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Schumacher forgives Massa for drunken insult

"It emerged this week that, at a season-ending party in Sao Paulo following the Brazilian Grand Prix, Massa joined in an insulting song about Schumacher with the former Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello."

Does anyone know how the song goes? Can anyone guess? Not much rhymes with 'Schumacher'…

Money worries clouds Lewis Hamilton’s deeds

As the credit crunch was shredding bank accounts across the globe, Formula One rolled seamlessly on to its spectacular conclusion at the Brazilian Grand Prix last Sunday, with the £100 million champion driving a £1 million car, for a team that spent more than £200 million to win the title, before climbing aboard a £25 million private jet for the journey home.

In life after racing, Schumacher seeks a new passion

"I had a possibility to do what Jean Todt was doing, to become director of Ferrari for the racing part," he said. "And when I saw how much passion and dedication that he put into his job – similar to what I did in my job – but he simply was just sitting in Maranello," the home of Ferrari, "day by day, even on weekends, late into night – I said: 'Do I need this? Simply not. Simply not."'

F1 boss clears air with Hamilton

Ecclestone was criticised for calling it a "joke", but he clarified: "I meant they were a joke, clowns.

"I've spoken with Lewis's dad Anthony and he understands, everything's fine."

The F1 supremo acted to clarify his comments to BBC Radio 5 Live after he said he believed the actions of those fans in Barcelona "had nothing to do with racism".

Di Grassi to test for Honda

Button tells Honda to retain Barrichello

When asked at a preview press conference for the Race of Champions whether he felt having two experienced drivers was vital for Honda, Button said: "Yes, definitely, especially with the new regulations. "There are so many changes aerodynamically with the car, and with the KERS also, and the slick tyres, they will need a lot of feedback from us. And having a new boy in the car, I don't feel that you get as much feedback. But it is not my decision."

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4 comments on “Links: The Schumacher song”

  1. Here is my shot at the first chorus of the Schumacher team mate song:

    “My team mate is Schuuuiiee,
    That means I am second luuuey,
    I can block and protect his plaaacce,
    But,I am not allowed to raaaaacce….”

  2. Hmmm, it would have been sung in Spanish or Portugese I suppose, and I am sure they have lots of rude words to rhymn with Schumacher. hehe

  3. Seemingly, the original source for the info was the brazilian site Lancenet .
    The “song” as stated by the source, was simply “Schumacher, v…” (this last word could probably be “viado” , Brazilian slang for “deviated” or something like that.
    Perhaps Becken or Alex could do a concise translation of the original article…

  4. I thought that the Schumacher song was the one sung by Damon Hill in Japan ’96 to the tune of Dad’s Army?
    “Who do you think you’re kidding Michael Schumacher…”

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