as the victim, and run a few holier-than-thou headlines about racism in another country, as if it never happens in Britain.

For the record, there is a strict policy against racism (and other forms of discrimination) on this site which has been enforced on a very small number of occasions, and not just regarding comments aimed at Hamiton.

More of the coverage

Update: The site has been closed down. More here.

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47 comments on “British press fury over Hamilton hate site”

  1. Racism at any form is simply unsupportable. i do condemn the racist remarks against Lewis(though I dont like him).
    May not be with the exact context of the post, I must reveal my own experience. I am from India and for office work(I work for a software MNC) I had to go to UK on deputation. Me and many of my friends, of course all Indian, had to hear a lot of racist remarks from the local brits, specially the younger generation. Racist remarks against people from the part of the world where i live, always exist in the UK. Why the hell British media keeps mum over it?

  2. May be the FIA condemned the site after the British press brought it to light. For whatever reason they have for highlighting it, they should be applauded. The comments highlighted are vile, Neanderthal, moronic and inciteful. If you live in Spain, you will already have become used to Hamilton haters. Well, I am. But to use a language like the one described on this website is simply unacceptable and should be condemned by everyone, including Fernando Alonso.

  3. I have to admit I’m one of the people who thinks much of the ‘dislike’ of Hamilton, including in the F1 paddock, is racist in origin. I don’t like dwelling on it much as it’s not worthy of dignifying, but comments such as Briatore’s ‘Hamilton’s no Mohammed Ali’ show the deep racism lurking in the murkier recesses of some people’s attitudes. I’m sceptical about Alonso too, primarily because he’s made no attempt to rebuke the racist part of his fan base. Having debated these issues elsewhere in relation to the racism of Spanish football fans, the site you mention (which I’ve browsed) isn’t at all surprising. Personally I think F1 have been slow to act and should have hit Barcelona much harder in relation to the racism at the GP this year.

  4. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
    31st October 2008, 15:13

    Hmmmmm, I’ve never been at that site…. but after all the press hype and free publicity I’ve tried and, You know?, the site is DOWN….

    I’m spanish, don’t hate Hamilton, don’t hate Ron, don’t hate McLaren….. let’s move on…. if some people would like to burst Hamilton’s tyres, well, it’s their choice. I don’t support a racial abuse, but I’m with you Keith, that all this hysteria is excessive.

    By the way, haven’t FIA got better things to do? Wouldn’t be better to expend money, time, and Max abilities trying not to ruin or beloved F1 with standard engines, KERS, money restriction and all of that stuff?????

  5. Nirupam, I will be blunt with you, aren’t there people called “untouchables” in India? I don’t see the Indian society doing a great deal in denouncing this equally Neanderthal mindset.

  6. Roger Carballo, this “hysteria” is not excessive. This is an attempt to highlight vile and unacceptable behaviour that should not exist in society at all. You can perhaps afford to say that if you have never been subjected to racist abuse. It hurts.

  7. Dear oh dear oh dear… some people resorting to the lowest common denominator yet again. When will we ever just let people be. Oh and what’s with the “EVERYRACE” campaign? What’s it actually done or planning on doing? Seems like a lot of fluff to me.

  8. I am also surprised that this one site has been picked out for condemnation of abuse while so many others (all over the world) are not. Interestingly, the Pincha la Rueda site appears to already have been in action in 2007 for the Interlagos GP according to a marketing ideas site talking about viral marketing. See:

    Note: The ‘voodoo’ aspect of puncturing tires did not affect the results (nor did the ‘blessing-the-boot’ aspect help an English rugby result in a similar but positive campaign).

  9. I find curious that they ONLY find Spanish racist websites… which have to be condemned, anyway

  10. Every country has racism and other pointless forms of discrimination in it, but it is up to us as individuals to oppose it. Good to see the FIA denounce this particular site, and also good to hear Robert Kubica telling off people for their racist chants in the press conference yesterday.

  11. Good to hear Robert Kubica telling off people for their racist chants in the press conference yesterday.

    I hadn’t heard about that – thanks Alianora.

