2009 Formula 1 testing begins (Pictures)

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Bruno Senna had his first F1 test for Honda who evaluated him for a 2009 seat

Actually, 2009 F1 testing began months ago – we know Honda and BMW have already tested their KERS, and Williams ran a car with a 2009-spec rear wing on several weeks ago.

But today most of the teams were in action in Barcelona and all were preparing for next year. Some ran new aero (BMW – more pictures here), others ran KERS (including Ferrari and Honda) and many evaluated new drivers (like Giedo van der Garde at Renault, and Bruno Senna and Lucas di Grassi at Honda). Here’s a selection of photographs.

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27 comments on “2009 Formula 1 testing begins (Pictures)”

  1. Is it just me or does the rear wings look on all the pictures look like 2008 specs? I was under the impression they would have been much narrower this year…

  2. It look to me as if the BMW is running the 2009 wing.

  3. Zaphod, it thewy will be narrower, I think some of the teams were trying out new drivers. Although you would think they would be driving the 2009 car, since thats the car they would be driving anyway but there you go!

    What do you think of the cars anyway??

    Diet Formula 1 eh???????

  4. The BMW looks like the only car in the full 2009 spec, with the high narrow rear wing and the extra wide big front wing, and slicks. The others look like a blend of 2008 & 2009 specs.

  5. HounslowBusGarage
    17th November 2008, 22:21

    Looks like the BMW is the only car running a 2009 rear wing – but most appear to be using slicks. What’s the point of that? Why test a 2009/2009 hybrid? Will they run a full 2009 spec car tomorrow and calculate how much speed the 2009 rear wing actually costs?

  6. I’d like to see the rear because the 2009 spec has a large diffuser which should be noticeable, it’s supposed clean up the air turbulence to allow following cars to operate closer and aid overtaking. Lets hope!

  7. Williams was also running both 2009-spec front and rear wings too, for part of the day.

    In regards to the first day, if Honda are looking to replace Barrichello (which they probably are now, by the looks of it – please don’t though Honda!) Senna has certainly gotten himself off on the right foot.

    Same with Sato, beating Buemi and setting fastest time.

  8. Any idea if Force India were using up their supply of Ferrari engine units or if they’ve slapped a Mercedes power-plant in the VJM01 ‘just to see’?

  9. Interesting that I can’t find a photo of the Williams. They also never seem to say too much about what they’re up to either, if you read the Pitpass wraps. They do this year after year, yet where’s the gain? All this secrecy, and for what…..

  10. Ollie – I believe they’re using the last of their Ferraris this week. Waste not, want not!

  11. Toby, if you want to see the Williams, check out their own website, here: http://www.williamsf1.com/news/view/780
    It has pictures of a 2009 spec car being given a shakedown test at Kemble airfield.

  12. Terry Fabulous
    18th November 2008, 0:09

    I love watching Badoer in a Ferrari.

    His bright yellow helmet reminds me of Senna and imagine what might have been ‘sigh’.

  13. Di Grassi -> Honda

    Senna -> Toro Rosso

    Both are better than Buemi and Sato…..

  14. what the heck is hood scoop looking thing on the top of the right radiator inlet of the Ferrari ????

  15. the reason they aren’t running full 09 specs is that they need to make incremental changes to fully understand what happens.

    if you change the tires, rear wing, all the aero, add kers and a new driver… and go faster… what’s the reason why?

    was the driver better? the tires? the wing? what?

    one change at a time. maximize testing on that 1 change, work out how it works with the car, then implement the next change.

    once the 2nd change is in with the first, they know what change that brought to the car, then they work the 2 together and test the 2 together and how they effect each other. testing is very time consuming!

  16. Sebastien Loeb was 8th fastest in a red bull. He’s won 5 WRC championships , he should move to F1 and win a WDC , I think he has the talent to make it. Sounds like he does not entertain the thought , though

  17. De La Rosa, pilot holder …?

    The Spanish driver of 37 years, Pedro de La Rosa, signed within the team Force India F1 team for next season, Spanish newspapers reported some. Pedro de La Rosa was recommended from the outset by the English team …

    Indeed, the Spanish veteran leader today and tomorrow. Adrian Sutil and Pedro de La Rosa, is what should be the pair of pilots of the Indian team.

    Fisichella out so … All this requires confirmation within a few hours. For his part, Paffett will be the test pilot of the team from Woking.

    “I am very happy to do a test with Force India, thanks to McLaren. I am very happy. All I want is the maximum benefit by staying quiet, I have nothing to lose,” said however the ‘Spanish.


  18. colanto that scoop is to fan the fires the Ferrari will burn through its backside while passing the McLaren in 2009 and then make the car behind it melt down …… or maybe it’s to do with their KERS system

  19. My guess is Senna/Honda because Petrobrás and new Senna’s gasoline they will to introduce in the brazilian market.

  20. If only F1 weren’t such a closed world. I’d love to see Loeb drop in for the odd race.

  21. Dertos – Afraid not, looks like they’re from an agency. Gorgeous pic though.

  22. keith do you know anywhere i could watch or look at the testing live timing?

  23. Does anyone know the dates of F1 testing in Valencia dring January 2009?

  24. John – They’re posted here as and when they become known: Google Calendar: What’s coming up soon?

  25. LMAO look at the cars in these pics then compare to them now (end of championship)

    Look at the brawn car in the old pics :) different decals (sarcasm)

  26. I have a feeling Liuzzi will drive the Force India in 2009 and 2010, replacing Fisichella mid-way through 2009.

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