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In life after racing, Schumacher seeks a new passion

“I had a possibility to do what Jean Todt was doing, to become director of Ferrari for the racing part. And when I saw how much passion and dedication that he put into his job – similar to what I did in my job – but he simply was just sitting in Maranello day by day, even on weekends, late into night – I said: ‘Do I need this? Simply not. Simply not.'”

Formula one on television: the formula for F1 coverage worthy of Lewis Hamilton – Telegraph

“Most viewers’ biggest frustration was that on ITV the 200mph excitement of Formula One was interrupted by adverts – obviously that won’t be a problem on the BBC. But it’s worth noting that ITV hadn’t wanted to interrupt its coverage either. It asked to pause transmission for advert breaks: British viewers would end up about 15 minutes behind real-time by the end of a race, but wouldn’t have missed a single second. However, Formula One’s owners allegedly vetoed anything but a live stream.” Well FOM definitely got that one right. ITV honestly thought viewers would be satisfied with that? How would live timing have worked?

F1 boss clears air with Hamilton

“Ecclestone was criticised for calling it a ‘joke’, but he clarified: ‘I meant they were a joke, clowns.

‘I’ve spoken with Lewis’s dad Anthony and he understands, everything’s fine.’

The F1 supremo acted to clarify his comments to BBC Radio 5 Live after he said he believed the actions of those fans in Barcelona ‘had nothing to do with racism’.”

Button tells Honda to retain Barrichello

“When asked at a preview press conference for the Race of Champions whether he felt having two experienced drivers was vital for Honda, Button said: ‘Yes, definitely, especially with the new regulations.

‘There are so many changes aerodynamically with the car, and with the KERS also, and the slick tyres, they will need a lot of feedback from us. And having a new boy in the car, I don’t feel that you get as much feedback. But it is not my decision.'”

The “what ifs” or “How on Earth did Timo Glock get drawn into the 2008 title fight?”

How the title contenders threw points away.

Di Grassi to test for Honda

“If he does well it is anticipated that di Grassi will replace Rubens Barrichello in the team.” Bruno Senna is also expected to test for Honda.

The career of David Coulthard

“It is too easy to say that Hskkinen got favourable treatment at McLaren. DC may have moved over for the Finn in two successive races, in Jerez 1997 and Melbourne 1998. Critics point out that nice guys never win, and that DC’s apparent happiness to let his team mate past was evidence that DC did not have what it really takes. But the fact is that Coulthard struggled to get to grips with his McLaren car from 1998 onwards.”

Anti-racism group condemns Bernie Ecclestone over Lewis Hamilton remarks

Bernie Ecclestone: “I was the one who pulled the grand prix out of South Africa [after 1985] in support of Nelson Mandela because of bloody apartheid before these people knew anything about racism.”

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