ITV-F1’s farewell montage (Video)

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ITV said farewell to its viewers with this video montage that played just before the start of qualifying. It covers the broadcaster’s 12 years and 206 Grands Prix covering the sport, and features a range of personalities from F1 including ex-commentator Murray Walker.

The music is “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance.

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30 comments on “ITV-F1’s farewell montage (Video)”

  1. LOL at Hamilton.

  2. I loved this clip when they broadcast it – nicely inclusive of many F1 people, get to see them having fun, nicely choreographed by ITV to get the lipsyncs/air guitars/what have yous!

    The song’s pish, but it’s all in good fun :D

    What I missed from the mid nineties at the end of the season, they’d run a decent highlights of the season with a semi-decent track. They’ve all been shortened and pretty rubbish with ‘fancy’ motion graphics, and with rubbish songs. I hope they will make a good one for tomorrow.

  3. This song is poor but the video is brilliant.

    I loved it & it really got me going before qualifying started.

    As I said in the live blog: Everybody loves a montage !

  4. I think having all the people miming made it look silly, to be honest, but each to their own. Allen miming “you can’t break me” or whatever it was was surely an intentional dig!

  5. Robert, I think they were going for a bit of a parody of the recent Nickleback video for “Rockstar” on the miming.

    I had a chuckle at James Allen’s choice of lyrics too, wonder if he or the director chose them…

  6. Probably the best thing ITV has put out in 12 years of F1 coverage.

  7. I had a proper giggle at this when they showed it in the qualifying build-up show.

  8. If ITV had managed to put on the coverage they have recently then I’d be a bit less glad to see them go – it seems to me that lately they have been spending a bit more cash on their coverage and also have put in a bit more thought.

  9. Lewis Hamilton’s face when Steve Rider breaks into song has to be the funniest thing ever!

  10. Best thing ever on ITV F1! What sums the whole twelve years up for me is around 1:52. PLACE COMMERCIAL HERE!

  11. What a weird montage that was! Not what I expected but quite hilarious nonetheless , I suppose it would be a great viral clip.I didn’t like the way that The Black Parade was cut though , the song didn’t really flow at all.

  12. Very good little parody. James Allen’s bit was great. It must be tough to do a job you love and be very passionate about and be slagged off by keyboard warriors around the globe so it’s good he can have a laugh about it.

  13. Jonesracing82
    2nd November 2008, 1:08

    this is a montago of season ’97!
    awesome clip!

  14. Made me cringe after a while.

    At first I thought they had cleverly edited footage so that it looked like people were miming (I wasn’t paying much attention). When I realised (after a few seconds) that people actually


    miming it didn’t seem as good.

  15. Jonesracing82, that was the exact clip I had in mind when I made the earlier post – thanks! :D

  16. Hilarious!

  17. Jonesracing82
    2nd November 2008, 5:41

    lol, i LOVE season Montages!
    perhaps thats something for the off-season keith? topic on the best Montages!

  18. I thought it was fantastic. It was so surprising when it came on during quali. Most of the blog was stunned and there was some hilarious clips like Lewis and Steve Rider to the “place commercial here” sign. I recognise that a ton of work went into it and as much as ive cursed like crazy at the ads, part of me will be sad to see itv-f1 go.

    Note for bbc – Helmet cams are brilliant.

  19. Brilliannttt :D

  20. Jonesracing82
    2nd November 2008, 10:17

    yer but it needs to b a touch higher as brundle said

  21. great montage and great song..
    love the 2007 finale montage as well..
    the one they titled “the champion.. the rookie.. and the iceman”
    still trying to know the name of the music..

  22. Jonesracing82
    2nd November 2008, 13:12

    Genesis: Justice it’s in the comments mate!

  23. ha ha Hamilton….. :D

  24. Intereting.. thanks for posting this.

    lots of Coulthard, button, hamilton and a ton of Schumacher. But almost no Alonso, just two or three clips in the middle.

    hmmm. Funs stuff tho…

  25. Haha, it reallyy made me smile when i saw this =).
    The song is poor but i think it was chosen because it is poor. It made it funnier and more light hearted.
    There is some stuff i’ll miss from itv!

  26. Been quite vocal about ITV on here – but respect where its due – that was very good! I even enjoyed james allen’s bit! & the dig about commercial break was outstanding!

    It was always going to be winner with a montage – Even Rocky has a montage…

  27. All credit to ITV, they’ve set the standard, now the Beeb must raise it. I guess Russel Brand isnt going to get the gig though……

  28. BTW, Loved Ted Kravitz standing in front of the Brazilian crowd with the Union Flag…Nice one.

  29. Possibly the best thing ITV and North One have done in 12 years of covering F1 – but I haven’t been that impressed with much, apart from Martin Brundle.

  30. schumi the greatest
    3rd November 2008, 10:19

    i found this very painful viewing to be honest.

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