2008 F1 DVD pre-orders open

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The 2008 F1 DVD is now available and you can read a review of it by clicking here.

The 2008 F1 season DVD will be called “Luck Does Not Come Into It”. It’s already up to 51st place in the Amazon DVD chart on pre-orders alone. The official Formula 1 review goes on sale on the first of December.

It’s certainly been a season to remember. If you’re intending to buy the DVD review you can do so via this link, from which F1 Fanatic will earn a commission (you will not be charged extra):

Buy / pre-order the 2008 F1 DVD season review

Details of the running time etc… are not available yet. I’ll review the disc as soon as I can get a copy.

For the third year in a row the disc is being published by a different studio. Duke Video issued the product until 2006 but the 2007 F1 DVD was published by Lionsgate.

The 2008 F1 DVD will be published by 2 Entertain, which is partly supported by BBC Video.

2 Entertain has produced DVDs from major British series including “The Office” and “Little Britain” (both BBC), plus “Ali G” and “Phoenix Nights”.

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14 comments on “2008 F1 DVD pre-orders open”

  1. Do we know if Ben Edwards will be on commentating duties again? He’s the King of feigning surprise!

  2. Dank – LOL! Poor Ben, his live commentaries are great but having to do the fake shock in these things is cringe-worthy.

  3. Looks like the DVD isn’t available on the US site. Guess I’ll just wait.

  4. is there a chance of that coming out on blu-ray? i really hope so

  5. i wonder how long before we get the season review
    on blue ray? so we can watch it all in lovely HD.

  6. hoping for a blu ray aswell, but knowing f1 it will take for a couple of years

  7. lets all hope there’s no music track in the race reports on this one!
    what a great season, i await the DVD bigtime, music aside, these reviews are fantastic!

  8. did anyone else notice on the amazon page the ‘frequently bought together’ item that people have been ordering with the 2008 review was Mamma Mia????? i didnt realise the 2 went together – i for one will now be reserving my copy of both F1 2008 and Mamma Mia, what a night in that would be…….ha ha ha

    what strange tastes F1 fans have

  9. @ hamtheman

    its a mum + dad christmas present combo offer.

  10. hamtheman, men are ordering F1 2008 DVD and Mamma Mia for their wives or girlfriends lest they don’t get dinner on the night the DVD drops in the mail box. My theory. Well, only 2 out of 10 women I know love F1.

  11. Just ordered two copies via your link Keith, nice easy christmas pressies for my dad & brother. Hopefully you’ll also get the commission from my mum’s “Mamma Mia” christmas present too ;)


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