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I’ve been invited to appear on Sky News tonight to talk about reactions across the web to Lewis Hamilton’s championship win.

I should be appearing live at some time after 7pm. I’m looking forward to it!

I will of course be referring to your reaction on the site and in yesterday’s live blog. If you’ve got any more thoughts to share, please post them below.

Oh, and if anyone is able to record it that would be cool!


Big thanks to Sidepodcast for ripping and uploading the interview – here it is:

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82 comments on “Me on Sky News tonight”

  1. Best of luck Keith.

  2. schumi the greatest
    3rd November 2008, 14:35

    Good luck mate, good to see your hard work producing this great site is being noticed. all the best

  3. Don’t sit too close to Kaye Burley, she might get the wrong idea and before you know it you could have a police investigation on your back. Good luck mate I will be watching!

  4. Is Sky News on Freeview at all? or is it just Sky Sports News that is? Else I shan’t be able to watch.

  5. Good luck, mate. You’re becoming quite the expert, then. :)

  6. massa was world champion for 21.4seconds, would be nice if you mentioned that! oh and is lewis hamilton havin a victory parade in london?
    most sporting winners do these days, would be so nice to actually see the wdc trophy


  7. Sellout!


  8. Good luck tonight Keith i shall have a look……
    Massa was wdc for 21.4 seconds, theres a funny stat for you! do you know if Lewis is having a victory parade? Id love more than anything to see him with the WDC trophy, most sporting winners do these days. Wouldnt it be so nice to see the Mclaren team on a bus driving through London, surrey or even Stevenage!
    Great site…….

  9. Good Luck, break a leg. If you wear a vertical stripped shirt they will supply you with a replacement as it clashes on TV, nothing like a freebee :-)

  10. Awesome, good luck! You do such an incredible job with this site I really hope it translates into something well paid in the field at some point.

  11. keith, could you get that weather girl Lucy’s mobile number???
    good luck.

  12. Is Sky News on Freeview at all? or is it just Sky Sports News that is? Else I shan’t be able to watch.

    Yes it’s on freeview as well as Sky Sports News. I’ll try and watch it on my terrible freeview reception too.
    Or maybe someone can post a video afterwards?

  13. Awesome! Best of Luck Keith. Hopefully someone can tape it, YouTube it and then you can post on here for us non UK guys to see! ????!!???!

  14. I’ll second Jason’s comment. :)

    Time to hit the mainstream, Keith! :)

  15. Well done Keith

    But you’ll have to do the following:

    Mention the mighty AT
    Successfully pronounce Scherzsinghdher

    Good luck!

  16. Congrats Keith!

    I shall try and record it!

  17. Its Hammer time
    3rd November 2008, 16:49

    Best of Luck Keith

  18. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
    3rd November 2008, 16:54

    I understand all the hysteria and lewismania rising up after he clinches his first wdc. But I’m waiting you will emerge above all that hype to give your balanced opinion speaking out loud on the tv that it was emotional, risky, hard and full of pressure win, but….

    IMO, …but it wasn’t as brilliant as other we’ve seen recently. The Bahrain and Canada errors were ugly, hard to understand, silly?? There was emotion till the end, but How much of it came because of those errors? Is this season just as brilliant as a Schumi’s 2004, a Fred’s 2005, a Senna’s 1988?

    The ball is on your roof, Keith.

  19. Hiya Kieth, good on you!! I will be watching at 7, please mention that NOT everyone was happy to see him win and sapre a thought for the devistated Massa fans worldwide, best of look to you, hope it goes well!

  20. Best of Luck ! ! Unfortunately; I don’t get Sky Sports; but I am sure someone will record it.

    Give a fair report on what the reaction in the web world is about the championship. But please don’t mention that “Even if Massa won, it would have been tainted by Spa peanlty”. For the sake of massa, who has been a thorough gentleman

  21. Keith – remember to stay calm and collected. Don’t go overboard. All you need to remember is that this isn’t just the greatest moment in British sporting history, it’s greatest moment in British history period. Up there with winning World War II, anyway.