  12. Sadly this is not doing any good to Spain…I hate to think that all spaniards are racist.

  13. What I didn’t notice in that story was that Rubens has also spoken on the subject (last half of the news item). He said that if he took Lewis off, then Felipe wouldn’t be a worthy champion and that

  14. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
    31st October 2008, 15:48


    How boring.

  15. This may get me in trouble but Putting the racist issues aside the website is funny. It’s like a Voodoo doll for racing. How grate would it be to have a sight like this with a list of drives on one side and teams on the other. Each driver could have items from his hope county that you could put on the track to impede him that week. The teams could be sabotaged the same was. You could spill oil in the garage or drop a spanner in the gear box. All in good fun with out the inappropriate comments.

  16. I don’t know if I’m alone on this, i’m not endorsing the “attacks” but…come on…it’s not so tragic…
    I think racism has nothing to do here, they just can’t bear Lewis taking away the championship. Sorry if I’m offending someone, I just believe giving too much exposure to this kind of thing just helps the purpose of the perpetrators.

  17. Did Alonso refuse to condemn the racism or was he the only one refusing to condemn it? Don’t put words in his mouth. These two drivers have friction between them so let’s not add to it. Just let the FIA make their statement over this issue and let it be.

  18. Craig, professional etiquette would require that Alonso condemn such a ghastly act regardless seeing his country is being shown in bad light. Would it hurt him if he did?

  19. Unfortunately there isn’t a single country on earth that doesn’t have some form of racism in it.

  20. Rabi, so should that make it acceptable? What’s your point exactly?

  21. To even accept raciscm is digusting. To except it and maybe correct it in later days is ****** disgusting. I cannot describe my anger and disgust at the way Lewis is targeted for rasciam, is ******* disgusting but that wont pay the bills,so blah blah blah blah….. ad infernitum….. lord have mercy on your souls……

  22. To think Racism has a any part in FORMULA ONE, then may God strike me blind, Cos I Want No Part Of It, To think a Champion can be decided by He`s coulor is just………..Sad….

  23. Kanyima, what exactly did Alsono say and what most importantly what was the exact question asked of him? I don’t care to brand anyone with a label, guilty until proven innocent? Reminds me of when I in the military.

    To add, I hate seeing 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th hand accounts of quotes, just give us facts.

  24. Please read carefully:
    1. I am from Spain
    2. I have many black friends and can be not considered at all but a lover and admirer of black race. I have not made a poll, but for what I see everyday, inmense majority of spanish people are not racist or whatsoever, yeah I know what they sell you in football press and tabloids,… but that is just not true, period. They have to sell newspapers and entertain the masses. They do that here too, but I try to filter out what I read with my (small) brain.
    3. I do “hate” Hamilton in sports, his f1 personna, not the person, and I do because he is a strong rival to Alonso, and because of his big mouth, and I would if he was my hometown neighbour or my grandma’s boyfriend. But If i saw him tomorrow, as a person, I would not ask him for an autograph but would invite him to my home to drink one of my world renowned capuccinos. Maybe he is just a nice guy.
    4. But yes I do want him to crash his car on Sunday(no physical harm for him, of course) and looooose his second Championship,that would be fun, because I think he is a blabber mouth and a conceited man disguished in false smiles.
    5. This is just a sport, please have fun, dont hate anyone, be smart, and above all dont believe in anything that any media tries to sell you to have a strong headline.
    God bless the queen and may he find Lewis white smoking car amusing too on Sunday.
    cheers all

  25. Racism is nothing new in Spain or Britain.

    I have some Spanish friends and have spent some time with them in Madrid, Barcelona & Valencia over the past few years and I’ve got to say that they and their friends that I met found racism to be as disgusting as we all do.

    The first time some of them took me to a Real Madrid match was weird though, we have tried very hard in Britain to rid our stadia of racist abuse and for the most part have been very successful in doing so.

    To hear sections of Real Madrid’s own fans booing Roberto Carlos & Ronaldo as they came out onto the pitch just because they are black really shocked me.

    My friends made a point of telling me it was a few of the more “working class” fans that were still right wing & very racist.

    Things aren’t that much different in Britain though are they ?
    The main difference is that it is now socially unacceptable to be overtly racist in a public place or big events in Britain.
    Go out onto the streets and, as Nirupam found, there are sadly plenty of racists in Britain too who are not above shouting some racist abuse or worse.

