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Montreal hotels offer tax rise to save GP

"Montreal is desperately trying to save its Grand Prix in 2009. Part of a new deal on offer is the suggestion of local hotels to up the occupancy tax and thereby raise $5 million, Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay has confirmed. In total, the city need to find approximately $30 million."

F1 or nothing declares Barrichello

if his F1 options do not materialise, Barrichello said he will not switch to IndyCar: "Either I stay in F1 or I won't race."

Ask the Expert: IRL

"I have an oddball plea: My daughter and I attended the 2004 USGP, where she got a maroon-colored USGP monkey stuffed animal. This past summer, her backpack, containing the monkey among other things, was stolen at the airport. I've looked on eBay. I've called the Speedway. I can't find a replacement anywhere. Does anyone out there in OWR-land happen to have a spare USGP monkey?" – This was posted on an IRL blog – can F1 Fanatic readers help?

Want to be Alonso this Christmas?

"The scaled-down racer won't cost as much as the real thing, but at £208 it's pretty pricey."

Williams first team to shake down 2009-spec aero package

This is going to take some getting used to…

Donington revamp delayed by council

"Work to turn Donington Park into a venue suitable to host the 2010 British Grand Prix will not start before the New Year." (Thanks Brits on Pole)

F1’s real financial black hole

"A recent analysis by a national newspaper of accounts for the year to last December of Formula One's holding company, Delta3 (UK), flags up the reality that CVC Capital, which bought the sport from a consortium of banks two years ago, loaded more than $2.4bn of bank loans on to it as part the leveraged buyout."

Twelve years of ITV-F1

I think overall ITV and North One can be proud of what they have done over the past twelve seasons. Tomorrow I will look at some of my memories from ITV’s coverage over the years.

Canada not giving up on F1 race yet

Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay said: "We need to know if we're going to have a Grand Prix in 2009. We're trying to find a proposal that will meet with the approval of Bernie Ecclestone and his board of directors. He's not interested in where the money's going to come from, he just wants to get the money to which he thinks he's entitled."

Singapore named best facility of 2008

"Singapore's rivals in the awards category included F1's other new street track in Valencia."

Hamilton ‘phenomenally good’ says the Stig

Top Gear's James May said: “Even the Stig said – in Stig language, which only a few people can understand – that he was phenomenally good at driving even an old snot-box like our reasonably-priced car, and he was only 22 then.”

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  1. Keith, Since when did you start giving “Crash” attention. All I know is crash duh net ripping off article from from “not so reputed” sites e.g. Bild and publishing it. Stig’s story is stiched from Post Hamilton’s appearance on the Top Gear Show. And then as well the question was “which” Stig gave this view :-?

  2. One-O-Seven – funny you should mention that – shortly after posting it I found out it was an old story as well. So yes, I will be giving them a second thought next time.

  3. AmericanTifosi
    14th November 2008, 13:34

    Wow. The 09 Williams has been hit by tough regulations and the ugly stick.

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