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Sebastian Vettel is using a special helmet design for the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend.

The German’s helmet bears the message ‘Grazie mille Toro Rosso’ thanking his team for the year and a half he’s spent with them. He joined them part-way through 2007 and leaves them having scored his – and their – maiden win in the Italian Grand Prix.

He is joining Red Bull for 2009, replacing David Coulthard, whose car has a special livery this weekend commemorating his final race.

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10 comments on “Vettel’s special helmet (Pictures)”

  1. Nice display of respect from Vettel.

    He and Toro Rosso have been very good for each other and he deserves the promotion to the “first team”.

    I’m very quickly turning into a big Vettel fan and I really hope Red Bull can give him a competitive car next season.

  2. Lets face it, this kids a class act. Looking forward to his charge up the grid. I only hope Red Bull have what it takes to take that next step.
    Surely he’s heading for Ferrari within a few seasons?

  3. Was it just me or did someone else smirk when they read the title? (Sorry, Keith!)

    For some reason (other than A-teams poor points tally this season) I would like to see Vettel stay at Torro Rosso and build it up. It seems to have been a magnificent partnership but I guess all good drivers progress to the top tier teams as natural order dictates.

    But imagine that, Vettel raising the once Minardi team’s game…that would be another Italian team thanking a German driver :D

    Certainly amongst the ones to watch, I’d like to think he could be the next Alonso, for next season and the near future…

  4. This Bloke will progress leaps and bounds in Racing and in Life!!! Gratitude is essentially great virtue, Life gives greater things to people who are gracious.

    F1 fraternity knows how the team management at STR treated his predecessors, given the fact that the STR was really handful of a car and the team was to be equally blamed for its showings (rather the lack of it) last year.

    Way to Go !!! I was already your fan, this little gesture has further impressed me.

  5. I have been a fan of Vettel since his BMW test driving days,scored a point first time out when he sat in for Kubica,I was sad when he left them.He is a class act and is going far,he loves what he does and doesn’t take things for granted,the kind of person you WANT to root for and celebrate with……go get’em Kid!

  6. He has a baby face, but his talk is always vicious when it comes to Hamilton :-)

    1. i agree your not wrong

  7. He has a baby face, but his talk is always vicious when it comes to Hamilton

    Oliver – When was that :-?. I have found him to be one driver that is articulate as well as witty,Never seen PR Flip-flop like some of the “more famous driver/s” on the current grid

  8. BTW, I read somewhere that DC has got a camera in his helmet for this race. Do any of you have any more info on this?

  9. Vettel is in my opinion the best driver on the grid in terms of skill and attitude. Despite being arguably the best driver in the field and tipped to be the next Michael Schumacher I find him such a gentleman and always willing to stop and give autographs and even talk to you when he has the time. A true star of the future!!

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