    The hypocrisy here though is that our tabloids are the most racist publications on sale and have daily articles inciting hatred of immigrants, anyone with dark skin & Muslims in particular. For them to be playing the victim card on Lewis’s behalf (not at his request though) is laughable.

    It won’t be long before Lewis falls out of favour and is involved in a witch hunt similar to the one involving Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross at the moment.

    Then we’ll see the tabloids true colours and they will then notice the colour of Lewis’s skin.

    I can’t give my honest opinion of Max Mosley’s roll in this, Keith would have the lawyers on him in an instant.

    Let’s just say that I doubt his commitment to a future where people are judged by their words & deeds, not the colour of their skin or anything like that.

  26. You are right , beneboy. There is aaalways a stupid minority, sadly enough they are always the ones who stand out the crowd. And that happens everywhere.

    One last comment, that website was last year, after all taht happened, and was really a covered viral marketing experiment. It’s even closed by now.

  27. Mr Moskito I read ur post here i think i agree with you with just have fun
    I understand ur openion about Hamilton lose the race because me too hope Massa and kimi lose the race i am a big fan of lewis i really like the man and i hate Alonso and the Ferrari (not the drivers but the cars)
    we do really didn’t know those drivers in persons
    so the pre-judgment on them is not fare
    don’t look on how lewis is smile or how alonso is smile
    look how they drive and how they act in race
    may be this is the difference point and if someone don’t understand that good we will be in a big bad mistake

  28. So true Moskito, the vocal minority & the press always conspire to ruin it for the rest of us.

    I’ve been lucky to meet people from lots of different countries & have travelled to a few too and the overwhelming majority of those I’ve met have been really nice people & have welcomed me to their countries & sometimes even their homes.

    The Spanish people I’ve met are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’ve even considered moving to Spain because it’s such a nice place to live.

  29. Beneboy:

    The main difference is that it is now socially unacceptable to be overtly racist in a public place or big events in Britain.

    Exactly right, however it is still a step in the right direction. And a step that Spain needs to take quickly. Monkey chants at football matches shows they’re about 20 years behind England, which is pretty embarrassing for them.

    I think quoting the Sun as an example of the coverage doesn’t do the story justice. That comic is aimed at and read by morons if they believe what’s in it half the time.

    The problem with the site in question is that it published all the hate filled comments (I’ve read some and they’re shocking) rather than moderating them so it deserves the condemnation – 27000 visitors makes it fairly popular right?

    Is it the only one of it’s kind? I don’t know. If not then the FIA needs to get busy for it’s campaign to be credible.

  30. I agree Owen, just think we have a long way to go before we start to condemn other nations for the acts of a minority of people.

    I’ve got some good friends I’ve grown up with whose grandparents came over here from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh in the 50’s & 60’s and some of the racist abuse we’ve had to endure would sicken you (so I won’t give you the full details).

    I will though say that I have been shouted at & on a couple of occasions physically threatened because I was out with them & I’m as white & British as you get.

    We would do better to work together, calmly & seriously with other nations rather than the mass hysteria & accusations you tend to get with the British press.

  31. Roger,

    I have some Spanish friends, and their attitude is very like yours: “Hey, don’t worry about, it is not a big deal…”

    Even Alonso has acting in the same mood after Barcelona abuses.

    I think that is the point what most people have concerns, the lenience with those peoples. Alonso should have come to TV and be hard and condemn all of them and made them feel ashamed of their acts. He is a hero in Spain and even outside Spain, the man is model to be fallowed.

    I think any Spanish people should condemn them in the same mood when state public concerns about racism and not be indulgent as I used to see.


    I think is very contradictory your statement about “hate Lewis in sport his persona but do not hate him as person”. It is mystery for me how you can separate this two characters when actually you don’t have access to the other one.

    Isn´t this kind of mess, as you has shown here, that the Spanish crowd is doing in the last months, confounding the person with the persona?