  22. congrats Keith and good luck

    personally – on those last laps where it looked like LH was going to miss out by a point for the 2nd season in arow i was feeling sick. The call by Martin Brundle on the final corner was so well picked out and we were here willing the results to come up on the screen as they all crossed the line.

    Heartfelt comiserations to Massa – so hard for him to do all he could and come so close but I honestly feel LH deserves this. It’s easy to view LH as having battled against both the Ferraris and the stewards this season and he has come out on top – just.

    Nobody on the grid had a stellar season this year but that just added to the drama :)

  23. Good luck Keith =)
    I’ll have a look

  24. Good luck Keith. I have a timely reminder on my phone to tune in from 7pm onwards!

  25. good luck with the show Keith and get the plugs in – break a leg

  26. Well it was short but sweet Keith – and sorry that you only had a short time on screen – and trust it to be mainly about lewis’s money??
    Still you looked bit thinner than I imagined

  27. damn, have uploaded a recording but the comments gone into spam.

  28. well done Keith and well done sidepodcast :D

  29. I managed to record it, grab it and upload it to YouTube. Better watch it before Bernie pulls it down ;)

    But I can see sidepodcast beat me to the punch! Well done Me!

  30. I managed to record it, grab it and upload it to YouTube. Better watch it before Bernie pulls it down

    it’s gone already… a new bernie record?

  31. it’s gone already… a new bernie record?

    Either that or I messed it up!

  32. Ah it seems to be back now!

  33. schumi the greatest
    3rd November 2008, 20:19

    wey hey keith boy….hitting the big time now ;-)

  34. well done keith……..a move abroad to a tax free heaven awaits.

  35. sidepodcast,


    Nice one Keith. Not sure why Hamilotn’s tax move is the most important question the reporter could have asked you though :O

  36. Alan (26) – Skinny? Guess the camera doesn’t add ten pounds after all… I have to ask, did you imagine I was fat until now?

    Sidey – thanks so much for the upload. I have you guys running F1 broadcasting tomorrow if I was in charge :-)

    Gaz – Yeah that’s me off the new year honours list.

    Thanks to everyone else! That was loads of fun hope I get to do it again. I’m going to clean the make-up off now…

  37. Sidey – thanks so much for the upload.

    all credit goes to journeyer for teeing us up.

    watched some more of the show and you were the best thing on it :)

  38. Ah you’re too kind. Wish I’d had longer. I’d prepped a good seven hours’ worth of material…

  39. Well done Keith!Thanks Sidey!This is great for the website and a boost to your journalism career.

  40. your a natural keith and nowhere near geeky enough for an f1 website. glasses a nice touch though.

    will you be moving to a tax haven now?

  41. many many congratulations! this is what you get for all the excellent work, and I strongly believe that this is just the beginning…

    just don’t forget me when you’ll be able to give away free paddock passes :-D

    well done my friend

    P.S. grab Ben Evans and go and apply for the BBC job…

  42. Terry Fabulous
    3rd November 2008, 22:19

    You looked good mate! And did a lot better then most people getting your words out.

  43. but what the hell are sky banging on the tax drum again. Lewis just won the most nerve racking title in history and the man at sky is just interested in whether he pays Income tax. ***!! Its pretty much why i only read these sites now. Mainstream media dont get F1.

  44. LOL @ the ‘seven hours worth of material line’

    Great job Keith. Too bad he didnt have any real questions for you. WHO CARES ABOUT HAMILTON MOVING TO SWITZ JUST TO AVOID TAXES!!!!! HE JUST WON THE WDC FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. TALK ABOUT THAT! /rant

  45. You were eloquent, charming and very handsome. Well done Keith!

  46. Thanks everybody – and yes, that really is my auntie Cora…

    Nikos – thanks mate! Ben is promoting Formula Vee racing at the moment. The next Bernie Ecclestone, mark my words.

