Hamilton & McLaren celebrate (Pictures)

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McLaren team members celebrate Hamilton's win

McLaren: not the pit lane’s party animals. But they let their (crew cut) hair down to celebrate Lewis Hamilton’s world championship title.

Here’s a selection of pictures from Hamilton’s triumphant return to the McLaren Technology Centre.

Ferrari fans fear not – I haven’t forgotten you. We’ll have a look at Felipe Massa’s best ever F1 season in pictures later…

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7 comments on “Hamilton & McLaren celebrate (Pictures)”

  1. How wonderful. Lewis is just the coolest, nicest, most handsome, most brilliant driver/sportsman ever. No apologies for my fandom!

  2. Just seen the Brazil Video on the official formula 1 website and the look on Felippes’ father is…, no words to describe it :D


  3. Did you, guys, ever see this kind of relationship between a team, (whole team), and a driver like this one? You never saw and you will never see. In fact, the last year´s calamity was good to strength this relationship. We have a team who loves their driver and a driver who loves and trust in his team.

    This confidence, shared between them, will bring much more success in the near future, I´m sure about that.

    Keith – Did you see any picture of Phil McLaughlin, the guy named “Phil the light”? I found the flickr page of his son, Mark, and there´s a picture of Phil there and other photos from McLaren celebration. But, I read on Guardian that he were chosen to represent his colleagues in a speech directed to Lewis. Did you saw any picture of Phil doing his speech?

    By the way, fantastic post. Thanks!

  4. Is there any place that has video of all the post race championship celebrations?

    F1 talk had ceased by Monday morning here in the States, I would imagine there must be quite a bit more coverage over there.

  5. Shows its best to nature talent, than buy them like they did when they bought Alonso.

  6. what a legend. GO LEWIS, GOW RON DENNIS!!!

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