  32. 1715 GMT-Itv coverage from the crowd…If that aint a Nazi salute as Lewis drives by then Iam…………..sick to death with it……….listening to Ron`s Piece J,M Jarre……suppose it should be `September` then I woundn`t be so ashamed to be a Human,( 1715 GMT Grandstand G, turn 4)

  33. Lewis is champ anyway, so what does sunday mean?

  34. unless something bad is happened for him (god bliss him)
    and i hope we see a nice race,
    hope all drivers be OK and let the best win

  35. This site is running since Hungary 2007…it’s just a game, and we don’t like Ham because his attitude, he could be red, white or green, would be the same.

  36. In fairness to Alonso, he has condemned in principle the kind of racism shown on the site (

    Spain’s two-time champion Fernando Alonso, who said he had not heard about the website, also condemned the racist fans.

    “If it is true then it is not possible (acceptable),” Alonso said. “In these days, in 2008, we cannot have these kind of people in our world. It is not only F1, it is not only sport, it is life as well. This is not possible (acceptable) in our days.”

    Beneboy I agree totally about the hypocrisy of the UK tabloid press and about racism in British sport too. However that’s no reason not to confront racist behaviour and comments whoever its from.

  37. EGC

    Sorry but your comment is wrong. The site has many racist and abusive comments, far from being a ‘game.’ And you cannot speak for a ‘we’ here unless your speaking for these racists too. Are you?

  38. Spanish do not like Hamilton but why call them racist? Why everytime when somebody start say some bad about Hamilton it is racist? Because Racist card is allways easiest to use.
    I do not like racist comments but i also do not like use “you are racist” card. We ave some experience about that in Australia. Cricket between India And Australia. It was allmost war in last year. And all because some indians called Symonds (australian player with dark skin) monkey. RACISt was all around in paper Australia and nobody did not noticed that australians called indians in bad names as well.
    And when it goes to british they are very very pasion for their sport. There was diplomatic crises between Aussie and England years ago and all because cricket.

    And how about Ice hockey?? Geesh. Between Sweden and Finland. They use all possible bad names what they can imagine and thats a lot i can tell. And nobody is banned or newspapers do not write about it.

    My point is that calling bad names has always been in sport and allways will be. Because Hamiltons skin is dark do not mean that they call him in bad names because that. Obviously spanish do not like him because what happened last season with Alonso. And that is nothing to do with skin colour.

    Or do that means that every other people can be called what every names but not any person whose skin is dark?

  39. Snoopy – I do think that sometimes, some people, use ‘racism’ to explain criticism of Hamilton when it does not apply. But if you look at some of the things written on this particular website (assuming the translations I’ve read are accurate), there is no question the terms chosen are racist.

  40. The site has now been closed down (see update above). A story on the Guardian’s website gives more information:

    A spokesman in the company’s New York office said it did not know why the site, which was designed and owned by its interactive marketing branch in Spain, had not been monitored to stop racists using it to abuse Hamilton. “The site has been taken down,” said TBWA spokesman Jeremy Miller. “We have no other official comment to make at the moment.” The firm’s clients in Spain include McDonald’s, Nivea, Clinique, Häagan-Dazs ice cream and Spain’s state-owned Renfe rail operator.

  41. After all that has happened, then even to mention racism, makes me feel sick to the stomach, there are not words to describe how angry and frustrated I feel to F1, what ever happens Sunday I feel hard pressed to feel anything but contempt for F1, after 25 years of nothing but Love for F1, I now feel disgusted with it all and hope the whole thing dies in the credit crunch.

  42. michael counsell
    1st November 2008, 10:54

    Lets not condemn Spain as a country as that is a form of racism as well but at the same time what has been going on is not acceptable. The FIA are trying to do something but how can they change bigoted opinions. Its a question which faces everyone as proably everyone knows a racist who will stubbonly refuse to see reason.

  43. @Kanyima: I never said it was acceptable, I said “Unfortunately there isn’t a single country on earth that doesn’t have some form of racism in it.”

    Which means that no matter how much anti-racism campaigning you do it will never eliminate racism which is a sad thing because of how vile it is. I don’t stand for it I condone it, but I’m not going to act suprised when it happens. If we weren’t a prejiduce race we wouldn’t have ever had any wars, backstabbing or evil floating about the world like we do have now.

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  45. Poor baby Hamilton/ can’t fight his own battels? FIA make me sick…

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