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What are the quotes you remember best from 2008? Here are some of the words that stick in my mind from this season, plus a few that were suggested in the forum.

“I’m going to kick three colours of **** out of the little ******* until he apologises.” David Coulthard on his collision with Felipe Massa in the Australian Grand Prix.

“I could do with a beer.” – Lewis Hamilton on his thoughts during a problematic pit stop in Sepang.

“Zey need more of ze punishment!” – What Max Mosley said about McLaren in 2007 allegedly said to a group of prostitutes while being secretly filmed.

“I’m just thankful to Lewis for choosing the Ferrari to hit and not me.” Robert Kubica after winning the Canadian Grand Prix.

“All my career I’ve been quick in the wet. I haven’t forgotten how to drive in the wet now I’m in F1.” Felipe Massa on his performance in the British Grand Prix.

“It was actually quite good to drive, but it was **** for racing wasn’t it?” Mark Webber on the Valencia street circuit, continuing Red Bull’s driver’s affinity with words of the four-letter variety.

“Ferrari do not get special treatment from the FIA. Ferrari work diligently with all the systems, they work with the FIA to try and improve things for the future. They have a good rapport with the FIA and they try and find solutions with the FIA. The fact they don’t come out and criticise the FIA doesn’t mean that Ferrari get special treatment.” Ross Brawn before the Belgian Grand Prix.

“I believe it was OK.” – Charlie Whiting on Hamilton’s battle with Kimi Raikkonen during the Belgian Grand Prix.

“Are you a racing driver? No. I have been a racing driver since I was eight years old and I know pretty much every single manoeuvre in the book, and that’s why I’m the best at my job.” – Hamilton explains himself to Ferrari’s Nigel Tozzi during the appeal hearing over the Spa penalty.

“For me he was already the surprise of the season. But what he demonstrated, in these weather conditions, making no mistakes and dominating from the beginning was completely top class.” Michael Schumacher on Sebastian Vettel’s first win at Monza.

“When we race on tracks where staging a circus or something else would be better, anything can happen, because the spectacle is supplied by the Safety Car. This is humiliating for F1.” Ferrari’s Luca di Montezemolo slams Singapore after its first Grand Prix.

“If the Ferrari president is right about the Singapore Grand Prix being a circus then we have to be grateful to him for providing the clowns.” Bernie Ecclestone hits back at di Montezemolo.

“Of I can help, I will help Massa.” Fernando Alonso on the championship battle.

“I know how to win and I know how to lose.” Massa after losing the world championship.

“I love this team, I’m going nowhere. This is the best team in the world. I’m very proud of everything McLaren have achieved. Even when I was growing up, when I first knew that racing was what I wanted to do, I knew that it was McLaren I wanted to drive for. I used to go to the old headquarters and see Ayrton Senna’s championship-winning car, [Mika] Hakkinen’s too. And I used to touch the steering wheels and dream that some day I’d have one with my name on and the number one on the front. And now the dream has come true.” Hamilton after winning the world championship.

Got any more memorable quotes from 2008? Post them below…

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20 comments on “The season in quotes (F1 2008)”

  1. “I was going to do some donuts” – David Coulthard

  2. I thought the “balls” quote from Lewis after the Belgian GP was quite memorable :P
    How about Kubica telling his race engineer not to talk about crashes before the race start. That was pretty funny actually.

    My favorite has to be Massa saying he knows how to win and how to lose… :)

  3. i reckon the RBR drivers try to be themselves the most, like swearing isnt out of the norm in my mind. Surely its not good, but we cant have drivers pussy footing around.

  4. keepF1technical
    21st November 2008, 9:42

    brundle (or allen) talking about trulli possibly missing the gp cos he was in bed with a box of tissues… followed by a bit of silence while they tried to think of something, other than a joke, to say as quick as possible.

  5. Massa’s quote after the Brazlian GP.

    Hamilton’s balls quote.

  6. the “balls” quote from lewis was disrespectful. Kimi did not penalise him, the stewards did. So lewis in my view shoudnt have hit back at the rival driver.

  7. Quote of the year has got to be Bernie putting the arrogant Montezemolo in his place with the ‘Clowns’ riposte. Classic ! Ought to be written on the Dunlop bridge at Silverstone ! Ought to be a special set-up of four wax Ferrari figures carrying their silver fuel pipe back down the pit lane at Mdme Tussauds !

  8. Alonso asked by the radio to his engineer in the middle of the Japanese GP what he should do to win

  9. “Today McLaren’s cloud should have had a Kovalinen” – Brundle on Heikki being rubbish at Monza.

  10. What was the balls quote from Hamilton….I didn’t catch that one!

    Favorite quote for hilarity was Bernie’s about the clowns at Ferrari and my fav for other reasons was Massa’s at the end of the year about knowing how to win and lose – he truly does and he did it with great amounts of class not usually seen in this sport.

  11. I quite liked hearing Kubica’s engineer telling him to keep the car on the track and Kubica responding “I’m trying, I’m trying!”
    Can’t remember when or where that was though.

  12. I don’t know the exact wording, but one of my favorites was James Allen informing us that the g-forces in Turn 8 at Istanbul were similar to a large labrador pulling on your neck. Just shows what people won’t be missing about ITV.

  13. Jack – final part of second stint in Fuji. He sounded like crying baby. Pretty funny.

  14. DC after quali in China(?). “Racing drivers learn how to say sorry when they do something wrong, but not Nick. That shows the sort of person he is.” Something like that.

  15. ….and how about Piquet saying (about seven times) “Sorry, guys….” Deja vu all over again!

  16. “…we should put it in the mouth not in the eye. Things go wrong sometimes.” – Kimi after Malaysia

  17. DC & his five shades of you-know-what all the way !

    Closely followed by Bernie & the clowns.

  18. Webber’s quote about Valencia is my top choice, with the others all being good in one form or another.

  19. “I’d ban refuelling.” f1fanatic staff, thousands of times.

  20. Not funny but very memorable:

    “I can’t believe it, it was so close. It feels like a pain in my heart. It is like a dream gone to a nightmare – suddenly you are in the car and it looks all fantastic, then you have to accept it is not going to happen.” – Adrian Sutil, Monaco Grand prix

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