    Antonyob –

    will you be moving to a tax haven now?

    Not unless you guys start clicking on those adverts a lot more :-)

  47. Congratulations, you did well. :)

  48. Well done Keith, you delt with that very professionally, top stuff. Shame you weren’t on it much longer though, I felt they cut you off a bit. Also, as has been mentioned, the questions they asked you were a bit daft, quite frankly. I couldn’t give a flying duck about Hamilton’s tax evasion, every driver does it blatantly, except probably Mark Webber. But great job getting through it.

  49. Yes, excellent job!

  50. Very well done Keith- a good bit of publicity for the site and for all F1 blogs :)I was suprised to hear about the moving abroad for taxes question, but my guess is that’s just the way for the producers to realte F1 to the non-sports fans who are tuning in. Also my thanks to Sidepodcast and Alex for uploading the segment for all of us overseas who don’t have access normally to SKY.

  51. Great job Keith, they should have you back for an in depth programme.
    btw what shade of lipstick did they make you use ? :)

  52. Was it your first team on the box Keith? I was a volunteer live football reporter once for a commercial station in Edinburgh and I could barely speak such were the nerves.

    The live blog re-enactment of the last lap will have to wait until next time!

  53. Wow. That was pretty cool, to see the main man in the flesh. A good interview, short, sweet, and to the point.

  54. Great show Keith, you did sure much better than me on the radio few months back :-)

    But when they only had you there for 1 1/2 minute, they could have asked you some more normal questions, not about Hamilton escaping to low tax environment :-)

    I regret missing out on all the Live Blog action last weekend, well but work comes first, sometimes …

  55. yorricksfriend
    4th November 2008, 3:52

    seems a bit stupid them asking you about him living in Switzerland, big deal! kimi lives in switzerland, heidfeld lives in switzerland, both coulthard and alonso own houses in switzerland.

  56. Nice job! Nice to see your efforts getting some credit. :)

  57. Serbian Kimi Raikkonen
    4th November 2008, 7:57

    Keith, I’ll stop reading your blog and try to harm you one way or the other, because my teenage sister fell in love in you, she kept telling me how cute and sweet you are……:):):):):D I tried to reason with her, and I pulled every trick in the book (like, you know, Jelena, he’s undoubtedly a cool guy, bla bla…, butF1 fanatics are boring, all they do is watch and analyze races, write comments, discuss tyre choices and wing set-ups, etc…), but she would have none of it:):):) Oh those stubborn women:):) Because I know from experience what my girlfriend is going through whenever there’s F1 broadcast on TV!! It’s our “apple of discord”, so to speak:):)

    Good work and a great website!
    Greetings from Serbia

  58. Keith you look great and you have a wonderful voice. Don’t you think its time to leave typing posts behind and start some video blogging :P

  59. Not unless you guys start clicking on those adverts a lot more :-)

    I’ll try and make more of an effort for you. :D

    Right, here goes a clicking frenzy.

    Your a natural Keith. At least you sounded like a professional. Shame about the interviewer. Yes, as Lewis crossed the line to win his 1st WDC in only his 2nd season; To become the youngest F1 champion. I was thinking….. Why did he move to Switzerland! Yeah right! I’m glad Sky News is only on fuzzy freeview now.

  60. D Winn – No lippy, but I did have make-up on 8-)

    David – Yep that was my first time on live TV. I did a live interview for a New Zealand radio station earlier this year and I was on Sidepodcast (not live) last year. I was offered a live interview on another channel during the Spa penalty furore but I wasn’t able to do it, which was really disappointing.

    Serbian Raikkonen – I’m sure a five minute chat with my girlfriend about having to share a house with me and my F1 paraphernalia would cure your sister :-)

    AJ – Thanks very much – I had a great time being interviewed and I’d love to do it again, but I’ve got nothing like the expertise to do a video blog. Besides, I can just watch Sidepodcast.

