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Ticket sales for the 2009 British Grand Prix have soared since Lewis Hamilton won the world championship last week.

Silverstone reported almost 22,000 tickets sold in the week since the title-decider at Interlagos. This year the British Grand Prix and the test preceding it both sold out, after Silverstone added another grandstand to increase capacity.

British Racing Drivers’ Club president Damon Hill said:

We are looking forward to welcoming Lewis back to Great Britain as a World Champion. A British driver as World Champion, driving for a British team – we are going to have an unbelievable party at the British Grand Prix in June.

The 2009 race is the last time the British Grand Prix will be held at Silverstone before it moves to Donington Park in 2010.

However Bernie Ecclestone has already said Hamilton’s popularity will not be enough to save the British Grand Prix if the switch to Donington doesn’t go ahead.

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Jody Scheckter, Damon Hill and John Watson watched Hamilton's progress in Brazil from Silverstone

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4 comments on “Hamilton boosts British GP”

  1. Well here’s one person who definitely won’t be going: me. Actually make that two, the other-half won’t be either!

    Two adult tickets and a car parking pass cost me a reasonable £298 when purchased in October 2007. Tickets were for Farm, and these have only recently become available on the Silverstone website as they were not included in their ‘Early Bird’ offer for some reason. Two adult tickets and a car park pass is £478 for 2009. £220 more and a price hike of around 63% compared to what I paid last year!

    For a lot cheaper I can go to Spa and get a general admission ticket which will offer me a better view than any GA ticket ever will at Silverstone. Plus they have waffles as well. Win win.

  2. I had a waffle at Silverstone last year… but the ones at Spa were better. And the frites. The racing was good too :-)

  3. indeed Dank, the Brit GP is a brit pricey, my GF admitted to trying to buy some, but couldn’t afford it.

    instead she bought me a Teddy, ironically my nephew has named him Fred.

  4. Woah! That’s a price hike alright.
    I guess this is Silverstones final chance to grab some profit from the British GP.
    Also, the last race at Silverstone and if Donington goes pear-shaped it could be the last British GP.

    All this and Lewis being the defending champion it all adds up.

    The thing is, corporate tickets will be taking a lot too. Time to get friendly with a sponsor. :)

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