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Ecclestone denies being unreasonable in Montreal dealings

Ecclestone said: "Unreasonable compared to what? We do business worldwide and nobody else thinks we're unreasonable. We've got a queue of people that want races. So we can't be unreasonable."

Todt fears for Bourdais’ F1 future

"Nicolas Todt acknowledged that despite a stronger finish to Bourdais' maiden season, the 29-year-old has not yet penned a contract to remain at Toro Rosso in 2009. '"It is a rather unpleasant period,' said Todt, the son of the former Ferrari boss Jean Todt."

Disneyland pulls out of French GP race

"The company Lagardere Sports and Disneyland Paris have abandoned their project to hold the French Grand Prix, saying that the event is not economically viable."

Racing tape collection up for grabs

"I'm looking for a new home for a collection of 500+ home-recorded VHS and DVD recordings of F1, CART, IRL races going back to sometime in 1995." Who wants 14 years' worth of F1 on video? Get in touch with No Fenders…

Red Bulletin to close down?

"The word in Formula 1 circles is that the paddock newspaper, known as The Red Bulletin is to cease production in F1 next year."

Donington Park and Inspections

"According to Appendix O of the International Sporting Code, the final inspection must occur at least 90 days prior to the first F1 race held on the track, unless it is a temporary track, in which case 120 days is needed. This implies that Donington Park expect the race to be held in July. While it is possible to hold the inspection when the track is in a near-completed rather than fully completed state, allowance for over-runs must be made (the next planning meeting that might grant approval is on January 27 2009)."

Buemi expects quick Toro Rosso decision

Sebastien Buemi: "We expect a decision soon. For the team it's really important to make a decision and to try to have a test before Christmas with the proper drivers for next year.

Bernie on wrong track with F1 gold medals

Alan Henry: "I have no idea why he thinks competitors will be more motivated to overtake simply because they’re going to get a medal rather than an extra championship point. But I do know one thing; if Bernie has decided it is going to happen, then it will happen. Thing is, though, I don’t believe for a moment that he is anymore convinced than the rest of us."

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4 comments on “F1 links: Red Bulletin to close?”

  1. 1. Perhaps its time for Bernie to put his mouth where his money is and name the ‘queue of people’ who are lining up to host F1 races? If Disneyland is pulling out, doesn’t that suggest its going to become a very short ‘queue’?
    2. Also, if ‘everybody’ is happy about using the medal system, why are the press just reporting on Bernies statement and the negative comments? Has any driver or team principle said anything in support? Or are they all laughing like us?

  2. I was in favour of the medal system at first but on reflection I’ve been thinking it would leave most of the teams with little to fight for.

    So how about:

    10th: 1 point
    9th: 2 points
    8th: 3 points
    7th: 4 points
    6th: 5 points
    5th: 7 points
    4th: 10 points
    3rd: 14 points
    2nd: 20 points
    1st: 30 points

    It wouldn’t be too radical a change but would add a lot more value to getting the race win.

    This season it would have given us a top four of:

    Massa: 264 points
    Hamilton: 258 points
    Raikkonen: 207 points
    Kubica: 176 points
    (if my maths is any good)

    Although Lewis would have lead going into the last race with 251 points ahead of Felipe with 234 points and would have had to finish at least 3rd at Brazil to have won the WDC had everything else been equal.

  3. Beneboy – Interesting scoring system, but would the teams/drivers adjusted their plans going into the final race, wouldn’t McLaren and Lewis have been more aggressive (of course we know what happens when he is agressive in crunch moments)

    The points systems with all its merits/flaws is good as it is , if they have to change it go to old system.

    Interesting I didn’t hear any conspiracy theory indicating Schumacher influencing the whole “points-systems” overhaul. ultimately this ensures safety of his records

  4. That’s what I meant with “had everything else been equal” sorry, should have been a bit more clear.

    The problem with the old system is that it doesn’t reward those finishing lower than 6th or 8th (depending what old system you mean) and with so many good drivers at the moment it would mean the likes of Alonso, Kubica, Heidfeld & a few others regularly getting no reward for a good drive.

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