  61. Nick Caulfield
    4th November 2008, 9:59

    It was cool that they interviewed you but I agree that the Switzerland question was a bit of a waste of the little time they gave you. Did they give you a selection of possible questions (some of which they might not have ended up asking) in advance for you to think about?

    The mainstream media seem to focus on some really odd things sometimes. People make a big thing about his girlfriend being a celeb as though she is somehow a trophy girlfriend – but since very few people here will have heard of Nicole Scherzinger they have to say that she is a pussycat doll.

    All in all though, you gave a good account of yourself and raised the profile of the blog

  62. Great job on the interview, Keith!

    Now, to watch those visitor numbers soar… :D

  63. I missed it, after an inpromptu phonecall from my girlfriend, I turned on at 7:25, just in time for the weather, which I already knew was going to be cold and wet.

    Ahh well, I shall watch the sidepodcast rip when I get home tonight :)

  64. nice one keith, but that question was a bit of a weird one. i’d have thought if they were gonna give any reasons for people not liking him it would be his “intimidating and dangerous” driving style.
    did they tell you the question before? could you not have encouraged another question?

  65. Good work Keith! It makes me wonder if this will lead to more TV work for you in the future… if so, don’t forget us little guys that you left behind ;-)

  66. turn on (tune in)

    You are a brilliant guy Keith but I’d rather not. :p But I am sure you wrote it for all your female fans out there, maybe you’ll get Kate back!

  67. Erm, if I may ask, who’s Kate? :-/

  68. BTW here’s the article they mentioned in the piece: Why Lewis Hamilton shouldn’t make the honours list

    And I don’t get the Kate thing either…

  69. hmm The Fabian Society. Both my parents are members and theres nothing wrong with it but it does attract a certain “element.” (its a left wing “thinktank” btw)

    I cant believe thats what Sky dredged up to try and give the story an angle. Why didnt they ring up the anti motorised wheel society and ask them to comment !

  70. Fantastic video Keith – not quite sure the make-up should catch on tho!

    As above, seemingly random Q, but what do people think of Lewis’s chances of being BBC Sports Personality of the year?
    If he doesn’t make the final 10 (decided by Beeb bods) then he won’t go to the public vote on the night – is that right?
    Regardless of you views on love/hate the guy – should his achievement be sufficient (he’s made history after all) to get him a nomination?

  71. Rachel

    Lewis is hot favourite for the BBC award. From Oddschecker:

    Lewis Hamilton


    Rebecca Adlington (double Olympic champion swimmer)


    Chris Hoy (triple Olympic champion track cyclist)


    Andy Murray (World No.4 tennis player/US Open finalist)


    Joe Calzaghe (World Light-Heavyweight Champion boxer and BBC award winner in 2007)


  72. An interview up to the high standards you have set yourself, Keith. Excellent stuff and congratulations to Sky on coming to the real expert for opinion (even if they asked the wrong questions).

  73. Well done Keith!

  74. Wow, Keith are about to become a superstar… Good one Keith, congratulations. This exactly what the F1 blog media need, too much good fuss about it!!!!

    About “Kate Thing”, isn´t Jian doing some mess with the bloggers?

  75. Nice one Keith! I too agree that it seemed a bit of a waste of a good question to throw the Switzerland one at you, especially after what’s happened. Maybe it’s the media trying to incite a new dig now the season has finished?

    You answered the questions well though, stick a camera in front of me and it’s fail-time.

  76. Good work Keith – no pauses/hesitations/repetitions …!! — echoing the others it seems you were cut short and the tax evasion stuff was completely irrelevant IMO .. anyway be glad that you seem to have a Serbian admirer :)

  77. :-) lovely…so young…the perfet son-in-law :-) congratulations Keith (K)

  78. Hi Keith,
    Just a message to say i have been reading this blog for about a year now, and i find every article to be spot on, balanced, and generally a very good read with a lot more in site than any others i read. Watching the site grow is fantastic, and i wish you all the best in the future.


  79. You are a superstar keith. Why arent you commentating?

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