Hamilton wins the 2008 F1 world championship – in pictures

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Lewis Hamilton's 2008 F1 world championship victory in pictures

Re-live the heart-break and heroics of Lewis Hamilton’s path to the 2008 F1 world championship title with this picture series.

Here’s a selection of photographs from every round of the 2008 F1 season.

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More F1 pictures

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5 comments on “Hamilton wins the 2008 F1 world championship – in pictures”

  1. why so small? are the mclaren pics limited on size or something?

  2. Matt – afraid so, I’ll add others if I can.

  3. yorricksfriend
    3rd November 2008, 2:25

    I don’t really know where to post this comment but Magny-Cours appears to be back on next years calendar, I must’ve missed something there

  4. schumi the greatest
    3rd November 2008, 9:10

    one small error there keith

    And McLaren celebrated their first drivers’ title since 1998

    hakkinen won it for them in 99 aswell.

    good pics :-)

  5. STG – weird I remember correcting that earlier, mustn’t have refreshed the page for some reason. I’ll try again.

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