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Toro Rosso Headed for Downturn with Driver Line-up

"The Minardi roots run deep at STR, and the back of the grid will be a familiar place for the team. With an all-new driver line up in ‘09, we can say goodbye to STR as a front runner. As a contender, we hardly knew you, Toro Rosso." Grand Prix Diary don't like the look of the rumoured Sebastien Buemi / Takuma Sato line-up at Toro Rosso in 2009.

2009: Smaller and higher rear wing

"Note however that the rear wing in the image is an interim version of the BMW Sauber F1.08B. While it features the correct dimensions, the wing had 3 aerofoils, instead of the allowed two."

The new BBC F1 team

James Allen on BBC's 2009 F1 commentary team: "I wish them all well and hope that they can keep all you lot satisfied, which is no easy task!"

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8 comments on “F1 links: Allen’s view on BBC F1 team”

  1. I’m glad I read the title wrong then. For a second I thought Allen was going to the beeb.

  2. Ditto!! In my head I was shouting “NooOoOoooOOOOo!”

  3. I think that was Keith’s intention… ;)

  4. Actually it wasn’t – it hadn’t occurred to me that the original headline could be taken two ways. I’ve changed it now. Sorry for the confusion!

  5. Must be annoying for him to see Brundle (expected) and now Kravitz (a bit less so) being taken across and leaving him behind.

  6. Seems annoying for JA fans as well.

    I wonder how much moderation his blog requires…

  7. Perhaps he can pick up a job with Spanish TV etc who need a better commentary team.
    I also think he will be annoyed that even Murray Walker will be writing on the website….

  8. Im not too phased as to who commentates it. As long as the cameras arent always on Hamilton, Im happy.

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